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Follow the howl of the pack!

The Wolfspack is an elite unit of knights pledged to serve and protect House Liacan, ensuring their place as the rightful rulers of Terenia. They were formed as royal bodyguards to Duke Demiqas Liacan I and took holy vows binding their fealty to him. First assembled by Lord Commander Gregor Vane, a seasoned warrior from the terenian civil war, they were consisting of the greatest and most renowned fighters from well known and respectable houses. Having the realm's finest swords rush to his side proved a great aid to Demiqas, who had started a war to reclaim his homeland. And while the war in Terenia is still not over, their courage and ferocity in battle have been heard of far and wide.

These men come from various families and backgrounds, yet after making their commitments, the pack will always come first for them as a brother's oath is for life. In loyal servitude, they obey their Duke's every command, always striving to keep him out of harm's way. They uphold his good name and honor, and offer him counsel when asked to. Most of all they show the willingness to offer their life for his, believing in the greater cause they are fighting for. The brothers of the Wolfpack often adorn their armor with wolf pelts, but are most recognizable by their dark-blue silk cloaks. Though they are still known to display their own sigils on their shields and garbs.

Embrace our ways:

In order to become one with the pack, one must first prove himself worthy both as a combatant and a loyalist to the Terenian cause. Being a knight of the Wolfpack is a well respected position that brings great honor to those who hold it, as it demonstrates selflessness and a devotion to duty. Recruits who are deemed adequate, will be sent to the stronghold of Armathain where they will receive their training. At that point one can still choose to abandon this road, for there is no return after the initiations finalize with the recruits taking their vows. Depending on the gods they follow, this worded contract binds them to adhere to the order's principles for life. Whoever breaks them, agrees to curse himself for all eternity.

While the Duke places himself as the highest authority, the Lord Commander serves to oversee the pack. Knowing all of the pack members' strengths and weaknesses, the Lord Commander takes his orders from the Duke and works toward their completion. To do this, he assesses the best way to distribute his knights, and to give out certain tasks where needed. A Lord Commander is someone who is voted in by his pack members, and also serves in that position until his death.

The leader of the pack (backstory):

How does one judge another man? Does he look at his actions? Does he try to understand his choices? Or does he simply listen to the rumours, assuming that where there is smoke, there must be fire? These are all questions that arise when talking about Baron Gregor Vane. Baron Vane was a man that was surrounded by contradictions. Some respected him, some hated him, but most feared him. Where these opinions based on the truth? Or was it all founded by rumours? Vane was known as a hard man, always pushing his soldiers to the limit in training, not everyone could be a soldier in his army because he had such high standards. Many people heard the battle cries and shouts of pain and agony coming from Armathain, the Barony of Gregor Vane.
Many people thought he was too hard on his soldiers and felt sorry for them. Still he always had an army at his disposal and the men that were trained in Armathain seemed to always stay loyal.

Why did so many people fear him? Well there is a story of him cutting of the hand of a poor man, just because he stole a loaf of bread. After he had cut of the hand of the poor man, Vane retired to his chambers where screams of anger were heard. If stealing a loaf of bread could trigger this reaction from him, what else could be expected of him? And so the fear grew, and Vane had received the name of a mindless brute. Throughout Terenia this story was known and so most people tended to stay clear of Vane, that was until the Battle for Tenarath.

The battle for Tenarath occurred during the times that Terenia fought for independence. It was a story of betrayal, who would follow Demiqas Liacan, now known as the Duke of Terenia, and who would follow the trail of deceit.

During the battle of Tenarath, traitor Randyll Emory, besieged Tenarath, the capital of Terenia, in the absence of Demiqas Liacan. The battle for Tenarath is described by many, but Vane wasn’t mentioned in any of the stories.

