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Frothi Hrothies

The Hrothic Alliance of Aequitas is a duchy on Oceanus, formed initially as a band of Hrothi-loving counts that then obtained its own duke title. Its original focus was to ensure the tribe had a political voice in the pre-launch decisions on the server, as well as to build and maintain a Hrothi community which would thrive after launch, and this remains true. We are officially based within the duchy of Dawn's Throne in the Free Duchies of Aequitas.

If you wish to play Hrothi on OCE, if you're curious about what they can bring to the table relative to the other tribes of Mann, or even if you're uninterested in Hrothi but wish to settle in a vast mountainous land with a no-worries community, read on. Our origin as lower-level backers means we're happy to support any players' ideas, no matter what pledge.

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Our lands have a few major features of interest. Most obviously are the mountains - of which the Alpine Tundra is the highest biome in the whole game. The vast peaks, kilometers tall, dwarf over the rest of the islands of Oceanus, filled with minerals and mystery!

Outside of the mountains lie vast dryland valleys, which can host livestock and agriculture, and plenty of Hrothi towns and cities! It's also some of the tougher terrain, leading to true challenges out in the wilderness if you stray off the Hrothi highways.

And for the more adventurous, there's always the coast, allowing crucial trade over sea to the Brudvir and Neran who also call Aequitas home - or a good position to set out in exploration of new, colder lands to the unknown north and east.

What we offer

With all that said, what are the main things we think a player can benefit from if you come and settle with us? This list isn't exhaustive, but it covers the largest concepts.

  • The one, the only. Short, resolute, good at reading, good at stabbing, and just overall a great bunch of fellows. If you want to play Hrothi at their prime and playing to their strengths - within the core of the greatest mountain range on Oceanus, with their grand architecture and mining - you'll want to give us a gander.


  • If you've got a low-level pledge, new to the game, or both, we want to help you out. As certified people with more money than sense™, we have oodles of influence and exposition points to use on your dream business idea, or to help you climb the ranks of society. Want to start a guild? Become a soldier? Start a bakery? Become a mayor or baron? We've got you covered. 'Randoms' are welcome! No scary angry messages to ward off people excited to play the game - talk to us and we'll fit our plans to accommodate you.


  • The combination of the Hrothi's natural aptitude for stone and metalwork, the abundance of resources (including the famed Hrothic alloy), and a society that will heavily support those crafts, chances are you'll be creating masterwork swords while others are struggling to produce basic goods.


  • If you want to start out as a merchant, banker or another profession elbow-deep in the gears of Elyria's economy, look no further. The Hrothic Alliance will need people to ensure its ships full of precious and not-so-precious metals find their way to their destinations - and make a profit! We are also working with the Wyrmberg, Oceanus' largest trade-focused guild.


  • Having started as mayors or below, our group of counties was resolute on not perpetuating some of the more tyrannical attitudes we've seen abroad in the domains of Elyria. As such, we've built a constitution which curtails the power of the duke (myself) with a High Council, and curtails the power of the nobility (ourselves) through the introduction of a People's Assembly, which any citizen can vote in. Despotism is not the Hrothi way - when it doubt, vote it out!


  • The Hrothi might take a while to get somewhere, but when they do, they don't leave survivors. If the idea of fighting in an ironclad formation of Hrothi legionaries in full plate, laughing off every blow the enemy lands on you, and cutting them to size, you will appreciate the Hrothi method of warfare. We're on the lookout for any players to promote to royal guards or siege engineers!


  • As one of the tribes with advanced and balanced mental traits, they do a damn good job at reading, writing, lawyering, teaching - it's not for no reason that they're the only tribe famous for their libraries! Those who wish to get into the more erudite side of Hrothi culture should give a consideration to the vast vaults of knowledge which we intend to store safely in the mountain, free from destruction, and available for common use.


  • Given how Chronicles of Elyria is going to run, it seems fair to say that you are more likely to end up with the story engine giving you more to work with if you live in a giant mountain fortress, in the ancestral lands of the Hrothi, straddled above the unknown depths, surrounded by fantastical beasts all around and vast peaks. Not to forgot the legendary locations already rumoured to exist in the mountains. If you're looking to make a mark on the world, the world will have a lot more to work with for you. Caspian has also hinted at the Hrothi having a larger role to play in the ten-year story than other tribes... 👀


  • Hrothi may be devout Virtori, but they take a much more accepting view of other religions. The Faedin are ancient friends of the Hrothi, and if you're on a more Qindred bent, nobody will judge you - as long as you still behave yourself, and embody the virtues, they don't care if you believe in them or not.

Domains & Organisations

Watch this space - as each community within the HAA puts up a thread, this section will be updated!

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Nice, great work guys :)

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Thanks Haji!

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Looking great! Thanks for the hard work you put into this.

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Happy Hrothiday!

The Ninth Mountain sends their regards to the many mountains in the Hrothic Alliance.


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Posted By HajimeSaito at 5:27 PM - Fri Dec 07 2018

Nice, great work guys :)

Thanks Hajime, we're looking forward to seeing just how heavy a footprint the Hrothi playerbase can make on the world!

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Looking great! Thanks for the hard work you put into this.

Hey, no worries, my queen.

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Happy Hrothiday!

The Ninth Mountain sends their regards to the many mountains in the Hrothic Alliance.


Thanks, you guys! I hope you enjoy your slice of the mountain ranges.

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good to see some hrothi love

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As of today, thanks to title trading being unveiled, we are no longer a duchy in spirit - thanks to the hard work of those in the kingdom of Aequitas and the fellows intending to live in this duchy, we've managed do the final work and wrangle my title, making everything here legitimate!

As Domain & Settlement Selection is also approaching quickly, I will put out a call for prospective Hrothies. Come one, come all, and have a look at what we have to offer. Quite a large amount of the mountain is ripe for the taking, along with its treasures!

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Finally, I have updated the thread to reflect a new duchy preference, and the change in biome. Just in time for my selection window in a couple of days. 😅