Welcome Aboard the Kickstarterversary

Hail and well met, my friends!

We are kicking off our Kicktstarterversary promotions with some packages we're sure you'll love! In addition to bringing back the coveted EP 3000 pack (and its new friend, EP 2250), as well as a modified, Courtier Limited package for a limited time, you can also get the following kits to enhance your existing package and share Elyria with a friend or loved one:

  • Carriage For Two - An extra Elyrian package and in-game carriage to share
  • Cottage For Two - Start off right with a cottage built for two and a Bloodline package to gift
  • Buy The Farm - Invite a pair of friends with two Elyrian gift packages so they can help you cultivate your parcel of land
  • The Love Boat - Wait, what!?!?

Exciting and New

It wouldn't be a good Kickstarterversary if there weren't a few surprises. That's why these new items are now available in the store through the end of May!

Sailing Rowboat

A rowboat won't take you across the wide ocean, but whether you're crossing a lake or traveling a river, the rowboat is the perfect – and affordable – solution. Sometimes known as the Angler's Friend, rowboats are the perfect platform for the lone fishermann and, despite not being truly seaworthy, they can be used to fish just off the coast.

The Love Boat

What's better than being on a boat alone? Bringing a friend, of course! Experience the romance and magic of a picnic for two, alone together on the calm waters of a picturesque lake. The Love Boat package provides everything you need for the perfect moment: The rowboat, the picnic basket loaded with sweets and affection, and an instrument to play beautiful music so you can woo your fondest friend and sweep them off of their feet, Elyria style.

We'll be celebrating all through May with additional promotions, so check back to see what's in store next week!

Wishing you an open smile on a friendly shore,


5/7/2018 9:50:01 PM #1


Q: Will these items go away after each week or will they remain for the duration of the event?
A: The promotional items will remain available in the store until June 1st, 2018.

Q: Will any of these items remain after the event is over?
A: Everything in the promotions tab will go away on June 1st. It has not yet been determined what, if any, of the non-promotional items will remain beyond the end of the event.

Q: Will rewards be available for new people? (i.e. will new players who join after the 2nd Kickstarterversary get them?
A: See below:

Freebie to all backers with a paid off package before June 1st:
$10k: Kypiq Party Pack - Get ready to participate in the Kypiq's Sunsight Festival
$25k: Purebread Horse - Join us in jest with a horse that you can eat...freshly baked bread
$50k: Pack Bonuses - All previously purchased backpacks (Adventurer's Pack, Founder's Pack, & Merchant Pack) will each have additional goodies added to them for any that were sold (a la carte or as part of a package) before June 1st, 2018.
$75k: Special Title - Receive an in-game title (it's a surprise) to show you're a Pre-Alpha backer.
$200k: Mystery Gift - A gift shows up in your inventory with a note that says "Warning: Do not open until launch," written in pyqsi.
$250k: Upgraded Housing - Houses in the Aristocracy and Nobility Packages are getting an upgrade! (ex: All Mayors get a villa, all accounts with a villa get a manor, and all accounts with a manor get a grand-villa).
$300k: Soul Pack - Get an extra set of 3 random souls to choose from for your starting character.
$350k: Old Soul - Get a soul that’s one lifetime older as one of the 3 souls the previous "Soul Pack" reward.

Store Item Added: (Under Pets & Mounts)
$100k: Otter Bear Baby - Unlock an Otter Bear baby as a pet in the store.
$150k: Otter Bear Mount - Unlock Otter Bear mount in the store.

Available to everyone, forever:
$400k: EP Kit Limit Increase - You will be able to purchase 2 of each of the Profession, Store Front, and Land Use Exposition Kits from the EP Store (currently limited to 1 per category, per title).
$500k: Mydarri At Launch - Some Mydarri will have found their way to the starting continent, will be scattered throughout all temperate and warmer biomes, and will be playable at launch! (Not a dominant tribe. Cannot be chosen by Nobility).

Q: If I buy the Love Boat, can I gift the boat separate from the picnic basket or do they have to go together?
A: The Love boat bundle will become a Boat and Picnic basket, that can be gifted separately. The items in the picnic basket cannot.

Q: Is the Picnic Basket that comes with the Love Boat the same contents as the one from the Elyria and Chill event?
A: Yes.

As more questions arise, we'll add to this post.

5/7/2018 9:53:30 PM #2


Drake County

5/7/2018 9:53:56 PM #3


5/7/2018 9:54:00 PM #4

I hope we get to see some discounts on heraldry items in the merchandise store before the end of May since that's mostly the things I still need. :P

5/7/2018 9:54:31 PM #5


5/7/2018 9:54:41 PM #6

Awesome, Now I would love to own a boat but I have no idea what tribe or climate my county will be in.

5/7/2018 9:55:05 PM #7

Ohhh nice... I wonder what's going in the reserved space?

5/7/2018 9:56:51 PM #8

Reserved for Novigrad


5/7/2018 9:58:29 PM #9

Yas please. Love boat here I come! ♥_♥

Buy The Farm


  • 2 Elyrian packages (giftable)
  • 1 Parcel of land
  • Barn
  • Ox
  • Wagon

Note: NOT Giftable, but the Elyrian packages are. Requires Settler pledge or higher. To trade, wait for game launch.

Cottage for Two


  • Cottage (bound to your account - limit 1)
  • Bloodline package

Note: You must own a Bloodline package or above to purchase this item. Also, the Bloodline package is giftable, the Cottage is not.

Carriage for Two


  • Carriage (bound to your account - limit 1)
  • Elyrian Package

Note: You might need to buy some horses to pull the carriage.

5/7/2018 9:58:47 PM #10

On top of this with jam!

Ready. Steady. GO!!

Reserved for Modjeska


5/7/2018 10:04:39 PM #11

"I'm on a boat! I'm on a boat! Every one look at me because I'm sailing on a boat. I'm on a boat and its going fast, Believe me when I saw I .... a mermaid. "

5/7/2018 10:10:16 PM #12

Already got my boat! I'm ready to be a terror of the coastal seas!

5/7/2018 10:14:51 PM #13

Excited to use my tiny sail to float in the sandstorms of the desert!

5/7/2018 10:15:48 PM #14

Heck yeah, boats! Just what the To'resk inspired needed XD

5/7/2018 10:17:10 PM #15

Boats, love it. Although nothing will ever take the place of those wonderful 3k EP packs.

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