However, when Vane received the word that the armies of Emory were riding for Tenarath he didn’t think twice, he truly believed in Liacan as the saviour of Terenia and rallied his men, knowing every second counted. “ Soldiers of Armathain! The time is now! We must ride for Tenarath, this is the time of wolves! For Terenia is in grave danger!” Cheers and cries of battle sounded throughout the keep, men strapping on their armour, men saddling the horses, men running around to grab everything they need to ready themselves for the battle to come. It didn’t take long before every soldier sat in the saddle, a look of determination in their eyes, a look of concentration in the eyes of Vane. “Ride now! Forward!” The gates opened and the army galloped through them at full speed, for they needed to make haste to aid the Terenian troops who now had engaged Emory’s men outside Tenarath. The men remaining on the walls of Armathain cheered their brothers on: “For Terenia! For Armathain!!!” They watched as they saw the army galloping for Tenarath, Baron Vane in front, his armour shining, as his cape was flapping behind him, all the army was leaving behind was a trail of dust. After hours of riding, they finally saw Tenarath at the Horizon. Vane and his soldiers heard the cries of battle coming from Tenarath, tired from riding but determined to fight for what they believed in. “Men! Everything is at stake here! You know what to do, fight hard! Fight disciplined! No surrender, no mercy, for you shall receive none either! Let us make haste and drive these bastards from our lands!” The men roared and cheered, giving their horses the spurs.

Upon reaching Tenarath they saw Demiqas Liacan and his men arriving to the scene of battle, as if it was arranged, both parties joined together before attacking Emory’s soldiers who had now besieged Tenarath and where fighting in the alleys and streets.

It was Vane and his men fighting close to Demiqas. Vane was amazed by the level of skill Demiqas possessed, it was clear to him, Demiqas Liacan had to survive! Vane went beside himself to protect Liacan. His men following every command Vane gave them in perfect precision. “Form ranks, shields in front! Forward!” Vane shouted at his men, while they made their way to Liacan. Liacan, who was fighting besides his own men found himself in a single battle with Lord Wyllock, one of the followers of Emory. While Liacan was engaged in battle it was Vane and his men who made sure none could even come close to Liacan. Vane planted his battle axe in one of the necks of emory’s men, after he kicked the dying soldier to the ground, pulling his axe from the neck he shouted: “Kill them all! No one will receive mercy for their betrayal!” Another soldier lunged at him, Vane fended of the sword of emory’s soldier and bashed in his skull with the handle of his axe. He quickly dodged the next attack only to plant his axe in the shoulder of the next. Vane soon found himself amidst the battle, where threats came from all sides. He roared, he growled, his eyes almost peeling out of their sockets. Vane was fighting, not for his own life, but for the life of his men and for the man he had come to aid, Liacan. All soldiers were fighting so hard that no one noticed the efforts of Vane.

Soon it was clear, Liacan, the remaining soldiers of Tenarath and Vane and his men were about to reclaim Tenarath. It didn’t take long until shouts of victory were heard in and outside the walls of Tenarath.

Vane looked at the cheering soldiers surrounding him, he knew his men had made the difference today, he was proud. Yet he knew how people thought about him, he knew most people found him to be the mindless brute. Therefore he had no intention of staying. He gathered his soldiers, and rode back for Armathain, with every soldier that fought that day, all of them were still alive.

Back in Armathain he spoke to his soldiers: “ Men! you have made me proud, it is time for some much deserved rest, drinks are on me!” The men cheered and headed for the tavern at once, they couldn’t wait to feast.

The next day, Vane let his men rest. He was standing on the walls of Armathain, a concerned look on his face, thinking about the battle of the previous day, thinking about the bloodshed and men who lost their lives over a piece of land. That day Vane’s men saw he was not the same, he was quiet, tormented by the opinions formed about him, he had a big role in the battle for Tenarath, yet his name wasn’t cleared. When night fell, men atop the walls of Armathain started shouting: “Torches! Men approaching!” Men were quick to run for the walls, grabbing their bows and arrows on the way.

When the men approached it became clear, it was Liacan and a few soldiers.

“I am Demiqas Liacan, I wish to speak with Baron Vane, please open your gates.” Vane walked up to the gates and ordered his men to open them. “Welcome my lord, you will have my hospitality, what can I offer you?”Vane asked. “I want to have a word with you, I know it is late” Liacan replied. Vane ordered his men to prepare a room for Liacan and his soldiers. “Come with me my lord, we will talk in my chambers”.

