Omaur Khazat

Welcome to the Underground city of Omaur Khazat.

We will be the capital city of the duchy of Sarnur in the Demalion empire.

The town will be focused on minig and our debris of building/digging out houses can be used else where. we will have a nice big ass forge for tools and weaponry and we will have the duchys smithing guild to settle in the underground.

ofc everyone is welcome but some bigger projects require smiths,miners,architects and diggers. i make the difference miners and diggers because i want to work on maiking an underground railsystem to connect the county first and the maybe the duchy or even the empire

There are plans in the making to create a special military division specialized in underground warfare and quick tunneling to get into ennemy fortified positions

With the new items in the shop we are suddenly in need of a brewer no items need to be bought just need someone to make beer/whiskey

A military unit is being brought to life in town. welcome to the Steel Wall

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5/30/2018 1:08:48 PM #1

Muhahahahahahah, i will invade this with my Steel Talons! (Don't worry, we will split it evenly.)

5/30/2018 1:16:25 PM #2

Good to have you with us.

5/30/2018 7:19:31 PM #3

Looks interesting (predominantly Hrothi, I assume?), good luck with this project Mmamm!

5/31/2018 6:08:13 AM #4

It will probably be hrothi but everyone is welcome

6/8/2018 9:28:28 AM #5

good to have you with us 👍

6/8/2018 12:16:20 PM #6

Posted By Swat at 2:08 PM - Wed May 30 2018

Muhahahahahahah, i will invade this with my Steel Talons! (Don't worry, we will split it evenly.)

This sounds very Trygrr.... Anyway nice post and good luck.

6/22/2018 10:26:19 AM #7

Underground settlements, which is a term making them sound a lot cooler, should be hard to invade with only a couple of entrances and a few good men making sure those don't get breached. It's nice to have more of them in the Empire, Hrothi are Brothi.

7/4/2018 1:14:24 PM #8

There are plans in the making to create a special military division specialized in underground warfare and quick tunneling to get into ennmy fortified positions

7/24/2018 9:03:06 AM #9

Welcome the Demalions "escort" services and good luck to thee

8/8/2018 7:30:01 AM #10

With the new items in the shop we are suddenly in need of a brewer no items need to be bought just need someone to make beer/whiskey

9/21/2018 10:27:26 AM #11

and here we are our first military unit is in the making. welcome to the Steel Wall

10/10/2018 6:55:05 AM #12

With thanks to Leornix we have gotten an temporary blazon until COE actually release their tool

10/31/2018 2:58:38 PM #13

A couple of questions if you don't mind.

  • How do you or your superiors intend to organize law-enforcement (guards)? People often state that they are going to have patrols and would send forces to trail down criminals, but barely ever get into details on how they envision to create this standing army. We know the figures ( roughly 20k players on 4 servers, 24 kingdoms, 288 duchies and 6912 countries, not to mention settlements) and people certainly won't be doing guard duty 24 hours a day. Even more so when you consider the possibility of joining an NPC duchy/county. Do you plan to ask people for their online-timeframes and how they guesstimate their PvP proficiency? How are you going to compensate for times when there are only OPC/NPC guards around? Since (if I read this correct) your town is going to be under ground, are you going to close the gate at specific times (and if so which ones)? Are you going to white list or black list entrace? Are you going to send troops to trail down criminals and if so, are they going to cross borders (county, duchy and even kingdom)?

  • I'd love to know if you intend to treat local residents equal to 'foreigners' (trading and law specific)? What if they are of the same country/duchy/kingdom? Does race, religion and language play a role there?

  • How is the duchy of Achyls going to react on a delay when paying tax (e.g. if one's on vacation and the OPC script messes up)?

  • Are there plans to increase your area of influence during KoE (and if you're willing to be a bit more concrete, which)? If you're going to work on this, is the county of Gladal going to centralize the settlements, in order to gain more of a playerbase and increase to chances of surviving in one larger settlement instead of multiple tiny spread out ones (how many do you guesstimate there would be)?

  • How do you/is Gladal plan(ning) to handle people who're going to try and replace existing crafters (e.g. somebody buys 125 'crafting material packs' during exposition with the discounted $200 EP deal, basically leaving the competition without a chance)?

  • Is there a rough list of law and tax to be expected for Achyls/Demolian?

Sage willing to help with Purity (if you spot me on Discord and have some Plague on your account that could be nullified with a trade, drop me a message on Discord)

11/1/2018 1:30:27 PM #14

1) im planning to have most guard duties been done by NPC/OPC while there are some guard captains which will be PC in case there are issues to deal with. this will be for the settlement itself for the area around the settlement i will be relying for a big part on the militia and the army of the county to chase after the criminal people

2)lets be honest here there will be a difference between people and anyone who says everyone is equal and will be treated equally is lying. i am planning to have the citizens from the town be treated differently than those of the county and different than the people from the empire and different for all the other players. obviously none of these will be treated agressivly and everyone is welcome to trade but security is important. the local people will be able to walk around everywhere they need to go so special places like the forge the hrothi tavern and other places like that will be accesible for the locals. the people from the county/duchy will be limited to an inn for larger people some meeting halls and the "market"hall.the people from the empire will not be having acces to those meeting halls without express consentment from the leadership while the people from outside will be having their own inn probably outside the underground and will be limited to a certain section of the market hall, adding on to this it is important that there will be no discrimination based on race, religion or language altough not speaking the same language might make things difficult

3) both sides have answerd the question in the same way beeing that if it happens by accident its not a problem and it can be delayed but if on purpose it will be punishd

4) I am not planning to increase my power in KoE what i might do is get a duke package and becoming a hrothi duke but that depends on the availability. my actual plans are to make sure there is easy acces from Gladal to Omaur Khazat and towards or a big trade spot or the duchy capital this so that Omaur Khazat can become a center point of smithing .

5) this one is an easy one for me to answer :smiley: for the very simple fact that i will be buying those packages myself and i will be allowing people to have acces to this stock pile innitially to raise their skill in smithing and im pretty sure my stockpile will be bigger than other peoples so there will be no competiton on that front for the rest we will be working with a smithing guild which will handle the bigger orders and where it will be split up between all available(and competent) smiths in the town. and i will make sure that all the smiths will leave exposition while having had the same possibilities (as long as i have the money) so that once exposition is over the only difference between people will be their skill at crafting.

6)the answer from the duke is that atm there are no real laws lying ready this will ofc change the only thing he could say atm is that the duchy laws will follow the empire laws

11/17/2018 11:06:19 PM #15

due to changes Omaur Khazat will now be the capital city of the duchy of Sarnur

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