[NA-W] Barony of Mældunesburh [Ashlands]

Barony of Mældunesburh

The Stronghold of Mældunesburh is a military stronghold located along the coast at the crossroads of major trading routes. Part of County Drakemoore in the Duchy of Sanctaphandri , it sits within the Kingdom of Ashland .

Built at the behest of a Duke in years past, the fortified town was constructed in response to repeated raids and invasions that threatened the stability of the Duchy. In recent years, however, the town has enjoyed a period of relative peace and prosperity, its bountiful farmland, abundant trade, and resident craftsmen filling granaries and warehouses within the walls. The Barony is a major hub for both producing food and protecting the breadbasket that is County Drakemoore.


As a center for trade as well as a military fortress, just about every imaginable role is needed. If you have a job in mind, we likely have a place for you. Mældunesburh is also home to The Transport Company , a transportation service that hauls both freight and passengers throughout the County and Duchy.

*Farmer (Crops or Livestock)
















Constabulary and Military

Though blessed with peace in recent years, the townsfolk still remember the times of chaos and uncertainty that came before. Thus, most members of the town are members of and take pride in the Militia. The Militia receive training a few times a year and are required to keep and maintain weapons and equipment in their homes. The militia does not otherwise affect its members' daily lives unless the Barony is facing a dire threat.

Other than the militia, there is the Guard (Constabulary) and, of course, the Regulars. The Guard has both full time and part time members, patrols the fortress regularly, and ensures the peace and security of the town is maintained. The Regulars train regularly to maintain and improve their skills, patrol the surrounding farms and trade routes, and respond to banditry and other threats within the Barony. The Regulars have 3 parts: Infantry, Cavalry, and Engineers. The Engineers are responsible for the defensive weapons on the walls as well as any siege equipment or wheeled weaponry brought on campaign. The majority of the Regulars are made up of infantry, with a significant amount of cavalry and engineers for support.

The Regulars do not necessarily have to be a full time position. While members do not have the same flexibility as the Militia, they can still have civilian jobs. However, whenever it is their turn to patrol outside the town or attend training, they most likely will not be able to work their civilian job until they return. Due to the regular absences, many people who join the Regulars make it a full time position. Enlistment is open to everyone. Officers are appointed either by the Baron or the Captain for the respective branch.

The Baron is ultimately beholden to the Duke, and therefore must follow any orders the Duke may give. Usually, the Regulars alone will answer the call, but in times of extreme need, it is not uncommon for the militia to be called up as well.


As part of the Barony’s efforts to protect the region, Waystations have been built along the major roads of the Barony. Waystations are small forts that act as a rest stop for couriers, a place to change mounts (official business only,) and shelter for surrounding farmers, villagers, and their crops/livestock. Detachments of Regulars are rotated through the different waystations frequently, using the Waystations as a place to sleep after a long day discouraging highwaymen. Granaries, warehouses, and wells provide water and secure storage for surrounding farmers and any traders making their way through the Barony.

In times of uncertainty and war, the local populace may not be able to make it back to Mældunesburh in time, so they bring as much of their crops and livestock to the waystation as they can, protecting the majority of their assets.

Council Positions

Council positions, with few exceptions, are not expected to be full time positions. Generally, they should take up relatively little of your day. If the workload becomes too much, the Baron will recruit assistants for you, or allow you to appoint your own.

Master at Arms-VACANT

Leader and organizer of the Constabulary. Ensures adequate patrols are being made and entrances and exits to the city are being watched. Oversees training and recruiting. Keeps track of crime, and brings criminals before the Baron for judgement.

Administrator of Deeds- VACANT

Reports to the Baron. Approves the sale of land/buildings. In charge of managing residential/commercial/industrial districts and helping future landowners locate the property the best fits their interests.

Captain of Regulars (3)- VACANT

Each branch is commanded by a captain, for a total of 3 captains on the council.

Captain of Militia- VACANT

Responsible for the training and organization of the Militia. Assigns members to units based on where they live. Assigns units to muster at the closest waystation or an appropriate muster location within the town.

Treasurer- VACANT

Responsible for managing the finances of the town. Ensures bills are paid and enough revenue is being generated to cover operating costs.

Architect/Civil Engineer- VACANT

Designs and oversees public projects, and regularly inspects the defenses and infrastructure of the barony

Farmer’s Representative- Filled

Represents the needs and wants of the Farmers to the council. Regularly checks up on constituents

Tradesman’s Representative- VACANT

Represents the needs and wants of the Tradesmen to the council (blacksmiths, wainwrights, carpenters, etc). Regularly checks up on constituents.

Manufactory’s Representative- VACANT

Represents the needs and wants of all manufactories to the Council. Regularly checks up on constituents. (a Manufactory is any industry that produces large amounts of goods with relatively unskilled labor)

Village Elder- (N/A until land selection)

Each village in the Barony’s area of responsibility is entitled to a seat on the council if they choose to send a representative.

Joining Mældunesburh

All are welcome! You may find us in County Drakemoore discord (

If you are unsure what you can do in Mældunesburh, but you like what you see, feel free to join the discord and ask for yours truly, Ranulf, and I’d be happy to help you find something that fits.

Kingdom of Ashland discord:

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I am happy to announce that the Elyrian Cartographer's Guild has accepted me as a Sponsor and will site a guild hall in Mældunesburh

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Good read Ranulf! Will be fun working along side you.

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We've gained our first council member! There are still plenty of options available, please contact me if you're interested!

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Impressive organizing, Ranulf! Wishing you all the best with your settlement and barony.

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House Kinyon stands with you!

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Nice post my friend !

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Thanks for the kind words, my friends :)

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Top Notch always!

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Hello everyone! It is confirmed we will be in Kingdom 2 and a Neran duchy.

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Now a major coastal settlement in the Duchy of Sanctaphandri!

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