Can OCE have biome reference sheet please?

I love the maps, but unlike NA-W/E and EU we didn't get low res versions in round one which explicitly showed which biome is where, which they get to refer back to when they peruse their maps for consideration. Thus for us on OCE figuring out what biome the various similarly mottled blobs are (let alone the possible tribe it represents) is proving to be quite a headache, not to mention a hindrance to our ability to faithfully make any decisions.

Now I don't expect you guys to go into too much effort over this. There is no need to go through all the hassle of colouring it all in like the other low res ones were. We'd be happy with just a simple numbered legend key and a copy of the present maps with the biome sections simply stamped with the corresponding number for us to quickly reference to. We would be ever so grateful.

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11/8/2018 2:01:54 AM #1

Agree there. Can't wait to see the duchy lines added as well. No rush for SBS, just knowing it will come before it's over. I know there are a lot of us waiting for the lines, before voting.

11/9/2018 1:35:18 PM #2

Seems like it's still awaiting. Wonder if we have any kind of ETA on this yet.

11/9/2018 4:35:16 PM #3

Map voting seems a bit rushed since the rivers are barely visible due to a bug, OCE is missing duchy lines and biome information, round 1 was missing duchy lines.

I wish they’d just get their things ready before opening voting. Now people are voting with incomplete information.

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11/9/2018 4:49:02 PM #4

let's hope we get a little more or the right details 2 or 3 days before it ends so the big guns can vote.

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