House Malais [Fiorabla / Ashland]

An interesting fact about the word malaise. In the old common tongue it didn’t mean sickly or weak. Quite the opposite it was synonymous with vigor, strength and power. Yet in just a single generation the changing fates of one of Elyria’s oldest families brought an entirely new meaning for the word into common use.

When Malcom Malais II was just a child, his father Malcom; first of his name, was a kind hearted lord who ruled over a small spit of land. While not overly wealthy the land produced some of the finest swordsman in all of the land. He himself won many tournaments, several with his armor still as prestine as when he first donned it. Yet the very month his son was born a strange contagion swept the county. In just three weeks it spilled out of the local borders and burned like a flame through every living being in the land. Within a year the pestilence was all anyone spoke of. Nearly 1 in 3 who caught the disease would die from it within a week.

Those with the means would travel far hoping to stay ahead of the sweeping tide, lords would close the gates to their castles, insulating themselves from the plight of their people. Which left the poorest to fend for themselves. That is all except for Malcom I.

Malcom always believed his fate was tied to that of his people. If the people love you long may your reign be. If the people don’t love you, long may your family search for your body.. He encouraged his personal physician to find a cure for the plague offering his castle and eventually his own bedchamber for the cause.

After the cemeteries ran out of space, the local ditches were filled to bursting and the pyres seemed to burn long into the nights the plague burned itself out and vanished as quickly as it appeared. That is everywhere except Malcom’s lands.

Word spread he was offering aid to the ill and heir survivors. Anyone well enough to travel cane to his door seeking aid. It was in those lands the plague continued for months after dieing out elsewhere. Malcom II was nearly 5 before the last of the sick expired. The once proud and glorious House Malais was laid low by the well meaning intentions of his father. Malcom IIs fate was decided the day of his birth. He would inherit a land ravaged by plague but would also glean a keen understanding of both the deleterious effects of disease and ingenious use for plagues flesh in warfare. It is from the effect of these uses we get our understanding of malaise today.

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Unlike many recruiting around here I’m looking specifically for people to join my house who actually wish to rule.

Depending on temperament and desired goals within the game, it is my hope to pass my titles on to a worthy successor (who isn’t actually me in a new body).

I am currently pledged to the duchy of Fioralba of Ashland which means any changeover would have to have my Dukes blessing but if you pass my standards I have little doubt about this final hoop.

Feel free to PM me here or simply reply to this post.

3/21/2018 1:08:28 PM #2

I’ve had a couple of people ask about how exactly something like this would work so I thought I’d post how I understand it to be possible.

As a count I should earn SP at a higher rate than someone who is unknown (fame level). If someone were to marry into my family they would gain a significant amount of fame themselves. They wouldn’t rise to the same fame level as me but would gain quite a bit.

In that life they would help me rule ie I would using whatever method exists appoint them to have the same control or as close to it as I have over the county. (Here is where the need to meet and get along with my duke comes in. Basicly need to be on the same page). As they work to make the county better through ruling it they would gain SP. our child would be designated their heir but would have my title(s) directed to them upon my death.

All that said I understand most people (not all) will prefer playing a male character. To help make things easier I’m not against playing my first life as a female character (will not be RPing as one for the marriage. Would be uncomfortable all around I’d imagine).

So if you’d like a title without the funding to outright purchase one feel free to message me.

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That's quite a cool perspective on handing your County title Malais. I think it's something a lot of nobility will decide to do eventually but cool to see your planning!

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Posted By Polite at 3/24/2018 5:58:54 PM

That's quite a cool perspective on handing your County title Malais. I think it's something a lot of nobility will decide to do eventually but cool to see your planning!

Thanks! I look at a title as just one aspect of the game and if you are spending all your time running a settlement/county/duchy you miss out on a lot of other aspects.

Hopefully SBS builds in some peaceful avenues for the transfer of power.

10/8/2018 9:42:59 PM #5

Still looking for good folks who would like to rule for a bit when I retire.