We're over 9000?!

Recently, we overheard Serpentius in the Soulbound Studio talking to his PC. Here's what we caught:

Serpentius: "Soulbot, what does the tracker say about the member count on Discord?"
Soulbot: "It's over 9000!!!"
Serpentius: "What?! 9000?! There's no way that could be right!"

That's right Elyrians, our official CoE Discord server, which was a mere 2000 registered users when I first joined the studio back in May of last year, has now surpassed over 9000 registered players!

From everyone at the studio, Way To Go!

This accomplishment wouldn 't have been possible without the tireless efforts of our Ambassadors, our Mods, and most importantly, you!

In my almost 20 years of Community management, I've never experienced a more supportive, considerate, and caring community of gamers than my Elyrian family. Without your countless, around the clock answering of questions, providing links and quotes, and promoting the world of Elyria in all its splendor, our chat platform wouldn't be the incredible gathering place it has become.

Onward to the next milestone, thank you all again for this outstanding achievement!

If you haven't already, come join us!

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Great :)

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Didnt realize there were only 2k last year

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7/3/2018 6:02:33 PM #4

I feel proud that I joined before this happened. I am very special.

7/3/2018 6:03:15 PM #5

Nice one!

7/3/2018 6:03:17 PM #6

WHAT??!! 9000!!!!

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That's a lot of lurkers. :P

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7/3/2018 6:04:15 PM #8

Must've been less than 2k when I first joined, and always knew we're gonna eventually pack a lot more than that. Congratz on the continuing success, Soulbound, and here's to hoping that 9000 turns out to be rookie numbers as well :)

7/3/2018 6:04:19 PM #9

Not bad! Congrats!

Posted By KelvinRiley at 9:04 PM - Tue Jul 03 2018

That's a lot of lurkers. :P

Lurkers For The Win!

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wait wait wait there are over 150.000 accounts on the site and only 9.000 on discord. how much cash did we spend :O

7/3/2018 6:05:26 PM #12

Yay! Welcome everyone!

7/3/2018 6:05:51 PM #13

10,000 members is just on the horizon. :)

7/3/2018 6:07:30 PM #14

Outstanding! I remember the day when we didn't have a discord and total registered members on the website just reached 2,000! It has been a long time and a lot of exciting progress has been made! I feel proud to be part of this amazing project and the community!

7/3/2018 6:08:13 PM #15

9000 on the discord displeases me as there's 60,000+ people with an active account...