[NA-E] County of Keplr

The County of Keplr

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”

Welcome to Keplr!

I am Count William Flanagan and I would like to welcome you to the County of Keplr, located within the Duchy of Aravier, in the Kingdom of Alésia! We are a friendly bunch, welcoming anyone that would make their way into our domain; whether you are a humble farmer, a travelling troubadour, or someone looking to escape your old life of crime and start anew. Regardless of your old life, as long as you follow the law and our way of life you are welcome here.

The County of Keplr was founded on the grounds of being courteous to one another and respecting everyone's right to be happy and prosperous. It is our desire that all the people in the county succeed and have a choice in the way they live their life, regardless of their background. Keplr is not bound by blood, but by faith and trust in one another.

I am a fan of role-play, and many of my citizens enjoy it as well, so if you are interested in role-play, you will fit in nicely here.

County Vision


Keplr ideally will be located in the Mixed Leaf Forest(if domain selection goes well). Located on the coast, surrounded by forests and fertile land with rivers and streams flowing throughout the county bringing sustenance to its people.

Depending where the county is actually located, some things are subject to change, for instance if we are located on the border of another kingdom, we will focus on the aspects stated below with some of the focus of science on militaristic science, weapons, alchemical and gadgets alike. If we are on the coast with a border of another kingdom as well, we will focus on the aspects below and continue to focus on science but it will involve having a military on the land border and having a navy to protect the coastal front of the duchy as well. Some of my mayors have expressed interest in having military focused settlements, so this would work out in their favour.


1. Research & Development (Alchemy, Tinkering, Medicine)
2. Economics (Trade, Production etc)
3. Military (Explorers, PvPers)

Keplr, as a county, will mainly focus on research and development of alchemy and tinkering with a small focus in medicine, with research and development comes economics from producing and trading goods, and to a lesser degree military, such as explorers, people trained to protect the county and PvPers. Ultimately we welcome any kind of playstyle but will be aiming to attract researchers, crafters and explorers in particular. There will be opportunities for individuals to secure investment from myself to establish settlements, or organizations in our county, especially if they are related to research and development, production of goods such as alchemy, tinkering, or related to agriculture and forestry. Those who prove themselves to be trustworthy and capable may find themselves in positions of leadership.


Once the game releases, either during Exposition, or after launch, the County of Keplr has plans to merge with the County of Aberon, ran by Count Brisingr, this will give the county more land and resources as well as more settlements and options for people to join!


How Do I Join?

County Discord Link: If you would like to pop in and say hi to us.

Duchy Discord Link: For more information about the Duchy of Aravier you can visit the duchy website by clicking here

Kingdom Discord Link: For more information about the Kingdom of Alésia you can visit the kingdom website by clicking here

Thank you for reading! You can check out our county and find more details about Keplr below in the comments! If you have any questions, please message me, I always enjoy a chat!

Yours truly,

Count William Flanagan (SirApetus)

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County Attributes & Government

Keplr will be a law abiding county. All will follow the laws and make sure that everyone within its borders are safe, so they and won’t have to worry about their freedoms being taken away.

I am one that is always open to argumentation and debate. With that in mind, I am willing to hear out my Mayors/Barons, and set up a council that will put countywide decisions to a vote so that every part of the county is properly represented.

I will be one who is fair and will let most matters be handled at a Mayoral state first. However, if such problem progresses to my attention, I will help to solve the issue. If someone thinks they are being treated unfairly they have the right to invoke a parley, which will allow them to be brought to a settlement leader or myself, to settle the matter.


Our goal is to make the county as self-sufficient as we can be, but this depends on the local resources available. We would like diversity in each market available to us, and then through the relationships with other counties, we can trade to help bolster the economy even more, import and export, that sort of thing.


I am pretty fair, so my basic tenants of laws and life are, treat others how you want to be treated. The county will abide by the laws set forth by the Duchy and King. Basically try not to be rude and ruin others people's enjoyment/time, if so punitive actions will follow, handed down by myself or those I trust. I also understand some will follow the deviant side of things and I find lore/game wise that can be a fun and a good thing for role-play as well. However, make sure to not take it to the extreme as that will ruin others fun.(You don’t want the law to try and track you down!)


