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Out of character:

As a pledged Count I will be hosting a County in the world of Elyria. At the head of this County stands House Latos, the family I created along with a few core members. The capital of Tynwael is Marscheck, a city in the Barony of Marscheck. Our goal is to hosts a County that holds a strong military presence in the Duchy of Terenia inside the Demalion Empire. Our target audience are mature RP'ers who wish to recreate a more historically acurate medieval society with fantasy influences sprinkeled all over it. In this effort to create a RP hub in the world of Elyria, we will work closely together with our brothers and sisters in the County of Rahlmont. Hopefully we can create a cohesive group of players to engage in RP and other aspects the game has to offer! In the thread below you will find an overview of the County of Tynwael.

The County of Tynwael is a project that came to fruition at a later time than some others. Initially I was just planning to host a Barony in the County of Rahlmont, but after seeing the support and engagement in the RP community I thought it better to expand this to a County. This County builds on the community that has already been well established previously by our Barony, and allied Counties in the Duchy we will inhabit. Hopefully this will result in a large, diverse, RP community. In this project we will work very closely together with the County of Rahlmont to form a big RP hub for EU players.

Table of Content:

County of Tynwael

"Dawn shines upon us"

House Latos' Armorial Achievement, Counts of Tynwael.

"When men defy you, treat them to a meal of steel and fire, poison their ale or smother them in their sleep. When they bow to you, however, give them your finest roast and tastiest wine. Heed this council and no man will ever steal from your table, nor will you ever dine alone."

-- Zykas Latos, first Count of Tynwael.


Tynwael does, unlike many other Counties in the Duchy of Terenia, not trace its history back to ancient times. it was forged through the conflict of a bloody war, and has fought time and time again to retain it's position ever since with remarkable success. The County has a delecate relationship with it's neighbouring County of Rahlmont. Tynwael once used to be partially part of the County of Rahlmont. Ever since the new Duke of Terenia has driven out most of the Romarian forces, and won the vital Battle for Tenerath, Tynwael has sworn allegiance to the new duke. This allegiance is not visible in practice however, and the true loyalties and intentions of Tynwael are still shrouded for many, The Duchy is thus entangled in a bloody civil war between remaining Romarian loyalists, and new Terenian supporters. Where the County of Rahlmont vehemently supports the new duke of Terenia, Tynwael has taken more of a neutral stance on the matter, not lending further support to either side so far. While the war in the Duchy rages on, Count Latos has only the best interest of Tynwael and its inhabitants in mind, willing to do whatever it takes to see it prosper now, and far into the future.

Scenery and landscape:

The County of Tynwael is one of the most Southern Counties in the Duchy of Terenia. It's capital is the fortified town of Marscheck at the foot of Verdacragg castle, the ancestral seat of House Latos, the Counts of Tynwael. The County itself enjoys a temperate climate in the transitional landscapes of the lower montane and mixed leaf forests. Large stretches of fertile land are seperated by the County's many twisting rivers and dotted forests. The greatest of these rivers is the river Stehr, carving its way through the County and providing the region with much of it's fuel for life. With warm and dry summers, cool and wet winters, and marvelousy beautiful autumn and spring, Tynwael enjoys a comfortable climate all year round, providing plenty of opporunity for crops to grow, industry to thrive, and social life to bustle. The people of Tynwael are vastly different from their more grim neighbours to the North. A plethora of colors paint both the natural surroundings, as well as the cities found in the thriving County.

Tribes and customs:

Nestled in the South of Terenia, Tynwael boasts a mainly Neran driven culture. The open swards and meadows, along with the many glades found in the lower montane landscape provide for ample opportunity to farm and for big settlements to grow. The forests themself stimulate a thriving industry surrounding this agricultural center in which the Neran seem to revel. Though it is not only Neran that can be found in Tynwael. From the mountains surrounding the County, both Hrothi and Brudvir have found their way down to call Tynwael their home. While Neran religion, culture and architecture dominate the County, most of its people welcome their brethren tribe's customs which form a minority among the population. Ever since the formation of Tynwael, their Counts have ensured a certain level of tolerance towards the friendly tribes found within the kingdom. Unfortunately no society is ever perfect, and racism is not banished from Tynwael entirely. There are many who believe their Neran blood makes them better than their peers, despite the welcoming nature of others.


