Tulip’s Flowering

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Tulip’s Flowering

The palace gates opened and lines of servants came out, bearing wine, fruit, meat and bread for a feast that beguiled the senses and delighted the taste buds. A new cheer rang out when the crowd realised the feast was intended for everyone assembled, not just those of high rank. The crowd sat down in their orderly ranks, family and friends in smaller groups, and enjoyed the bounty of the Kingdom. And no small bounty it was, only the finest of the produce was eaten and drank in celebration that night.

On the balcony the King and his family also partook of the feast, eating at a table that had been brought out so that all could see their beloved monarch enjoying the very same food as was given them. Whether that made the food taste even better is a matter for conjecture, though those who were lucky enough to have been present that night forever swore that nothing would ever taste as good as what they had eaten under the Tulip’s Flowering and in the presence of King Usifan.

My people,” King Usifan said, when all were sated. I have a pronouncement to make. As you have witnessed, the Dukes of this Kingdom have a very pretty addition to their family crests a Black Tulip, the sign of their loyalty to the country and fealty to me. You may have also noted their new daggers. This is a gift from me: a sign of my affection for them and in acknowledgement of the service they give to you, my people. In accordance with my dream, it has been decided that those recipients of the Black Tulip daggers will come under the authority of the Tulip Code. Which grants autonomy to my Beloved Dukes of Al’Khezam.

A collective gasp was heard as the import of this news was fully understood by those assembled. “Autonomy?” was whispered around the Grand Square, shock evident on many faces, frowns of puzzlement on others. Those well into their cups shrugged and reached for more wine. Now, lest my subjects think me devoid of reason or perhaps too full of wine, let me state that with this autonomy is granted freedom to rule, of course, but I have the utmost faith and love in our Dukes and know them to be loyal to our faith, our country and our person. I know that they will keep to the mores and traditions that guides our kingdom, while also being able to do what is best for the regions and people that fall under their rule. For there are many challenges that must be met on a daily basis in this kingdom and it stands to reason that those who have proven themselves the most loyal of subjects and able rulers are allowed to govern as they see fit, within the parameters of the Tulip Code.

The Dukes, at some prearranged signal, rose as one, their Black Tulip daggers held high in their right hands once more. The King stepped back into the palace and then emerged from the same doors his servants had brought the food and drink from. He walked sedately up to his Dukes, raising his Black Tulip dagger also. In his left hand he held a golden box, its lid firmly closed. A dim light could be seen emanating from the box, if one looked close and for long enough.

My loyal subjects King Usifan said to his Dukes, Do you swear to follow the directives of the Black Tulip Mandate, offering your lives in service to your people and your hearts to me? This I swear, the Dukes intoned as one. Do you swear to follow our creed? This I swear. Will you face your people and shout it for them to hear? The Dukes turned in unison and shouted: In diversity there is unity, strength, prosperity and Beauty And now, my good men, let us devote this night forever, unifying our hearts and our lineages so that our Kingdom Al’Khezam will be forever unified and will continue to prosper under the auspicious guidance of the Black Tulip.

So saying, King Usifan handed the golden box to the Crown Prince, who opened it reverently. Those closest could see that it resembled a human heart, when viewed from above, and that it was divided into four chambers. One held the thick, viscous black mud from the holy forest on their borders, one the pure blue water of the mighty river that flowed through the city, one contained the oils derived from petals of a black tulip while the fourth was empty. To this relic, created by Draigh himself, we shall add our own blood, consecrating our oaths forever. Let me remind you gentlemen, that the swearing of the oath is not to be undertaken lightly, for the breaking of it will result in the most painful of demises that even I will not be able to prevent. Once sealed, we and our descendants are forever bound to our oaths tonight. Draigh knew how this box would work and he is not here to explain it. So we are going on his instructions and in good faith. Do you still wish to proceed? The Dukes nodded their assent as one, without a shadow of doubt on their faces. King Usifan nodded once and then rolled up his sleeve to reveal an unblemished wrist. A quick swipe of his black tulip dagger changed that forever. The blood flowed over his hand and into the waiting empty chamber of the relic. Just as quickly, his arm was bound up and then the dukes, each stepped forward in order of seniority to pledge allegiance with his own blood.

Once all the Dukes had given their blood, the box was sealed and returned to Usifan who promptly threw it up into the sky, over the heads of the crowd. Before anyone could gasp, scream or duck, a flutter of wings announced the presence of Usifan’s mighty owl, who grasped the box in his talons with a screech and then flew to the outstretched hands of Draigh’s statue. The box glowed red from that moment on, becoming one more object of wonder in the Kingdom.

The celebrations lasted through the night and into the next day.

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