Scholars Guild

Scholars Guild

Welcome to the Scholars' Guild. We aim to be a centralised location for knowledge in a variety of academic fields. Whatever your focus and purpose, we hope to have texts and information that will assist you in pursuit of your goals.

Goals and Location

We will have guildhall that will aslo function as library and some kind of school in Staghorn.

Staghorn will be Hrothi settlement (check the settlement post at end of the post). However, irrespective of what tribe you want to play, you are always welcome with us. At the moment we are mainly comprised of alchemists and healers but we welcome all people who fit under title of ”Scholar” regardless of guild. We also aim to collect books and maps about the lands in which we live. Most of the knowledge what we gather will be public (maps of surrounding areas, records of laws etc.)

Additional Information:

  • You can be a part of the Scholar's Guild and still a member of other guilds, the Scholars Guild only assists to further your skills is most cases, and not to be your sole purpose (unless you want that)

  • If you join Scholars you will have to pay general fee for upkeep of the Library in Staghorn.

  • You need to remember ”scholar” is just general term for those who are part of this guild and does not exclude you being part of other guilds.

Staghorn post and Discord:

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We're looking for scribes from all tribes to assist in the creation of the greatest library that Elyria has ever seen!

Even if you're simply passing through the region, you can visit the school to make your contribution to the duchy's Hall of Books for future generations to behold! Whether it's a song, a map, a cake recipe, a guide to smithing, or the chronicles of your life. All knowledge will be stored.

You can be a part of this monumental task to make and record the history of Elyria!

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I'll probably join this guild. I'm going to play a mad philosopher who wants to achieve immortality :D

Thinking outside the common sense.

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