California Players Role Call!

Wassup People! =D I'm making this post only because I saw a similar Oregon and Washington post. What's your area of Cali, and what role do you plan on playing in game?

If I'm able to retire by the time COE comes out, I was thinking of starting a counter intelligence guild.

If I'm still working, I was thinking of being a city guard or knight, specializing in being a private body guard.

Oh, and I'm in the Sacramento area.


10/16/2018 3:42:36 AM #1

Hey. I'm a Count that will be counting on making my time count to being accountable.

From Coachella Valley. ;)

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10/16/2018 3:54:07 AM #2

Something like a pirate.

From San Francisco.

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10/16/2018 4:54:18 AM #3

I was thinking probably explorer/cartographer but we'll see.

I'm in San Diego.

10/16/2018 9:29:30 PM #4

San Diego as well, but plans to move North in the next year.

Kypiq proprietor - Weaver/Tailor/Designer - Broad Leaf Forest

10/18/2018 11:13:31 PM #5

I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area.

I'm awaiting further developments before I know what path I will pursue.

10/19/2018 12:07:56 AM #6

San Bernardino/Inland Empire

To'Resk Governor, super interested in contracts.

NA-W, Governor of Ogralyn

10/23/2018 7:57:06 PM #7

I'm going explorer all the way.

Humboldt county.

10/23/2018 8:00:40 PM #8

SF Bay Area (Berkeley currently)

Probably going to be an Explorer or Champion/Dungeon-delver

10/23/2018 8:50:14 PM #9

Los Angeles here.

I'll be doing contracts/scribe work.

10/24/2018 1:07:43 AM #10

Bay Area

A warrior/healer hybrid that will focus on dungeons

10/25/2018 5:40:59 AM #11


Plan on being a Janoan hunter/mercenary roaming the continent with a focus on bows and daggers/swords

10/28/2018 2:44:51 AM #12

Bay Area

Leaning heavily toward The Waerd but have not aligned with any kingdom yet. I'll figure out a career path once I understand better how The Waerd actually work. :)

Avid wiki editor, with a special interest in categories, navboxes, and infoboxes.

10/28/2018 10:03:44 AM #13

Though I'm not in CA now, I'll probably be using the NA-West sever. I am from Ventura County.

To'Resk player! Something to do with animal breeder maybe, agriculture, or trading of some type. Still undecided and can't make up my mind.

10/28/2018 5:25:17 PM #14

Sacramento-ish Area.

I'll be Neran Gentry and I'll run a Tavern and Inn (see sig). At least first spark, who knows what the future will bring.

10/28/2018 6:08:05 PM #15

Hey Everyone,

From Los Angeles.... where the sun never stops shining ;-)

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