What happened to the promised Architect tool?

As was discovered in another related thread, Caspian promised the release of a free, stand-alone architect tool in Dev Journal #14:

"We’ll actually be providing a stand-alone version of the architecture tool next Spring so people can get their hands on it early and see what it feels like to design buildings in Chronicles of Elyria. As player-created content is paramount to the success of Chronicles of Elyria and isn’t part of our business model, the tool will be made freely available to everyone."

What happened to that release? And when can we get our hands on the architect tool?

7/29/2018 12:57:45 PM #1

7/29/2018 4:01:19 PM #2

This is interesting. How has work been progressing on the Adventure Toolkit?

7/29/2018 4:41:19 PM #3

Looking forward to playing around with the tool.

7/29/2018 5:25:55 PM #4

I missed that one from Caspian but it’s quite old. I Wonder if it’s still what’s planned.

7/29/2018 6:35:10 PM #5

We could maybe ask about it next Q&A. I am eager to know if it's still in the plans for alpha 2.

7/30/2018 12:18:05 AM #6

Caspian April 8, 2018

Architecture tool is part of Alpha 2 and will be part of the Adventure Toolkit as well.

It is very much still part of Alpha 2

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