Tynwael is very much an example of a society living in the feudal and manorial systems. The Mayors and Barons of the County swear an oath of fealty to the Count, binding themselves in a feudal contract of Vassal and Lord, Tenant and Chief. In return for their fealty which comes in the form of taxes and military duties, the Count leases them land over which they can rule, and gives them protection from foreign invadors. While some things are set down by law, many more have their roots in long standing traditions. This complex arrangement between the Lord and his Vassals makes for a mutual beneficial situation where it is in the best interest for the Lord to have thriving Vassals, and for the Vassal to have a powerful Lord.

The Count stands at the head of the military present in the County, and much of his efforts are directed towards bolstering its strength, shaping Tynwael into a force known throughout all of Elyria. However, to achieve such things, other elements have to fall in place. Infrastructure, roads, fairs, trade, industry and agriculture all have a place in Tynwael to make the County a thriving hub of prosperity.

The Lord's Council:

To assist in governing affairs, the Lord's council plays a vital role. Comprising of several important individuals, the council is the main body that advises the Lord on how to rule his lands. Members of this council range from the traditional positions of Seneschal, Marshal and Chancellor, to other advisors who come in many shapes and sizes. Some of them are the vassal Lords of the Count, others may simply be capable or influential individuals.

Roleplay - A community for you?

The County of Tynwael's main focus is on the RP aspect of the game. This does not mean, however, that the other aspects will be neglected. We aim to provide an experience that lets you enjoy the full potential of Chronicles Of Elyria in a creative, fun, and compelling manner, incorporating every mechanic the game has to offer and coating it with a sugery RP dressing. In Tynwael we try to offer a realistic high medieval atmosphere sprinkled with fantasy elements to spice it all up!

The game inherently provides RP aspects into its gameplay, and we wish to make the most out of that. If you feel like you can contribute to create a captivating story alongside your fellow Elyrians, if you are intrigued by a constantly evolving tale which chapters are written by us, the players, then this is probably a place for you. With our focus on RP we aim to provide a creative outlet for those individuals who have developed an interest in this aspect of games and storytelling.

What if you are new to RP? If you are new to the concept of RP, I have good news for you. There is a whole creative world ready to be explored. Every nook and cranny filled with possibility and excitement. The best way to explain it is as follows: Online RP is like writing a book where every player is a co-author, and events develop in real time. Some of them because of your contribution, others completely out of your control. All of this adds up to a lore rich world in which we can all immerse ourselves, leaving behind the drudgery of daily life and exploring the endless expanses of the creative mind!

Since RP is community based, I feel compelled to give a shoutout to other noteworthy RP communities already developing in Chronicles of Elyria:

  • The County of Rahlmont: Our closest partners in this RP endeavour, the County of Rahlmont is an excellent RP hub bordering our own. We will closely work together with them, now, and in the future, to provide EU players with the best RP experience possible!
  • Duchy of Terenia: While not solely a RP community, some sub communities in the Duchy have a RP heavy inclination, and the Duchy as a whole will partake in at least some aspects of the RP world. Both Tynwael and Rahlmont are part of this Duchy.
  • Duchy of Anor: Another big RP hub for EU players, and also part of our Kingdom. The Duchy of Anor is an impressive project managed by a competent leader. Their entire focus centers around a good RP experience, but differs slightly in theme and setting from that found in Terenia, giving a broader spectrum of choice to the RP'ers out there!

There are other RP communities out there, and it would be impossible to look and shoutout to all of them, but these are a few of the quality options I endorse.

Forge your own destiny

Tynwael is a County rife with opportunity, all one has to do is reach out and take it. A smith trying to gather fame in his craft, a merchant travelling from town to town in pursuit of fine quality goods, an innkeeper serving ale to the people after a hard day's work, or soldiers looking to best exrecise their skill, all have a place in Tynwael. For the more ambitious, other avenues of life reveal themselves. Landed gentry trying to gain influence in their local town's council, Barons and Mayors ruling their own settlements to help and make the County a powerhouse in the world of Elyria. Whatever your goal, Tynwael can sate your hunger if you are willing to try.

Not all have to be so ambitious. The County offers plenty of work for adventurers, farmers, miners and other people that lay at the foundation of civilization, supplying much needed services and goods which the upper classes all too often take for granted.

