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Naval Pioneers of Demalion


We are an organisation located within the Empire of Demalion - we aim to bring many people with various purposes and goals to work with us as an organisation to help us build a sea worthy vessels and create a community of people passionate about naval exploration, ships and everything in between.

How to join:

We use Discord as our main means of communication:

Naval Pioneers of Demalion

Demalion Empire

Alternatively - feel free to message me through forums, or add me on Discord: Rellik#5111


The organisation is divided into 3 divisions which work collectively under their respective commanders.

Sailing division:

The adventure seeking division. This is where the sailors – be they captains or just crew members - are located. Although their adventures are many, and rewards are plenty – so are their risks. Exploration by sea is a very dangerous activity, and the captains risk their own and crew’s lives by choosing to explore in the name of the organisation. The bravest and the most adventurous people find their home within this division. They do the tasks for the guild that bring in our main income - such as transporting goods, people and being hired by our customers.


Sailing Commander: Has direct authority over the sailing division. Admiral: A person who has authority of at least 5 ships under their command.

Fleet master: A person who has authority of at least 2 ships under their command.

Captain: A person who has authority of at least 1 ship under their command.

First mate:Right hand of captain, is 2nd in command on the ship.

Crew member: A person who the organisation deems capable of being on a ship under our name.

Artisian Division:

Our best builders and researchers. This division’s task is to build us sea worthy vessels and carry out tasks from simple repair and maintenance of the ships, to complete rebuilding and improvement of our vessels. The divisions primary task is to research more into naval and find us new and better-quality ways for us to explore the sea. Their ultimate goal is to build a ship capable of traversing the ocean to find the legendary Mydarri continent. This is the home to the sharpest and most brilliant minds in Elyria, as well as those most talented in their craft.


Artisian Commander: Has direct authority over the artisian division.

Artificer: A person in charge of a significant building. For instance, a lumber artificer will oversee a lumber mill.

Professional: A skilled craftsman who has worked with us for a long time – they are trusted with the most difficult tasks.

Researcher: A person who helps us research new ways of building and sailing along with everything in between.

Crafter: A person who is part of the Artisian division – deemed worthy to work under our name.

Support Division:

The suppliers of resources to our organisation – they are effectively the backbone of the Naval Pioneers of Demalion – supporting and aiding us and our endeavours. They supply the other 2 divisions with basic raw materials and resources – such as lumber, iron and cloth for the Artisan division, and food, manpower and information for Sailors division. This division is responsible for making major decisions on the behalf of the organisation. Most powerful and influential members are located in this division.


Support Commander: Has direct authority over the support division.

Noble: Has at least a county under his authority.

Sponsor: Provides significant financial aid to the guild.

Supplier: A person in charge of a significant building. For instance, a food supplier will oversee a large farm.

Quartermaster: Deals with purchasing materials from outside the guild as needed, as well as managing the contracts given to our guild.

Cartographer: A person capable of producing maps of the coasts, as well as charting the seas.

Enthusiast: Anyone who doesn’t fit in any other category – a simple worker who aids us as a guild.

Main Goals:

• To enable and facilitate maritime trade.

• To provide naval means of transportation of goods, people and everything in between to the people of Demalion.

• To build harbours and shipyards across Demalion.

• To provide our members with knowledge and skill of sailing, ship building, and everything in between .

• To build a crew and a ship capable of traversing the ocean to discover the new continents (Ultimate goal).


We will provide our crews and ships for hire to people of Demalion – be it for transporting goods or people. We also plan to sell off the ships to people. We will also rely on finance from our sponsors and nobles.

Benefits and Perks:

Sailing Division:

You will be trained on the basics of sailing, from the terminology of the ship and its basic repairs as well as basic combat to navigation and naval combat. You will be assigned to your own crew – but you are also more than welcome to join any of the other’s crews. You will be given a portion of the pay for any contracts you do as deemed worthy by your captain (Minimal pay will exist as a % of total payment – but your captain may decide to pay you more). You will be given your own set of uniform.

Artisian Division:

You will be given regular contracts by the guild – meaning you will have a steady supply of business and an opportunity to grow your skills. You will also be given access to cheaper resources (resources will be given to you for free for contract completion – you will be paid for your craftsmanship). If you do not have the skill required in your chosen crafting tree – basic support and training will be given to you. If you are a researcher – you will work with the best equipment we can provide with rewarding pay for any discoveries that you make.

Support Division:

If you are a supplier/enthusiast/cartographer - you will be given regular contracts by the guild – meaning you will have a steady supply of business and an opportunity to grow your skills. As a quartermaster – you will have an opportunity to meet new people and travel to find us new contracts and suppliers as well as members. As a noble/sponsor – you will not only have access to the best of the best that we can offer, but as a major stake holder of us, you will also have a say in major divisions for us as an organisation.


Q: I don't really see myself fitting in to your organisation but I really enjoy naval aspects... can I still apply?

A: We openly invite anyone who is keen on boats and sailing to come along and join us - be you a fisherman, someone who uses boats in their daily life, or who just enjoys it as a hobby. We will strive to build a community around the organisation to not only unite the people of Demalion around sailing - but for us to get deeper in touch with the sailing community as well.

Q: Are you just based in Demalion? If I am from another kingdom can I still join you?

A: Unfortunately, we are exclusive to Demalion. We will consider working with you if you are from outside our Empire, but you will not be considered as part of the organisation. We will however consider working with guilds/organisations from other kingdoms.

Q: Are you a guild?

A: We are not a guild, we are an organisation. Our purposes require many different skill sets and kinds of people to work together - hence why we are an organisation with various guilds under us which all work together to help us achieve our goals. We like to think of NPD as a tree, and guilds working under it's name as it's branches.

Q: I really want to become a captain, but I do not have the money/resources/people to do so - how can I still become one?

A: We encourage people to climb the ranking ladder - however, promotions will only be given to those deemed worthy. If the organisation establishes you to be a sailor worthy of a sea vessel, you will be given all the support needed to become a captain.

Q: Are you Demalion's official navy/sailing guild?

A: We are not under direct service of the Empire of Demalion - we are a private organisation with our own means of running things and income. That being said - we still follow the Empire's law.

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Nice post my friend, glad to have some Naval Pioneers beside us, it will prove to be worthy for all of Demalion and I can't wait to sail :)

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Perfect group for everything naval!

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