The Arcaneum - The Library of the Mage's Guid of Aranor

The Arcanuem

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
In studying how we are and what we are, we inevitably discover why we are and how we came to be. That is why science is the truest religion and the purest form of self-reflection.

The Mage's Guild of Aranor strives to uncover the mysteries of the world around us, the origins of Mann, and the powers that bind us all together. While the guild serves as a beacon and haven for all those who seek obscure knowledge, the need still exists for certain....safeguards.

The Arcaneum serves as a repository for information of all kinds that is collected by the members of the Guild. While the Araneum Prima is located adjacent to the Mage's Guild in Dax (Kingdom of Aranor), there are branches and depositories spread throughout Elyria.

The Mage's Guild of Aranor



The hierarchy of the Arcaneum is closely tied to the Guild, from which it draws much of its staff. All personnel of the Arcaneum, upon induction, forgo all other allegiances in the pursuit of the knowledge. In the face of death and sheer ruin, the preservation and bequeathment of knowledge is their only concern. Inquiries about serving should be addressed to the Executor, Spinam aur Thothfilius. The ways in one can serve are many, and take the form of scholars, keepers, and even combatants:

Scrivener: Recordkeepers of the Arcaneum, scribes are the core of library. Oftentimes not directly employed by the Arcaneum, their main role is committing all gathered knowledge to writing, working closely with all other faculty and with researchers of the Guild.

Patron Specialist: These librarians work in handling outside access to the Arcaneuem. All persons wishing to gain access must be vetted intensively and are allowed admission under the strictest supervision. Each guest has a specific handler to whom they must report, but all fall under the purview of any Patron Specialist

Reference Librarian: These librarians work to assist patrons and other staff access and navigate the plethora of information provided by the Arcanuem. They will have some of the most unrestricted access to the secrets of the Arcaneum. But that knowledge comes at a high cost...

Circulation Librarian: These librarians work to manage the amalgam of information collected by the Arcaneum and its repositories throughout Elyria. These members of the Arcaneum organize the movement of texts between repositories and affiliates, the classification of data and ensure that all information is properly managed. They will determine what information patrons will be allowed to access. These members of staff are also in charge of maintaining library services: newspapers, binderies, etc.

Acquisition Librarians: These librarians work without fixed homes, housed within the many branches of the library and its affiliates. They scour Elyria ravenously to secure manuscripts and texts of all kinds. No information is deemed irrelevant - its use is merely yet to be uncovered. These individuals will oftentimes be on the forefront of discovery and the herald of inquisitions.

HR: These individuals keep the library in functioning order. They manage the movement of librarians, their accommodations and salaries, and maintain frequently-updated records on all personnel.

Skribh: These individuals are of particular note. Handpicked from among the ranks of the librarians, these special scribes are entrusted to record and safeguard the secrets of the Arcaneum. They bear no distinguishing marks.

Department Chiefs: For each role there will be a department head. These exemplars are hand-selected by the Executor from amongst the ranks of librarians

Library Access

There are many levels of access granted to regular civilians, noblemen, and partnering organizations that wish to further the pursuit of knowledge. Access is granted after an official request is approved and one is assigned a patron specialist. If not belonging to the Guild or affiliated organizations, access may be limited. But most knowledge is within reach of those who earnestly seek it...and are willing to pay the steep price. There are five levels of patronage, that vary with the individual contributions towards the Arcaneum. But make no mistake, this is not a barrier to disadvantaged. All knowledge is valuable. The only rule is that to take, you must first give.

Magic and the Arcane

All knowledge has a home within the Arcaneum. Relics and artifacts of magic, texts about their origins and use, are no exception. While these may not be plentiful, they will be among the most well-preserved secrets of the Arcaneum.

Martial Arts and Combat

All knowledge is valuable - it can shape a soul and shake a nation. Knowledge of combat is crucial. Without exception, library staff will be excepted to display some proficiency in the martial arts; this ensures that they will be able to defend themselves and the valuable information they will be entrusted to safeguard.

