Mercenary county of Grimaz Izril

Grimaz Izril, mercenary county in northern duchy of Sarnur, home for Wandering souls. This is county led by me, Elysian Strongstag.


As said earlier Grimaz Izril will be mercenary county, so all military in the county will be under Wandering Souls banners, if you are not interested being part of Wandering Souls then you cant really be military personel here. While mercenary work will be important for the county I also realize that we cant live only from that. That is why I want to create place for trading and other peaceful methods of income and so have stabile county where all tribes can live. I will personally play as Hrothi so this will be Hrothi county.



  • As count i will be the person who will ultimately make decisions that will have effect on whole county, but all barons and mayors will be in "county council" and represent their people and voice their opinions.
  • All "notable" guilds will be supported by county and are important in my opinion for our county. Guilds can be added to the list of notable guilds but of they abuse their position or otherwise lose their standing in eyes of county council they can also loose their position. Of course smaller non county supported are welcome too, we don't accept any shady business like assassins or bandit guilds tho. If you have idea for guild you should ask your baron/mayor and count before creating it.
  • Main language used on the county is English so if you want to be understood you should have decent English skills Black mark with arrow marks the place of the county you can also just find it on the live map if you so wish to look it more closely

I will be updating this post as more and more stuff comes up but for now you can join Vaen Izril discord or County discord if you have more questions about the county.

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In this segment I will list what I'm currently looking for the county and what kinda things are not welcome

  • New guilds, if you already have guild and want to expand it you can always contact me and we can talk if your guild has what it takes to be part of my county, also people who want to start new guilds that are possible in county are always welcome as it gives lively feel to the county.

  • Members for existing guilds, our guilds are always recruiting so all those who want to be mercenaries, scholars( be that healers, alchemists, cartographers or whatever) and those brave ones who want to take upon the grueling task of farming and developing agriculture in harsh north are always welcome!

  • Ordinary citizens, be that you want just home to start exploring or you have group of friends that want to play together, there is home for you in Grimaz Izril, well as long as you don't break the laws.

What is not welcome

  • "Dark guilds" like assassins, bandits or in general guilds that in other games would be "dark" or "bad", these are excluded for county kinda "lore" or "RP" reasons as I will personally play as mercenary count/knight so having guilds full of evil doers does not fit that

  • Assholes, I think this is kinda easy to understand, if you are asshole you are not welcome. Things like rule breaking on discord servers, annoying people too much or just being generally really not good person will get you kicked out of the county, so try to be decent person.

Other than those two things if you can talk me to see your importance to the county you are welcome.

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Congratz to your county my friend! You deserved it and I will look forward to visit / work together with you and your mercenaries! ;)

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Welcome to the Hrothi Club, Elysian 😉

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There will be somekind of lore also coming for Wandering souls and Grimaz Izril soon(ish)

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Bumb, also Looking for people who want to play Kypiqs, I really would love to have some of them in my county. Also still looking for mayors and barons too and normal members as usual

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Updated with new post for Vaen Izril and new location map!