Currently, through a discussion that the monarchs have had, it seems that as a kingdom we will get Kingdom 3, which has Neran, Kypiq and The Waerd. With that in mind, my Duke, would like to place his duchy in the Mixed Leaf Forest which is home to the Neran, if all things go well. With that in mind, I would like to have the county be diverse in what tribes are available, so during the earliest possible time we will try and move some of the other tribes to Keplr. Currently we have active plans to move some Brudvir, Dras, Janoa, and Kypiq, as well as some of the lost tribes when they are discovered. If you need help moving a tribe that we do not have, just ask us and we will help!


The County of Keplr will make sure that it is properly protected. We will follow and help our duchy as much as we can and will help provide people for battle if such times arise. However as we are more science based, we will not focus on military too much unless its in terms of militaristic advancements. We will have at least one barony, where the military of Keplr will be trained. We will strive to not be caught off guard, and will try and encourage all citizens to have some basic training in combat and survival techniques, as this will help the county be prepared in case of an invasion or battle, or simply if you are attack while travelling.


As taxes are a necessary evil, I will try to keep them as low as possible, and likely lower during the first few years ingame as I do not want people to have to waste all their money at the beginning and it will help promote people spending money and building up the county as a whole. However taxes may rise if we need more funds for schools, roads, things to better the county.

The Conclave

In our county, there will be a conclave/council. They will help determine laws, issues and help guide the county as a whole. Each mayor/baron will automatically be in the conclave, as they will be the voice of their people, as for any of the remaining positions, those can be filled by any citizen in the county.

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  • Flamel - Capital of Keplr, Home of Count William Flanagan and all things science and trade.
  • Duskhaven - Alchemy based settlement ran by Librus Ushoram
  • Galrei - Military based settlement ran by Haldrastr
  • Surda - Settlement ran by Brisingr
  • Terrock - A settlement focused on heavy industry, maritime commerce, and defence, governed by Mayor Theodoric Terranova (Tefmon).


  • Perenelle - A university/academy located in the capital of the county, a place to learn and research all things alchemy, tinkering, and medicine
  • Library of Flamel, a sect of Perenelle, a place to house books and scrolls of legends and lore.

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History & Lore

Surviving the perils and fall of the Deranged King of Xeilias in the year 696 of the fourth age, the people were thrown into the turmoil of rebellion and strife as the old regime collapsed. Freeing themselves from the corruption and slavery of the Xeilias, the people found themselves awash with not only widespread crime, but the return of ancient blood-feuds.

New nobility rose in the region. Anointed by blood, wealth, or through their people’s respect, these new nobles quickly found conflict with the remaining Lords of the Xeilian Empire. The once fertile lands and the wealth of the region were squandered.

Amongst the voices calling for cooperation, was Maximilian Seele. The mayor of the prosperous city of Tarkhoum. Respected for his wisdom and integrity, Seele began to draw together any nobles willing listen to his vision of a united kingdom. Drawing people under his leadership as his influence grew, Maximilian Seele extended the reach of Tarkhoum to once more bring the rule of law and order the once proud Duchy of Aravier.

In the ensuing years a powerful warlord of the old Xeillian regime, Phyllain, gathered immense influence and sway throughout the region as a result of his military conquests. While he had garnered significant power, Phyllain was faced with the choice of a seemingly endless conquest, or to unite the handful of powerful nobles across the region and pivot his attention to the external threats.

Choosing to travel the route of diplomacy, Phyllain brought together the major players in the political realms. Working with both the old and new worlds, he began planning for the future; the Kingdom of Alesia. Among those called to Phyllain’s table to help build this new kingdom, was Maximilian Seele. By this time, Maximilian had accumulated sufficient control of Aravier that Phyllain made a proposal: Maximilian would be recognised as Duke of Aravier and allowed to rule the refounded Duchy of Aravier, and in return he recognise Phyllain as King of Alesia and pledge fealty.

The new nobility of Aravier were somewhat wary of the seemingly bloodthirsty nature of Xeilian lords, and they had spent considerable energy and lives in expunging their previous overlords from the Xeillian Empire. While concern was voiced in council, Maximilian saw this as the only plausible means of ensuring the region exited the darkness of the chaos that had engulfed it for many years by that point. Seeing the necessity to commit to the idea of the Kingdom of Alesia, the Lords of Aravier swore fealty to King Phyllain, along with the collected lords and ladies across the region of Alesia.

