Organisations of Anor


Within the Duchy of Anor there are 11 distinct guilds/organisations that citizens can join. These were set up by the Grand Council of Anor and are thus state official, state owned, state run and state funded.

  • The Anorian Guard
  • The Knights of the Sun                   
  • Anorian Navy
  • Anorian Maritime         
  • Virtori
  • The Anorian Guilds of Industry (AGI) 
  • The Masonic Order                            
  • Anorian Agricultural Society
  • The Council for Anorian Public Health 
  • The University of Anor  
  • Treasury of Anor                                             

Here we take a look at:

  • What each one is
  • How they work
  • Their benefits to you
  • What Missions are available to each group
  • Where you can join up

The protection of the Duchy of Anor falls under the umbrella of the Anorian Guard, All Soldier's perform a number of different missions to ensure the protection of the Duchy.

The head of the Military is the The Duke and is assisted by the Knight Commander (Steward of Anor). This position is currently held by High Baron Creighton Halleck of the Barony of Londo.

The Anorian Guard is the absolute backbone of the Duchy's defensive and offensive capabilities and is commanded by the Duke. It is responsible for all military missions.

Aswell as the defence of the realm and going to war against would be aggressors the Anorian Guard deals with intelligence gathering and intelligence missions. With eyes and ears everywhere, scouts ensure they know precisely what is going on and who is or is not a threat.

Anybody willing and able can join the Anorian Guard. Benefits include access to the best weapons, armour and training facilities available aswell as payment for completion of Missions.

To learn what Missions may be undertaken please click here to visit our 'Organisations of Anor Thread' for more detailed information.

Nobles or Soldier's that are spotted can become a would-be Knight of the Sun. The Knights of the Sun are an elite chivalric order within the Anorian Military and only the finest menn and womenn gain the right to join. The Knights are usually handpicked from Nobles or the Anorian Guard when they have proven themselves worthy of Knighthood. So long as they prove their valour and their sworn loyalty to the Duke and the Duchy of Anor, they will join the orders ranks and take their rightful place after vigorous training and trials.

Knights are responsible for some of the more important missions, aswell as personal guard for the Duke and Duchess, should it be required and training and handing out missions to those of lower rank. All Knights gain access to a specially designed set of armour, designed by the Duke himself for such a prestigious group of warriors. Other benefits include payment for services and access to excellent equipment.

The Virtori are one of the five major religions of Elyria, practiced primarily by the Neran and Hrothi tribes. Virtori teaching is centred around the existence of powerful Gods and their Guardians, representing the 7 virtues and 7 vices.

Virtori believe that there was a war between the Virtues and Vices, with Mann-kind being caught in the middle and ultimately sealing away the Vices and Virtues to protect Elyria from the Gods.

The Virtori believe that this sealing split the world into Elyria, Haven (the place of Virtue), and Karcion (the place of Vice). The Virtori believe that individuals are pawns that are manipulated by much higher powers.

It has been stated that the Virtori fighters are the “Paladins and Clerics.” In Virtori lore, the Neran’s and the Hrothi are the Sword and Shield of the Virtues, respectively, and are often depicted as such in religious artwork.

The official Religion of Anorath is the Virtori faith and Virtori religious iconography and buildings can be found throughout the Grand Counties Capital City, where the awe inspiring great Virtori Cathedral towers over all things below it. People come from miles around to visit the Cathedral and practice their faith. As Anorath and Dawn's Reach act as the Duchies Capital the Arch-Bishop often resides here within the largest Cathedral in the land.

Interested in joining the Church and becoming a Virtori Priest or Bishop? then please click here to visit our 'Organisations of Anor Thread' for more detailed information.

Don't underestimate the power of your vision to change the world

Positive, Ethical and Honourable Guilds are always a welcome addition to any community, they promote community cohesion through socialisation and contribute to the development of our society. Guilds are free to build a Guild Hall within the Duchies Cities as long as they will consider themselves (as an organisation) loyal to the success of the Duchy just as it's individual people are and swear to protect it just as any other Anorian would.

As we know there will be multiple Guild types in Elyria from Smithing Guilds, Alchemy Guilds to Tanning Guilds and it will be important and beneficial for people who wish to focus on a particular field or expertise to have access to and to choose a Guild that will help progress their skills and career in life.