In Tynwael you will find any profession you might find in a High Medieval County. Carpenters, smiths, tanners, cobblers, barbers, surgeons, scribes, merchants, moneylenders, cheesmongers, tailors, weavers,.. the list goes on and on.

Economy and trade

As in any medieval society, trade is a much more adventurous and exciting endeavour than it is today. Tynwael will host a number of annual fairs in its settlements, drawing in merchants from all over the continent of Elyria. Likewise, produce made in Tynwael will surely find its way into the hands of citizens of many different kingdoms. Of course all of this trading can be perilous, and guards are in high demand to protect caravans moving in and out of the County.

Aside from trade in the bustling urban centers of Tynwael, the main driving force of wealth and prosperity comes from the lands surrounding it. We step away from the burghers, and enter the world of the peasant. Agriculture is by far the most prominent form of wealth and sustenance in the County. Farms growing wheat, barley, rye, peas, and other crops are spread far and wide in the County's many villages. Industry provides a good alternative in the more mountainous and forested areas. Mining metals and precious ores, and lumbering for the wood that makes up so much of our daily lives.

Life in Tynwael

The County of Tynwael is a prosperous and spirited place. The people are more lighthearted than their northern compatriots in the kingdom. Dressed in colorful attire, the people of Tynwael come in many shapes and sizes. Nerans dominate the County, but Hrothi, Brudvir, and the occasional other tribe are not uncommon. It's proximity to a neighbouring kingdom also supplies a plethora of cultural variety in music, architecture, food and arts.

Not all is sugar and merriment however. The County is far from the utopia it could first appear as. With a history rooted in rebellion, an ongoing Duchy-wide civil war, and a close border to the neighbouring kingdom, the threat of violence always looms just around the next riverbend. Having its own origins forged by war, Tynwael is, and has always been, a military focussed County. Local Lords are supervised by the Count to maintain a military presence, and to serve their feudal military dues when the need arises.

Aside from the threat of war, other injustices plague the County as they do in many societies. While Tynwael is a place where one can find many different tribes, racism is not unheard of, and disputes around the issue have to be settled in manorial courts on a regular basis.

Like any feudal community, Tynwael is an imperfect place not lacking of injustice, yet at the same time tries its very best to be the land of wonders sung about by so many bards, and written down in plenty a story.

County justice

While many of the laws root from feudal obligations and traditions, and aren't written down in any lawbook, justice is none the less a matter of great importance. Throughout the County, High justice is reserved for the Count's court, enforced by the County Reeve. Low justice is in the hands of the local lords, allowing them to settle crimes as long as it does not go against the laws of the County.

For the citizens of Tynwael, justice ensures they can live in relative safety amongst their neighbours, for the nobility, it provides an important source of income through the many fines paid to the manorial courts.

Specific laws are not yet decided upon. More information about the way the justice system will work in game is needed for this to happen.


Formerly a path of life reserved for the clergy, education has become more widely available for the lay citizens of Tynwael. Aspiring artisans can learn their craft from masters in the local guilds found in nearly every major settlement. Schools in the Capital provide a more profound study in the free, economic, medicinal, astronomical, and scientific arts. Stewards can learn how to properly manage a lord's household, physicians can study the newest methods of medication, and scribes can educate themselves in different languages. Even those willing to study the mystical arts can pursue their path of learning, although many claim the studies are nothing but tricks and deceit, unworthy of a virtuous man.


The dominant religion in Tynwael is the Virtori faith. Nearly every village in the County has a church dedicated to it, and many of the clergy working for the faith hold a special place in society. In the larger towns and cities one may find bigger places of worship, as well as churches dedicated to other faiths. In the capital, a grand cathedral rises high above the rest of the city, reaching to the heavens where the gods reside and watch over the races of menn. In here the bishop holds his sermons, and the most important Noble religious ceremonies take place. In smaller hamlets, inhabited by people of other faiths, the occasional church not dedicated to the Virtori can be found, though many citizens, especially the virtori clergy, frown upon this.

Religion is not only one of the main driving factors in people's daily life, it also offers education still not provided by other institutions. Local houses of faith also provide some basic education for its lay citizens, since schools are only found in the larger towns.