With the formation of the Kingdom of Alesia, the citizenry were given the strong sense of hope for a lengthy peace. Aravier had sufficient safety for the meantime that it could now focus more fully on the removal of the bandits that had taken advantage of the strife, and the reconstruction of its once vibrant and prosperous industry. Becoming a land of opportunity for the capable, the Duchy of Aravier entered into an age of prosperity for all.

Our story in Keplr does not begin here however, to learn about how Keplr formed, we must go back a little further…

The County of Keplr was previously known by the name of Apetus, ruled by House Wynters. Nestled on a main river that flowed through the county housed the seat of power in Apetus located in the small town of Flamel (which was named for the small flame, a spark if you will, that resides in every mann).

Life in the sleepy town of Flamel was a quiet one and filled with very little excitement, as little occurred here. The highlight of enjoyment in Flamel was when merchants/traders came up the river to sell and buy goods, or when a travelling bard came and shared tales of grandeur and mystery. However while rare, sometimes nobles would come visit the town with their beautiful wagons that irradiated wealth and status guarded by knights in armor that was sleek and shined like the full moon, they often came to town to visit the Count within his manor and speak politics and business.

The Count of Apetus and mayor of Flamel was Vanir Wynters, a Neran mann of 72 years. As of 671; Vanir Wynters had been ruling the County of Apetus since 619, for just over 50 years, he was a good count, he cared about his people and did the very best he could, his father had succumbed to the flu when Vanir was only 20 and he had to quickly take up the mantle at a young age, he tried to do his best by his people, and was loved by everyone in the county for being courteous and just. However in recent years he was starting to become forget as his memory was going, and on numerous occasions had forgotten his only son’s name and what was going on at a particular time. Part of the reason he was still the count was because his only son, Nicolas Wynters, had no desire to replace his father, the Count’s conclave of advisers took up the task of trying to convince Nicolas, but the word got out and started to circulate in the town about how the Count’s son, Nicolas Wynters, had no desire to succeed his father, this caused some widespread panic in the town and the county as a whole, because who was going to succeed the Count if his heir did not? The panic over the rumour was short lived however, because a few months later in that year, The Deranged King of Xeilias began his conquest to become emperor of Elyria…


After a harsh winter in the year of 659, the crisp air of winter started to fade, the ice and snow finally started to melt, and buds started to sprout across the land. The first day of spring was always a time of rebirth and celebration of the coming year in Flamel, but the town had another reason to celebrate; the town tinkerer had just celebrated the birth of their child, Liam Flanni, a Neran boy, the first child to be born in the county in four years. Liam would grow up in a loving home, with parents who loved and supported him.

A few years later, shortly after the child's fifth birthday, a new family moved into town, a family of Kypiq, a husband and wife and their four year old daughter named Wyl Agon. They hail from across the Mixed Leaf Forest all the way from the Broadleaf Forest. They were a family of alchemists who had studied at the Kinothian, a prominent Kypiq Alchemy school located in the North's great forest of giant mushrooms. Wyl Agon and Liam Flanni quickly became friends, they both were quite mischievous and always laughing and smiling, they were simply inseparable, where ever one went, you knew the other was not far behind. However life changed when the Deranged King of Xeilias began his conquest in 671.

The Deranged King of Xeilias was known as deranged for a reason, he was a power hungry man, filled to the brim with lust for blood and power, but one of his worst qualities was his paranoia as it often made him quite unpredictable and that made him even more dangerous. He was known to put a trusted Xeilian in charge of newly conquered lands and dispose of the lands previous nobility if they could not be convinced to bend the knee. Filled with paranoia, the Deranged King had set his eyes upon the Duchy of Aravier, which was already located in the old Kingdom of Xeilias, but for the most part, the Deranged King’s conquest very rarely had an actual effect on the County of Apetus and its people. But when the forces of the King’s army reached Aravier’s doorsteps looking to install his Xeilian puppets, Apetus and all the counties of Aravier knew they had to step up and protect the duchy and their freedom as a whole.

