County of Apostevend
Kingdom: Alesia
Duchy: Eldask
County: Apostevend
Count: Grim

What is Apostevend?

Apostasy + Vendor = Apostevend

The name Apostevend is created to foster the idea that apostasy is acceptable. People that have abandoned their past principals and want to start anew; in a place that will have ample opportunities for those people that would like to make a new name for themselves. The vendor attached to it would represent the ability for Guilds to make it far within the county. Your ambition is our ambition. We want people to become successful in trade, and our count will make it his soul duty to foster a domain that would help out personal and community growth as much as possible. Freedom will be of extremely high importance.

The Counties Laws and Policies are going to use the Non-aggression Principle in mind. Where you are free to defend Life, Liberty, and property. The goal of the county is only make money through voluntary interactions. No one will point a bow to your head asking for money where there was no agreement that was made. Of course, the county will need to make money, for more details read farther.

We will have a highly regarded Umbral Knight Academy for those people that like to PvP, their character will have ample opportunity to try their metal within the border county of Alesia (We aim to be bordering another kingdom if possible) So feel free to apply to the Umbral Knight Academy and see what it’s all about.

For those that don’t much care for PvP, But would like to practice bardic abilities for scribing and artistry. That would be provided with the Bardic Adventures Academy From contract writing, music performances, Anything on the creative tree we will try to support. People that come in early will help shape the first way the academy would behave. Right now I would focus on contract writing and things that bolster trade. However if we get enough people we will expand and support sciences that would help people in the community to live a better life. This academy will be about information exchange and will include a library

There is ample opportunities within the county, we will help farmers get set up, we will have things for adventurers to do. Provided by the Adventurers Guild within the Bardic Adventures Academy. If there is something you can offer the various communities within Apostevend and want to be able to establish a craft or trade there is no better place.

We welcome people from all walks of life. We welcome those that have been exiled from foreign lands. We will welcome immigrants, and refugees. We will welcome new guilds and schools if they need a home away from judgment.

There will be events presided over by the county, and the community that it represents. Among the first events, the Umbral Knight Academy

will host tournaments on a weekly basis. Every Six months there will be contest to show off what the bards have been capable of creating. and they will display their creations or acts in the main city center that the Bardic Adventures Academy chooses. Each event will have good prizes provided by the county.

Low to no taxes, What does that mean?

Only property taxes, we aren’t going to look into your record books to see how much you make and make tax adjustments based on that. Only the value of land will be the source of most taxation. This tax will be reasonably low. The intent on having low taxes is to foster a good market. Free of regulation.

The limitations included are those of incorporated land, those people will likely only require property tax, but however I am flexible if they found a better solution to foster their community differently. I will not prohibit mayors to tax higher or have different taxes to be able to get their communities projects done. So just remember, that incorporation contract and read it carefully..

There will be forestry and nonrenewable resource permits in order to keep the tree population high, and to prevent over harvesting of nonrenewable resources quickly. Rare occurrences and other things demanding more wood will be taken into consideration. However, the basic role of thumb will be when you cut a tree, you plant a tree, and for nonrenewable resources have a permit or be tried criminally.

Some roads will have tolls if needed. We will have secure trade routes provided by the count and the Umbral Knight Academy. So they can practice logistics. These routes will have a fee associated with them. Often, we will provide some means of transporting the goods. However if you need to move a great quantity of things and only need security, We will require you to have more transportation provided.

On county land there will be hunting permits. This is to both make money, and not have people over hunting on county land. You will be tried criminally if you are hunting on county land without a permit. .

The Services Apostevend will offer:

Pawn shops and auctions.
Public Storage Facilities

The Mayors and Guilds of Apostevend

Tactical Warriors Online’s Discord here..

Silus’ and NZ war’s Discord here..

If you want freedom there is simply no better place to belong.

If interested to learn more about apostevend, join the Discord here.. Or PM me on the forums.

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