If anyone out there has a Guild in mind and would like to build a Hall then by all means you can do so, please contact us via Discord for further discussions.

There are many roads to prosperity, but one must be taken. Inaction leads to nowhere

Infrastructure is of vital importance to the Duchy, as such roads and bridges are and will be abundantly constructed as and when required during periods of expansion. As has been previously mentioned, Anorians are expected to contribute towards the functionality of the Duchy, this will be through a form of tax, a low as possible tax, which will allow us to afford this modification of our beloved home. It is also imperative for trade purposes that connections are made to other settlements within the border of our Duchy and beyond.

Are you interested in becoming a Mason and helping build projects within the Duchy? then please click here to visit our 'Organisations of Anor Thread' for more detailed information.

Breadbasket of Anor

Awaiting description

Are you interested in becoming a Farmer, Breeder or wish to focus on animal husbandry, then please click here to visit our 'Organisations of Anor Thread' for more detailed information.

There are many roads to prosperity, but one must be taken. Inaction leads to nowhere

The Council for Anorian Public Health, abbreviated CAPH, is the public body responsible establishing and improving the standards of medical care to protect the residents of Anor. It's key missions are to: - Maintain a register of all healthcare professionals and ensure that they are properly qualified and competent to work in the Duchy of Anor. - Set the high quality standards of training and conduct that Anorian healthcare professionals need to deliver consistently throughout their careers. - Set the standards for medical research and education within the Duchy of Anor. - Ensure that Anorian healthcare professionals keep their skills and knowledge up to date and uphold the standards of their professional code. - Ensure that Anorian healthcare professionals are safe to practise by setting rules for their practice and supervision. - Use fair processes to investigate allegations made against Anorian healthcare professionals who may not have followed the code.

Are you interested in becoming part of the CAPH and helping others within the Duchy? then please click here to visit our 'Organisations of Anor Thread' for more detailed information.

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and diligence.

The more people that are members of a School/University in Elyria the faster and more greater it's accomplishments are when it comes to discovering new research and technologies, because of this it was decided that Dawn's Reach would be the location for a grand place of learning and the City now holds the largest University in the land which can be easily accessed by citizens across the Duchy thanks to the excellent road networks connecting the many settlements.

The university of Anor is dedicated to the furthering of education, research and technology within the entire Duchy. This is made up of trainers and teachers who are paid whilst other members pay to receive training and gain access to the school’s resources.

The funding comes from a combination of paying members and grants from the Duchy. The main advantage of the University of Anor is that its members are offered increased and rapid opportunity for learning. This is in the form of consolidated access to skill trainers, and specialised research tools. As new technology is discovered, all students immediately gain access to the new knowledge. This will benefit the whole of the Duchy.

Would you like to become a Student or a Teacher? then please click here to visit our 'Organisations of Anor Thread' for more detailed information.

Want to earn money? check out the Organisations of Anor thread by clicking here and see what work is available from the Grand Council.

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Looking good, guys! :)

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Cheers Wolffje.

Just wanted to mention our Organisations have recently grown in members but we're still looking for people to join us, so if anyone has a career in mind when playing the game and wants to take advantage of Duchy funded guilds and organisations please feel free to drop by our Discord and have a chat.


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There's also still room for barons and counts :)

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Please see all the latest updates on this thread. Our Duchy ensures that you will have a rich gameplay experience but utilising the ingame mechanics such contract system.

If you would like to discuss any of the above join our discord.


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We are recruiting the finest people to all our organisations in Anor.

If you wish to apply, join our discord

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Please see the latest updates to our Organisations, we are continuing to grow.

The forum thread will updated over the next few days with new updates.


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Great job, Duke! A very comprehensive description. Proud to play my part.

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Great job, Duke! A very comprehensive description. Proud to play my part.

Thank you Glosterian. You are integral to the success of Anor.

We are still looking for mature individuals, who wish to work together for the benefit of all Anorians.

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Hail Elyrian,

The Duchy of Anor is still recruiting for all our Organisations! If you wish to join our Duchy, please join our discord to find out more about being an Anorian!

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