We're Missing A House?

I was going back and listening to the 06.20.18 livestream about the Player Destiny System, and I kinda wanted to write down the houses and celestial bodies for my own reference. However, I noticed when I was writing things down that they may have accidentally skipped over a house. This is what I wrote down from the livestream.

1st House, Otterbear: The House of "Domain", personal possessions, wealth, building fame, renown, character

2nd House, Dryas Elk: The House of Knowledge, intelligence, worldly knowledge, learning

3rd House Flowercup Porcupine: The House of Consciousness, home, the self, lands, origin, self-awareness, self discovery

4th House, Canis Rabbit: The House of Pursuit, creativity, romance, children, acomplishment

5th House, Ursaphant: The House of Toil, career, endeavor, labor 6th House, Lephit: The House of Connections, intimacy, relationships, obligations and duties, personal connections

7th House, Connifer Rat: The House of Family, obligation, wealth,

8th House, Domino Fox: The House of Wisdom, religion, scholastic pursuit, personal improvement

9th House, Terraguin: The House of Status, financial success, reputation, community, politics, prestige

10th House, Trison: The House of Community, organizational success, belonging, legislation, regulation, civic politics

11th House:

12th House, Pheonix: The House of the Arcane, secrets, the unknown, self-sacrifice, loss, deception

So was I the one who misheard and missed a house, or was one accidentally left out? And which house is it that I'm missing?

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Can't say about whether it was left out or not, but the sixth house, the first one missing (and saying sixth house reminds me of Morrowind so much) is the house of the leffit.

House of the Leffit: the house of the leffit is the house of Connections, it deals with relationships, love, romance, family. Personal connections.

Zodiac can be found here, so you should be able to find which other one you're missing there.

Edit because I can't seem to figure it out myself. Probably because I'm tired.

Edit 2: or because it's actually missing one house

The missing house, according to this thread is the house of the wildcat.

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In the original live stream Caspian got to excited about Phoenix and skipped Wildcat. This might help:


  1. Otterbear - House of Domain, influences: Personal possessions, wealth, fame, renown, character.

  2. Dryas Elk - House of Knowledge, influence: Development of knowledge, intelligence, information about world, learning in general.

  3. Flowercup Porcupine - House of Consciousness, influence: Home, self, lands, origin, self-awareness.

  4. Canis Rabbit - House of Pursuit, influence: Creativity, romance, children, accomplishing things

  5. Ursaphant - House of Toil, influence: Career, endeavor, pursuit, labor.

  6. Leffit - House of Connections, influence: Land, romance, family, obligations and duties to lords, personal connections.

  7. Conifer Rat - House of Family, influences: Family, resources, obligation, wealth.

  8. Domino Fox - House of Wisdom, influence: Religion, scholastic pursuit, personal development.

  9. Pteroguin - House of Status, influence: Financial success, reputation, community, politics, prestige.

  10. Trison - House of Community, influence: Community, organizational success, belonging, legislation, regulation, politics.

  11. Wildcat - House of Self, influence: Personality, Identity, Image, Beginnings.

  12. Phoenix - House of the Arcane, influence: Secrets, the unknown, self-sacrifice, loss, deception.


  1. The Eye - Focuses on family, death, judgement "and some other things"

  2. Angelica - Focuses on life, light, fire

  3. Luna - Focuses on shadow, deception, mystery

  4. Sanguinis - Focuses on loss and pursuit

  5. Ao - Focuses on recovery, enterprise, ambition

  6. Mydra - Focuses on duty, obligation, imperative

  7. Aiden - Focuses on opposition and defense

  8. Selene - Focuses on conspiracy, mystery and hidden knowledge

  9. Pudoros - Focuses on escape, success, and aid.

  10. Iniqi - Focuses on sacrifice, misfortune, and failure

  11. Libodos - Focuses on betrayal and great change

  12. Pacyen - Focuses on reflection, judgement, and awareness

  13. Modestos - Focuses on family, love, fidelity, and regret

  14. Gulain - Focuses on ambition, wealth, great loss, reversals of fortune

Alt text - can be left blank

7/20/2018 12:28:50 PM #3

Ah, thanks! That really clears things up!

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