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Library Access

Ledgers and Contribution Points

Each patron (at cost to them), librarian, or sponsor will be given a ledger. These ledgers will be reflective of their position within the Arcaneum and will act as a form of identification for those who travel between our repositories. These ledgers contain minimal personal information, their primary focus being to monitor the contributions made by an individual.

Contribution points are awarded for meritous behaviors that further the efforts of the Arcaneum: recovering items and manuscripts, completing or aiding research on behalf of the Arcaneum, donations of materials and artifacts, sponsorships, gifting knowledge of any kind (recipes, blacksmithing techniques, weapons blueprints, animal lures, corroborated gossip, etc). An even simpler way to earn CP could be providing translations or annotating documents. All information has value. Once received, the information will be appraised by reference librarians and contribution points will be credited to the individual's ledger. This appraisal process might not always be immediate, however. It should be noted that while you may receive contribution points in exchange for monetary contributions, this transaction cannot be reversed. There will be no established exchange rate for CP to currency.

Many things can determine the CP credited: source reliability, location, age of information, novelty of information, whether the information was gathered by request, etc. (This would mean information will be more highly appraised near exposition.) It is important to note that no information is worthless - science is an art perfected by repetition. While there may be a lower appraisal for information already possessed, there will always be a reward for those in earnest pursuit of knowledge.

Ledgers, How to Obtain

Ledgers are a symbol of your scholarly achievements and should be treated as such. Only the individual owning the ledger is authorized to use it. Unauthorized use of a ledger will result in immediate revocation of library services, without exception. Ledgers are used to access all information within the Arcaneum. Library services rendered to an individual are also for personal use, unless otherwise stated. If any individual is found to have abused library services as to allow another party unauthorized access, both parties will be penalized.

To be approved to receive a ledger, an individual must first submit an application at a local repository, or with a Patron Specialist, along with any fees. Once vetted, the applicant may request a ledger. Ledgers are made upon request, customized to reflect the rank and title of the owner, along with the scope of access granted. The level of access granted to non-referred applicants is weighed based on their perceived possible contribution. For example, if they can be expected to continue research, teach classes, or grant future donations, they would be given sufficient access to meet their needs.

Staff would have ledgers indicating their positions, while members of nobility might have ledgers marked by a family crest. The most basic ledgers are offered free of charge and grant the patron access to what is determined to be basic education. Access to other more privileged knowledge would either require vetting to receive a new ledger, or payment using CP. All transactions involving CP, along with dated use of library services, will be documented within individual ledgers. Forgeries, or purposeful manipulations, will result in revocation of privileges and fines/prosecution. (Once mechanics are released we will be looking into ways to distinguish ledgers - watermarks, imprints, seals, etc. Forgeries are a well-documented reality so we only assume there will be ways to officiate documents, as well.)

Ledger, Services

Some foreseeable services include: a) timed access to locations and contained texts, b) timed access to specified texts, c) copies of a text (explicitly for personal use), d) rights to use texts in publications or for mass reproduction, e) tutoring, f) purchasing pre-bundled sets of texts (recipes, techniques, etc.), g) study of artifacts, h) controlled use of artifacts. All services have varying costs dependent on the materials involved and the level of access required.

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The Arcaneum is constantly striving for the enlightenment of Mann. In this mission, we are striving to build strong community ties across borders, allowing anthropological study and cultural exchange through easily accessible information. To confirm, there are countless guilds and schools within Elyria offering fellowship and information to select or privileged few. The Arcaneum is unique in that all are allowed access - although maybe not to everything. The only price is labor in the form of fair trade - knowledge for knowledge. But, of course, coin is heavier than paper.

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Good luck!

- Shmuck

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i could see myself delivering texts i find during my travels to you. it won't be my main selling item, but if by chance i stumble upon an interesting book or even just scraps of interesting lore i'll most likely bring it to one of your depositories. information is, after all, worth more than gold

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