Liam Flanni was only twelve years old when the Deranged King began his conquest, he was still rather young and naive, the town was used to a peaceful and quiet life and with the threat of invasion, the tone of the county and town had changed and Liam Flanni did not quite understand what had caused the change, he only knew they his parents were working in overdrive trying to create technology for the Aravian Army. At the same time, the family of Wyl Agon were also working very hard with their alchemy to come up with concoctions to support the army as well. The two children were not allowed to play outside as much during this time and instead were to help their parents with their work as it was very important for the safety of the town, county and duchy. During this time the children noticed the towns folk had rarely been seen laughing anymore.

The Duchy of Aravier held out for just under two years, then the regime of the duke fell in the year of 673, and was replaced with an Xeilian pawn. Liam and Wyl remembered the army of Xeilias marching into their town, and new banners being placed on the Count’s manor, for the new Duke of Aravier, had little faith in the old fragile Count that was Vanir Wynters and replaced him with someone the Duke knew he could trust, and more importantly control. The people of Apetus, never saw Vanir Wynters again, and they recalled hearing that the Count’s son; Nicolas, had made a break for when the armies of Xeilias first marched through the county, he was branded a coward and if he were to ever come back to Apetus, and his home town of Flamel, he was not to be welcomed with open arms.

After the installation of the Xeilian duke, and the Xeilian count, life did not change for the better for the people of Apetus, the duke demanded the people of the duchy to work very hard for very little pay, times were very troubling, people were starving and dying of disease, unable to afford food and medicine. At first the people of Flamel had a bit of fire left in them, and they were going to try to take up arms with the newly appointed count, but most of the townsfolk were not of military origin and had very little experience in combat, they also knew that the duke would just send more men to retake the town, it did not take that long for the will of the people to be broken and their fire pushed down to a mere flame.

Five years later, in the year of 678, a fire broke out in Flamel, people do not know who started it but it was rumoured to have been started by the guards of Xeilias who worked for the new count. The fire started in the workshop of Flanni’s, it spread quickly through the western part of the town, the town tavern and the town fishery were lost as well to the fire. Liam Flanni’s parents perished in the fire, but what the Xeilian did not know, was that Liam’s flame in his heart was stoked that day as well, it went from a small flame, to a roaring fire. Liam was very fortunate as he still had his dear old friend Wyl at his side, especially in this time of need where she was there for him when he needed it the most.

After the death of Liam’s parents, Wyl and Liam grew even closer, they had already been inseparable since they met, and they both liked each other since a young age but due to the war they knew they should focus on other things, but a beautiful romance blossomed between them, and while it was a time of constant war, sorrow and despair they both felt that as long as they had each other, they could be happy and take on anything.

A few months later in the early months of 679, Liam Flanni and Wyl Agon got married. They had a nice ceremony where a lot of the town attended as Flamel always celebrates a new marriage, plus it helped take the townsfolk’s mind off of the war. The couple were each other’s constant, someone they could truly rely on. As a way to combine the two families they combined their coat of arms together, Liam Flanni’s was a simple blue shield with a sun in the middle, while Wyl Agon’s was a bit more intricate with shapes but one defining feature was a moon, the combined coat of arms was a blue shield with a sun and the moon inside the sun. After the wedding, life continued in the county, and while the life of Liam and Wyl was a trying one, they survived and were happy as long as they had each other. Shortly after the wedding Wyl started showing signs of pregnancy, and the two couldn’t be happier.

As the year of 679 was coming to a close, Wyl gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Once Liam Flanni and Wyl Agon had laid their eyes on him, they loved him with every ounce of their being. They both had thought long and hard on what to name the baby Neran/Kypiq boy. They decided that since they both came from different tribes, and different parts of the world with different customs and values, that they would combine their names to name their child. The baby’s name became Wylliam or William, and his surname became Flanniagon or Flanagan. William Flanagan was what they had decided.