When they arrived in Vane’s chambers Liacan started the conversation, “I missed you after the victory, I am certain you were at the battle, where did you go?” Vane looked out of his window, he admitted to Liacan: “My lord, I am glad you are in one piece, you are our only hope for the existence of Terenia, I was glad to help, but I do not believe there is a place for me in Tenarath, that is why I returned to Armathain at once”. “Nonsense! you have proven yourself a true baron of Terenia, and for that you will be always welcome in Tenarath.” Liacan responded. “Please, I know how people think of me. Ha! They wouldn’t want me around” “I have heard the stories indeed Vane, but when I saw your men fight, they didn’t seem like soldiers that fight out of fear, they fight for a purpose, they have discipline, they fight for you! You have won their respect, maybe even their love, it makes me wonder, how true are the stories about you?” Vane looked at Liacan and responded: “Oh, all rumours are true, I am hard on my men, I put them true grueling training and sparring practice. But I also know them all by name, I told them why I ask so much of them, I want them to be as prepared for combat as they can possibly be. And they know this, they know I treat them fair. I see them as my brothers, and they see me the same way. I don’t know if you have noticed, but I haven’t lost a single soldier during the battle of Tenarath.” “That must be your secret then” Liacan responded. “The least I can do is clear your name Vane, but can you tell me what happened with the old man? The one whose hand you have cut off?” Vane flinched, as it was one of the most confronting stories if his life: “I do not care what people think of me, but I want you to know the truth. We were having a bad year and everyone was rationed. I had to do it or everyone would starve. I took some more for my soldiers because I wanted them to be able to fight. The man was so hungry he stole a loaf of bread, I had to make an example, otherwise more would try it and then I couldn’t feed anyone and we all would die of starvation. It hurt me so much to do it, I knew the man since I was a child. He comforted me multiple times after being scalded by my father. Every time he saw me crying he walked up to me, I still hear him saying to me “Come on now young lord, you know your father only wants what’s best for you”.... I hated myself for punishing him like that” Liacan eyes widened, “We all have to make examples from time to time, it saddens me this one is such a burden to you…” A short silence filled the room. “ Listen Vane I need to ask you something, your efforts have given me something to think about, I need a well trained guard surrounding me at all times. I want you to lead them, as you have proven most loyal. You are skilled in fighting and you can motivate people.”

Vane looked up,” Me? I would be honoured but I, I….” Liacan laughed and told Vane to think about it, “I’ll speak to you tomorrow” Liacan said as he left Vane’s chambers to be escorted to his room for that night.

The next day Liacan strapped on his armour and walked to the courtyard, where he saw Baron Vane standing in full armour with a handfull of men. “These men are my best fighters, I think these will be a great start to form your guard”

Liacan laughed, “ I see you have made your decision then, and I am glad for it, let’s ride for Tenarath so we can make preparations.”

On the way to Tenarath Liacan asked Vane: “ So and what shall we name this guard?” Vane looked at the wolf on Liacan’s coat of arms, and said: “What about, “The Wolfpack” men fighting like brothers, fighting for you! We need the best men out there, men fit to be a knight, so they will be as feared as they will be respected” “I Like that, Vane, The Wolfpack it is”

And so The Wolfpack was formed, a guard existing out of the best knights the land's have to offer, a group of brothers dedicating their lives to guarding Demiqas Liacan, so he can guard the lands of Terenia. The Wolfpack was lead by Lord Commander Gregor Vane, the leader of the pack.

And now let us ask the same question again: How does one judge another man?

Join the fight for Terenia!

Fight with us to liberate our lands, and prove that you are what legends are made of. We need every able bodied mann and womann willing to take up arms with us, where they can train in the Barony of Armathain and prove themselves worthy of becoming a pack member. Be sure to visit us!

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The Hrothi of Brash are a peaceful people. Yet, we will stand by our Terenian brothers and sisters when called upon. Count on our steel axes and iron resolve to help free Terenia!


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Posted By Terrantal at 11:40 AM - Sun Jun 17 2018

The Hrothi of Brash are a peaceful people. Yet, we will stand by our Terenian brothers and sisters when called upon. Count on our steel axes and iron resolve to help free Terenia!

Peace is what we all want, but first we need to liberate our lands from those who wish Terenia wouldn't exist. The contribution of the Pack, as well as the brave combatants from Brash, will aid us greatly in these efforts!

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Congratulations on the post Gregor, let's hope it leads the bravest warriors of Elyria to you, and to the aid of Terenia.

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Looking really cool, can't wait to see you guys in Action :)

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amazing presentation, keep up the good work.

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that story gave me goosebumps. goodluck to you

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Thanks guys!

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