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If you are interested in joining the County of Tynwael, or have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

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History & Lore

Table of Content:


Tynwael and Rahlmont - Brothers at odds:

The Counties of Tynwael and Rahlmont are forever tied together through their turbulent history.

The story of Tynwael's birth depends on who you ask. People from Tynwael will doubtlessly say that their County's origin is worthy of many a troubadour and jongleur's song. That it is a tale of brave men making bold choices, a tale of cunning leadership and military prowess. And sure enough, songs about these events have found their way to bard's lute. Ask around in Rahlmont, however, and you are likely to hear a different story. A story of betrayal and cowardice. And these stories, too, have made their way into song and play. It is hard to say who is right and who is wrong, perhaps trying to do so is a futile exercise, and both are equally right, and equally wrong. Chroniclers have recorded the events that shaped the tense, yet undevisable relationship between these two Counties.

The story of Tynwael and Rahlmont is as much a story of Counties as it is a story of families, Latos and Layne. As far back as recorded history takes us, House Latos has always been vassals of House Layne, the rightful rulers and Counts of Rahlmont. This all changed when the Romarian dynasty rose to prominence. A bloody civil war engulfed Rahlmont and its surrounding Counties when the Romarian forces first marched into Terenia. Lords across the Duchy sided either with their former rulers, or the new invading force. In Rahlmont, this schism was a path to destruction. The ruling Counts of House Layne opposed their new Romarian conquerers, calling upon their vassals to support them in driving out the Romarian forces. Many answered the call, many didn't. Oaths of fealty are easy to uphold when times are peaceful, when war is but a trifling matter of entertainement in the minds of the nobility. But when the fires of siege engines, the thundering of marching troops, and the clatter of barded horses shakes the very ground of their own lands, that is when true loyalty is revealed. House Latos had been a loyal Vassal to the Counts of Rahlmont for many generations, and for their loyalty they were rewarded with living in the shadow of the Layne's. For years, the Counts of Rahlmont had treated House Latos as a loyal dog, but nothing more. Zykas Latos, the Baron of Marscheck at that time, had bigger ambitions. Marscheck was a powerful Barony, so powerful it came to be known as Watcher's Rock's, the seat of House Layne, brother. Watcher's Rock sat atop a rock formation, Marscheck atop a crag... the singers aptly named the two brothers "The rock and the crag" or in many stories "The crag that taunts the rock". Like his forefather, Vykon, so many generations ago, Zykas sided with the new power in the game, the Romarians. Burning a letter from House Layne that asked for support to relieve the siege on their stronghold of Watcher's Rock, Zykas mustered his own armies, rallying his vassal knights, and other lesser lords who too had lost faith in House Layne. It was a bold move, a dangerous move, a move that would either elevate House Latos to new hights, or see it burned to ash for all eternity. House Latos had always been blessed with shrewd leaders, cunning in both diplomacy, intrigue and war. Zykas was no different. A series of strategically sound decisions, underhanded political dealings, and tactically clever moves made his gamble pay off. After multiple skirmishes, a few short sieges and some well written letters, it all culminated in a battle that later came to be known as 'The battle of the red Stehr'. is this decisive test of arms, the forces under command of Zykas Latos obliterated the Layne Loyalists on their way to support their liege lord. The victory was followed by a short campaign in which Zykas set fire to all the lands South of Watcher's Rock that still supported House Layne. While the Count of Rahlmont managed to hold out the siege for considerable time longer, his end was now inevitable. In a single swoop, Zykas had been the catalyst for the downfall of House Layne of Rahlmont. For their support, the Romarians bestowed House Latos with the title of Count, granting them all the lands which had been loyal to them during the civil war in Rahlmont, and some land from neighbouring counties which had opposed the Romarians. The County of Tynwael was born. With Marscheck as its capital and seat of power, House Latos had rid themselves of the Laynes who they had faithfully served for so long.

