Novigrad County

Novigrad County - [NA-E]

Kingdom of Bordweall - Duchy of Bloodoak

Welcome to Novigrad County! We are looking for people of all backgrounds to join our already fast growing community! We already have 90+ members who will be taking part in Novigrad with multiple settlements to choose from! We will have a great location along our Kingdoms border thus providing ample PvP while ensuring safety for PvE! We aim to be a beacon of trade and security for our surroundings while maintaining an aggressive stance.

We are currently looking for more Mayors / Barons / Citizens. If interested in finding out more, you're welcome to contact me here or on our County Discord

We have multiple organizations basing themselves in Novigrad County.


-The Ranger Corps

-Novigrad Noble Corps

-Hands of Fate

-Tacaigh Leigheas Cosain

-Gobha Braithreachas

-And we are always looking for more!

All people seeking any sort of role are welcome and needed to help us expand our Counties influence! Whether you be a simple farmer, fearsome law enforcer or a blacksmith of great renown, your place may very well be in Novigrad!

The County Capital will itself have a military focus and until we receive more details as to location of my domain we can not commit to any real thing other than dabbling in all fields!

We also have many military members in our midst and thus understand the necessities of such careers. All are welcome.

Hope to see you soon!

Anyone interested is welcome to join our discord and ask any questions they may have! Novigrad Discord Link

Novigrad County~ Together we stand strong and bring despair to those who dare cross us.

5/5/2018 5:46:05 AM #1

Reserved for beautiful things ~

Novigrad County~ Together we stand strong and bring despair to those who dare cross us.

5/5/2018 5:57:50 AM #2

Reserved for even more beautiful things ~

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." - Robert Frost

5/5/2018 6:01:18 AM #3

Come join!!!!! Lets have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wake from death and return to life

5/5/2018 1:21:56 PM #4

Woo! Novigrad will just get bigger and bigger!!


5/5/2018 5:55:16 PM #5

Reserved for even more beautiful things

5/5/2018 5:55:56 PM #6


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Check out the Outpost of Mendoza! We are recruiting!

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5/9/2018 8:01:21 PM #7

How will you deal with crime in your county?

5/9/2018 8:38:29 PM #8

That's a great question - Within the County we have an organization which partakes in law enforcement known as The Ranger Corps. They will be a big part of the overall enforcement of local laws in Novigrad. With them are the local Militias such as Baronies and Town guards who will also be partaking in enforcing the laws in their vicinity. A series of laws and punishments for breaking them will be set up to ensure that everyone is held accountable for their actions from simple theft to murder whether it be a fine or jail time.

Novigrad County~ Together we stand strong and bring despair to those who dare cross us.

5/18/2018 6:25:38 PM #9

Great County and great people. Looking forward to having the Ranger Corps in Novigrad!

6/2/2018 6:20:50 PM #10

If your looking for a solid group of players to join, this is the place for you.

7/3/2018 2:39:15 AM #11

Been with Bourneh since he chose to become a mayor, this is a great group of people, stop by and say hi!

7/26/2018 3:57:37 AM #12

Ready to Work

7/27/2018 5:58:18 PM #13

cant wait to play

8/1/2018 8:09:18 AM #14

wants to make a character for the ranger corps

8/5/2018 6:18:11 PM #15

Haha Drax, good thing we have multiple souls to play I guess.

Novigrad County~ Together we stand strong and bring despair to those who dare cross us.

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