Life went on in Apetus and the world of Elyria, and over the next 15 years the Deranged King had succeeded in expanding his domain to an unfathomable size. Throughout this time the people of Apetus and Flamel endured and they survived, while life was not amazing, it could be worse they had thought, and as long as they followed the rules of the Xeilian Count, things were relatively peaceful and in some ways back to the way things were before the duchy was taken over. However there were rumours of the Deranged King’s influence and power spreading himself too thin, as the time progressed, the King’s paranoia did not lessen, it instead grew. The possibility of the Deranged King spreading himself too thin spread like a wildfire in the domain of Xeilias and rebellions started to become more common as it gave people hope. This news made its way all the way to Flamel as well, and while life was relatively peaceful in Flamel and Apetus as a whole, they would always rather not be under Xeilian control, this led to a resistance to form in the county, and Liam Flanni was at center, for he had not forgotten what the Xeilians did to his parents.

Over this time, Liam Flanni’s son has grown a lot, the hardships of the constant war and conquest of the Deranged King has forced William Flanagan to mature at a more accelerated rate, he is now at the ripe age of 15. A child he is no longer. Flanagan had grown up working with his parents and helping them with tinkering and alchemy, they had taught him a lot but he still has much to learn before he can follow in their footsteps. He was also eager to help his parents in the resistance in any way he could. However that eagerness would be his own downfall, it led Flanagan to get snarky with an Xeilian guard and a small kerfuffle broke out. Due to his disrespect to the Xeilians, the count decided he would be punished and made an example of.

Flanagan was taken to the gallows in the center of the town for all to see. The guards went to his parents home and workshop and retrieved Wyl Agon and Liam Flanni. When they arrived at the gallows, Wyl Agon was pleading with the Xeilian not to do it, not to hurt her boy, her only son, saying that he is just a boy, that he didn’t mean to do what he did. The Xeilian’s did come to their senses and concluded that hanging the boy might set a bad example to the rest of the town and make them more likely to cause more issues in the future, especially with the growing number of rebellions in the kingdom but they couldn’t just let this incident go unpunished. In the boys place, they decided they would instead hang Liam Flanni, the boys father and spare the boy..

This did not go over well for William Flanagan as he was filled with hatred for what the Xeilians did, but most of all, angry with himself for getting his father killed. He knew that he had to do something, but he had to act carefully as he did not want something to happen to his mother or himself , but he decided to try and follow in his father's footsteps and aid the cause of the resistance. His father had taught him a valuable lesson about being patient, so Flanagan just had to wait for the right time, as rumours of troubles in the Kingdom of Xeilias persisted, whispers of the Deranged King’s power being to sway even further, continuing to spread himself too thin and being paranoid even to his most trustworthy subjects, it was only a matter of time until the time was right to strike.

The time to strike had almost arrived, and two years(696) passed by, and the Deranged King of Xeilias reign on the continent has finally ended. However, while this was a glorious day to hear, it did not mean everything was going to go back to the way things were. The Deranged King had reigned for 25 years. Many lives were lost and many were born and had only known his occupation. The people were thrown into into the turmoil of rebellion and strife as the old regime collapsed, this would later be known as “The War of Chaos” and last 8 years. Xeilians had no idea what to do, some tried to maintain power, others fell to chaos as the death of the Deranged King ignited the spark of rebellion in many people. The Duchy of Araiver was a prime example of being thrown into an upheaval, for Aravier still had a Xeilian duke and many of its counties still were under Xeilian control. However the death of the Deranged King had given many Aravians the fire to rebel as well.

In the two years following Liam Flanni’s death, his son William Flanagan bided his time, he was patient like his father taught him and had done a good job of moving up the ranks in the resistance in Flamel. With the Deranged King dead, Flanagan knew he had to strike soon while the Xeilian Count of Apetus and the rest of the Xeilians were in confusion of what to do still. While Flanagan was still young, a mann of 17, he had an interesting perspective as he lost a lot to the Xeilians, his father and his paternal grandparents to them, this gave him something to fight for, to make sure that other people do not ever lose as much as he did. His father's leadership skills and patience had rubbed off on him, coupled with the fact he grew up in an empire that focused on conquest, power and the blood of innocents being spilled on numerous occasions had made him mature a lot quicker than normal kids his age.