The consequent decades that followed the Romarian conquest turned out less prosperous than it had promised to be. Romarian ruler after Romarian ruler showed incompetence in keeping a stable and peaceful realm. In truth, the war that nestled them in power never truly ceased. In Tynwael the Counts of House Latos managed to ward off the fallout of a burning empire as much as possible, heralding in an age of relative growth and affluence for the County. While Zykas' political manouvering, or betrayal as some would call it, had definitely payed off for House Latos and those that supported them, it also created a power vaccuum in the old County of Rahlmont. The Romarian rulers invested a new Count in Rahlmont, a fickle man with little mastery of diplomatics, and a nature too volatile for any military commander's own good. His heirs and successors in the coming decades proved these attributes to be family traits. They singlehandedly plunged Rahlmont into a period of turmoil of which the reverberations could be felt in Tynwael. Trade took the biggest hit, with a few prominent trade routes running through the heart of Rahlmont, the fairs and markets in Tynwael saw less and less traffic as the years progressed, and their neighbouring County spiraled downwards ever more. The Layne's might not have given Zykas the recognision he had sought, but they had always ruled Rahlmont with skillful hand. Now, the incompetence of its rulers was starting to weigh on the County of Tynwael, something which the ever ambitious House of Latos could not accept.

Salvation seemed at hand in the year 804. The Romarian regime had long managed to hide its many cracks in the wall, but finally the structure came crumbling down. Rebellion sparked all over the kingdom, especially so in the Duchy of Terenia, of which both Tynwael and Ralhmont were part. History seemed to repeat itself as once more the Lords rose up against their ruler, and sided with a new invading force that promised a more prosperous future. In Terenia, the people claimed independance, putting forth a new king, Demiqas Lacian. At his side stood the heir of a House long lost, Grenric Layne. It was the solution for all the problems that had plagued Tynwael in recent years. Were the Laynes to regain power in Rahlmont with support of House Latos of Tynwael, stability would return to both Counties, relationships would be mended, and a bright future was ahead. Alas, this was not to be. Unlike many of his forefathers, the Lord of Latos was not as clever a man, rather he was known as a good, loyal, and kind man. Despite vehement objection from his brother, and chief advisor, Randyl II Latos decided to stay loyal to the Romarian kings. The forces of Tynwael were plunged into the brutal conflict, seeing many victories, but also many losses. Finally, the day of reckoning was at hand. When Demiqas' forces marched in the capital of Terenia, the Romarian Loyalists surrounded the city to put an end to the usurpers claim. House Latos, and the forces of Tynwael, under command of Randyl II Latos and his two sons, were among the Romarian host. What ensued was forever immortalised in song and poem as 'The battle for Tenerath'. The Romarian loyalists were beaten, their armies scattered and routed across the countryside. In the fighting, Lord Randyl II Latos, and his eldest son and heir, lost their lives. In one afternoon, all House Latos had accomplished, all it had built, was threatened to be destroyed. As the only remaining son, Zandyl Latos unexpectedly inherited the title of Count of Tynwael, a title that was going to be very short lived, had it not been for the outstanding skill and sharp mind of his uncle, Vykon II Latos. After long negotiations between Vykon and Demiqas, the final verdict was given. Zandyl was to stay Count of Tynwael, retain all his lands and possessions, and be pardonned for his fathers actions. In return, he had to swear fealty to Demiqas as the rightful ruler of Terenia. It were better terms than anyone on Tynwael could have hoped for, and oaths were swiftly pledged. For king Demiqas change came as sudden as for Zandyl. When the Demalion Empire englufed Terenia. Equally skillful diplomacy on Demiqas' part bought him the title of Duke, with the rights to rule Terenia somewhat independantly, for Tynwael, this mattered little.

And here the chronicles end, and we enter present day. Only half a year has passed since the battle for Tenerath that changed everything. The County of Tynwael is now under the rule of its new Count, Sir Zandyl Latos, second son to Randyll and former commander of the 'Order of the Dawn'. A young man and accomplished knight who was never destined to inherit his father's title, but fate had deemed him fit to do so none the less. At his side stands his Uncle, Vykon Latos, who some say truly rules the County. In Rahlmont, House Layne once more holds the reigns, desperately trying to restore stability to the County, and the Duchy of Terenia as a whole.

