Wandering Souls

I'm Elysian Strongstag, Leader of Wandering Souls and Chairman of Vaen Izril settlement.


  • Wandering Souls is mercenary army based in Vaen Izril settlement in Duchy of Sarnur. It will work as main military force of the settlement and offers high quality and reliable option if you are in need of anything from bodyguards to company for war. Vaen Izril is Hrothi settlement so our base will be in mountains in Demalion Kingdom and well fortified.

  • If you are fighter without home we welcome you if you can pass our tests and offer you home if you give us your loyalty. We are open to all races and don't limit your weapon choices.

  • If you are capable you can rise in our ranks quickly and have more freedom on your movements under our banners.

  • Wandering Souls will also be one of the 3 most important guilds in Vaen Izril settlement and so have a seat in City council and have say when governing the settlement.

  • We also offer you home if you decide to retire from being mercenary

  • How much it costs to hire us depends on the job

  • Wandering Souls will also have "stationary division" for those who are close to being retired and those who are in training that will be main military force in Vaen Izril

Just to clear things up, not all mercenary work will be PvP related, we will also do lots of PvE work, like clearing dungeons, helping to secure new areas for living etc. when those come up.

What kinda warriors we want to have/offer

  • Heavy-,Light- and Medium armored infantry (from militia to knights)
  • Heavy and light cavarly if possibly (horses and trisons might be difficult to obtain in mountains), Heavy cavarly is mostly knights and light cavarly would be used as scouts and skirmishers
  • Archers, they would be our main missile force and different rank archers are used as supporting force for infantry or as scouts.


  • Grandmaster: Leader or the whole army there will be two of them, me as founder and one elected to be spokes person in the city council for x amount of time
  • Knight: Highest ranking soldier in the army, veteran warriors capable of leading anything from small company to small army. You need to have this rank to be elected as Grandmaster
  • Sergeant: Warrior with good amount of experience in fighting and leading small company
  • Soldier: Ordinary soldier in ranks, been in few fights and managed not to get killed instantly
  • Recruit: Soldier in training

Ranks are same to all for all warrior types

For more info about Vaen Izril check:

and join this discord for the guild:

Wandering Souls is also part of Mercenary Association of Demalion


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welcome to the duchy of Sarnur tohether we stand strong

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