[Alesia] Umbral Knight Academy
Kingdom: Alesia
Duchy: Eldask
County: Apostevend
Count: Grim

Umbral Knight Academy

For the security of the vassals that are within the county of Apostevend, we will need to host a strong military force. For without one, the county will be liable and have to kneel to unfair trades and other means of border protection.

The goals of the academy is to find the strongest people within the military in several facets, leadership, loyalty, discipline, and Strategy. Without the the academy and it’s merit system, how else would you satisfy your PvP urge?

Without ways to progress your training, you will not be able to get to the journeyman rank. As an apprentice you will be required to go to the military academy and through continual education. While we train our skills and techniques, you may be able to earn the rank of knight. A knight is one that proved victorious among the other masters.

As a Knight or Master, you have the option of challenging the Commanding officers for their position. First you'll have to show that you are more than capable at shot calling, then you challenge the commanding officer to a best of five tournament to gain the coveted title of commanding officer. This merit based system is highly competitive. Will you succeed in your journey to be a commanding officer?

The Five Units

Each Unit will have the commanding officer, to become an commanding officer that has yet to be established. The goal will to have five commanding officers and one Military Councilor. The delegation of these roles will be done fluidly on a merit based system. (Subject to change depending on needs)

  • Melee
  • Ranged
  • Special Operations
  • Support
  • Siege
Ranks : For Melee, Ranged, Siege

To Achieve a higher rank, you have to win tournaments with peers within your rank, These tournaments will be held on a weekly basis. The tournaments will have the unit's command watching and judging who comes out on top. You will be rewarded with higher pay grades (TBD), and with potentially a tax free deed of land upon obtaining master/knight status.

  • Apprentice
  • Journeyman
  • Master/Knight
  • Commanding Officers -- W/ Barracks Lodging
  • Military Counselor -- W/ Barracks Lodging

Study Abroad Program

Within the world It will be vastly important to learn techniques from foreign lands. To be able to achieve knighthood you may need to travel to other schools within the kingdom to be able to hone your skill to prove your own merit back at home. Learning the techniques of other tribes within the kingdom is a could be a necessity.

Those deemed worthy of the Study Abroad Program will be able to leave the domain in pursuit of learning new skills. These people will be required to Own land within the county of Apostevend, that would be held as collateral so you will return back home. You, will be required to report your progress to your commanding officer.

Foreign students of Allies of Apostevend.

Payment on behalf of your lord, or yourself is up to negotiation.

Until proven otherwise, you are assumed to have a lord. You will need written permission from your lord. To attend classes within the Academy. For those without a lord they will have to acquire citizenship to Apostevend, by pledging their fealty to the baron of apostevend. With the contract of proof of citizenship, or proof of permission from a foreign lord. You will now be able to attend the classes.

These students will know what it means to be trained at our Academy. Some will have the option of moving permanently to our Academy if they so desire. The main way to be trained as a foreign student depends on how the student apprentice system works. In all ways you will be trained along with the same people that will help defend the county.

If you fall into a position that you are unable to show proof of a type of citizenship, Either foreign or domestic. We will have times that you will be able to fight and test your metal against our students of war.


We aim to keep peace and be entertained. Having war-games will help to accomplish this goal without harming our political interests. I as baron, will reach out to other barons to seek out opportunities to have war-game drills. There will be some spirit loss. However this training will keep people on their toes. Simulation of real combat experience gained no possible other way. This will test leadership and discipline of vassals.

Reach out to me for war-game request.

During a State of Emergency, or Casus Belli

If a Casus Belli is declared on allies, or on the county one will be required to show. People studying abroad will have 2 days In real life to be at your station and be ready for the counter attack. Farther, you will be required to present yourself at a station when ordered to do so at any point when deemed by your commanding officer. If at any point you sever your connection to your commanding officer you will be labeled as out of action. You will be held in court with or without your own defense.

For the Allies and Foreign students training at the academy, if there is a Casus Belli will be paid for their service if they wish to help defend in the event we need to counter the Casus Belli attempt. If you have a lord, you will have to acquire their permission. You will be directly commanded by the baron or military councilor. You will only hear what you need to do or accomplish. Only if your contract allows for you to be able to receive payment, and fighting in a counter claimed Casus Belli. Otherwise you will have no access to the communication channels temporarily during the entirety of the Casus Belli

If interested, join the Discord here, Or PM me on the forums.

1/11/2019 6:37:57 AM #1

Interesting post/thread. Maybe I should move my settlement to your County, since I have one being called Umbral, or would have had, who knows at this point. D&SS is just around the corner so we shall see.

8/20/2019 9:56:42 AM #2

Still looking for some awesome new people! That would love to try their mettle!

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