Vaen Izril

Hello stranger or not stranger who ever you might be. I'm sir Elysian Strongstag, Chairman of Vaen Izril and Grandmaster of the mercenary army Wandering Souls.

Vaen Izril located in Duchy of Sarnur and County of Grimaz Izril so being small part of Demalion Empire. Vaen Izril is Hrothi dwelling settlement, but all tribes are welcome as we will have above ground living space as for those who don't want to live underground.

Vaen Izril will be main base for Wandering Souls and thus will have somewhat high focus on military. Because of the location on southern border of Sarnur there will be lots of trade also going through Vaen Izril and so we will also focus on improving trading and safety of the traders.

Vaen Izril will be ruled by guildmaster council and chairman of that council will be me. How to get to that council you may ask, well you will need to be part of a guild in Vaen Izril and be selected as guildmaster by other members of that guild. Next question might be: What kinda guilds there will be? Well I'm glad you asked as they are listed in next segment of this post!

Guilds: My plan is to have guild for every aspect of things from Wandering Souls to farmers so everybody has change to voice their opinion.

Guilds that are already part of the council:

Military and safety of the settlement:

Main military force will be those soldiers, recruits and knights of Wandering Souls that are either at start of their training, off duty or otherwise unable or not qualified to work as mercenary. Captain of this "stationary division" will be one of the knights. In battle situations this divison will be under normal command chain. Also to increase Vaen Izrils defensive capability all those who want it will be offered basic training with either spear and shield, sword and shield or bow. In worst case scenario civilians with weapon training will be called to defend the walls.

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