The civil war is far from over, with Romarian loyalists still holding large amounts of territory in the Duchy with the support of several prominent lords. Despite the oaths that Zandyl swore to Demiqas, Tynwael has kept a neutral stance in the war ever since the battle of Tenerath, supporting neither side. The Duke is too busy weeding out his enemies to bother himself with a matter like that, something Zandyl is all too aware off, and something that puts Tynwael in a unique position of opportunity once more in its history. This attitude has caused further strife between Tynwael and Rahlmont, with its Count, Grenric Layne of Rahlmont, a vehement supporter of Demiqas, and the Duke's right hand man, trying to end the civil conflict that plagues the Duchy. However, as much as the two Counties may be at odds, it is undenyable that they need each other. Count Grenric has brought new found stability to Rahlmont, once more ensuring saftey for trade routes and borders that are shared with Tynwael, making both Counties profit from his leadership. Likewise, House Latos and Tynwael are a sizable military force, and source of affluence much needed by Rahlmont as their neighbour, and vital in tipping the balance of the civil conflict one way or the other. Once more Marscheck and Watcher's Rock, Latos and Layne, now Tynwael and Rahlmont, are brothers at odds.




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If you are interested in joining the County of Tynwael, or have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

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Settlements of Tynwael

The County of Tynwael is home to a small variety of noteworthy permanent settlements. They form the living and breathing heart of the County. Providing wealth through industry, crafts and trade, aswell as protection by the troops of local Lords in addition to those of the Count.

Table of Content:

Barony of Marscheck - Capital


The largest and most wellfaring settlement in the County, Marscheck is the rightful capital and seat of power for the Counts of Tynwael. With a history that far exceeds the County itself, Marscheck is a center for culture and prosperity.

Flanking the great river Stehr, the great city of Marscheck forms the nucleus of the Barony. Within its walls can be found artisans of innumerable crafts, merchants, moneychangers, learned men and some of the wealthiest individuals found in the County. The town is also host to two annual fairs: The 'dawn fair' and the 'dusk fair', respectively in late spring and early autumn. These two fairs attract merchants and folk from all over the Duchy, and beyond.

The city of Marscheck itself is safely nestled in the shadow of Verdacragg Castle, the ancestral seat of the Counts of Tynwael. Sitting atop a cragg portruding over the river Stehr itself, the Castle casts its watchful eye over the city and surrounding lands of the Barony. The castle has been described as impregnable by some, and as awe insipring by all. Inside its walls shelter some of the finest warriors in Tynwael. From the well trained troops that make up the Count's army, to the almost legendary 'Knights of the Dawn'. The armies of Marscheck keep the Count, and his respective County, safe.

Vykon Latos' town - coming soon

Lady Alexis Eldrich's town - coming soon

Become a part of Tynwael and add your own settlement to the list!




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If you are interested in joining the County of Tynwael, or have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

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Until I get around to writing up a full post for the County army on its own, please follow the following link to get a good idea of what it will resemble. Keep in mind this is just a placeholder for now.

Army of Marscheck

This link will take you to the organization of the army of Marscheck, the capital of Tynwael. However, the army on County level will be organized in a somewhat similar fashion.

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Happy to be a part of this County. Wonderful RP, wonderful people!

11/29/2018 3:25:21 AM #5

Thank you, happy to have you in our County.

If anyone has any questions about the County that the posts do not clarify, feel free to leave a comment here, pm me, or join discord!

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Worked out some inconsistencies, and polished up the history a bit.

12/6/2018 8:19:19 PM #7

This was a really enjoyable read, Zandyl! It's always good to see things expanding and I can definitely see this County going places. I'm also loving the deep history you showcase here which goes further into the story of our own Duchy and the relationship between our two domains. Good to be included, even though we may not have started off on the right foot in that story :P You still have the support of your brethren in Rahlmont. Good luck with your project!

12/9/2018 1:22:56 AM #8

Posted By TheEvilBassist at 04:19 AM - Fri Dec 07 2018

This was a really enjoyable read, Zandyl! It's always good to see things expanding and I can definitely see this County going places... ...

Likewise, Rahlmont has got our support as well, despite the bad blood that might still flow between our two Counties in the story ;).

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Due to some lack of time I haven't gotten around to making the army post for Tynwael. However, the structure of its army will resemble that of my own Barony. I have therefor put a link to the Barony's army post as a placeholder until I make a full write up for the County itself.


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It's been a while, but with DSS coming up at the end of the month, things are starting to kick off again. Like many others, the County of Tynwael is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to finally claim our spot on the map.

While we already have a few settlements in our County, we are still looking for others to join us. If you think Tynwael is a place for you, do not hesitate to make contact!

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