The Steel Wall

Welcome to the Steel Wall

We are going to be a Hrothi only heavily armed unit that is going to fight in a roman style. this will be combined with a group of miners so we can attack people in the back or encircle the enemy

We will be settled in Omaur Khazat which is the capital of the duchy of Sarnur which will be in the Demalion Empire.

At the moment the unit consists of very few memebers so i am still looking for soldiers and capable leaders.

if Interested join me in discord

11/1/2018 2:15:33 PM #1

We are still looking for people to join so if u want to be a hrothi and want to focus on military actions come say hello

11/14/2018 4:04:40 PM #2

Gratz on your new bigger role Mmaamm - If I can persuade you to consider shuffling your Duchy a bit SW then would happily take a Count role under your leadership.

Either way, your setup looks good :)

If you want some representation closer to the front line, then happy to your the honourary ranks!

11/15/2018 7:25:00 AM #3

we will see my Hrothri friend what the future and the empire bring but thank you for your offer

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