A full two weeks had passed since the death of Deranged King, Flanagan convinced the townsfolk that they had to strike while the Xeilians were caught in disarray. Flanagan had assembled all the townsfolk in Flamel that would listen to him at his and his mother’s workshop. They set up a plan of striking at midnight. When the the clock struck midnnight, Flanagan led the townsfolk from the western part of town to the Count’s manor. The night sky had provided little light as it was cloudy, but as the townsfolk were almost upon the manor, a clearing appeared in the clouds and only one constellation could be seen, Keplr, a constellation of a sun and moon intertwined, a symbol of luck in Elyria. This was seen as a sign from the Ancients, and Flanagan and townsfolk felt even more hope and strength for the battle to come. What remained of the Xeilian army in Flamel were overwhelmed by the townsfolk, they were about even in numbers with the Xeilian being more experienced in combat but the townsfolk has the element of surprise on their hand and by dawn the townsfolk had taken back Flamel from the Xeilians. They had captured the Xeilian Count and threw him and any remaining Xeilian soldiers into the towns jail. This night became known as the Battle of Keplr, as Flanagan had led the battle at midnight under the constellation of Keplr.

While they had succeeded in taking back Flamel, there were settlements in the county of Apetus that were still under Xeilian occupation. Over the next few months, Flanagan had led the people of Flamel and helped take back the present day settlements of Terrock, Galrei, and Duskhaven. Once the settlements received reinforcements from the town of Flamel, they were retaken rather quickly.

By 697, The County of Apetus was fully liberated from what remained of the Xeilian forces, the people of Apetus realized that they would need someone to lead them. With their previous Count being overthrown nearly 25 years ago, and never seen again, plus the fact that the count’s heir disappeared, they realized House Wynters was out of the question. The people of Apetus were going back and forth on what to do, but a decision was made, William Flanagan, he had led the Battle of Keplr which took back Flamel and led the people of Apetus to take back the county. He was a natural leader, filled with a considerable amount of wisdom, and he cared about his home and the people that resided deeply. While Flanagan was still rather young, recently turned 18, he was more because he was raised through a horrible regime, he was raised by wise parents who taught him many valuable life lessons and with the right advisors that he could trust, the people of Apetus thought Flanagan could lead them out of the tough times to come. He was a symbol of hope for the county and the mayor of Terrock;Theodoric I Terranova swore his fealty to Flanagan and the rest of the settlements followed suit.

William Flanagan became the de facto County of Apetus not long after the liberation of Apetus. One of the first acts that Flanagan took was renaming the region, it was known as Apetus for as long as anyone could remember/find in historical records, but times were changing, the county was no longer being ran by House Wynters, and the county was newly free, so they thought a new name would help give hope to the future that comes, a fresh start. The people of the county proposed the name of Keplr, after the constellation that watched over Flamel during the Battle of Keplr, a pivotal moment in regaining freedom in Apetus. The people’s proposal of the name Keplr had won.

One issue that still persisted was that the duchy as a whole was still under the fleeting control of a Xeilian Duke, but all hope was not lost, for there were other counties in Aravier they were rising up in the chaos and rebelling. One such case was the neighboring County of Aberon, and specifically the future capital; Surda. Aberon has had good relations with Keplr for many years, before the reign of the Deranged King, they had often traded with each other and when the times were tough, they could rely on each other for aid. During the reign of the Deranged King, a mayor in Aberon; Jameson Brisingr had tried to maintain a face of neutrality, and was willing to cooperate with the Xeilian Count of Aberon. With the liberation of the County of Keplr and a few other counties, hope echoed across the duchy, and the people started to realize that the Xeilian Duke of Aravier’s influence was swaying and he was losing power to rebellion. He knew he had to make a power play, and decided to make an example of someone to try and stop rebellions from occurring, and he had set his eyes on the County of Aberon, as Aberon housed a county of proud people who did not take to kindly to being under occupation. Xeilian Cavalry were ordered to Aberon, and one early morning, they had set the capital ablaze. The people of Surda had all gathered in the church, for it was a stone building and one of the few buildings not on fire, there they resigned to their fate. The mayor, Jameson Brisingr had tried to negotiate peace with the Xeilian forces, and pleaded with them that they should only make an example out of him, but spare his citizens. The Xeilians laughed at his plees and threw him into the church with his people, barred the doors and prepared to set it ablaze. Inside the church, all that was heard was laughter being turned into screams, and the sound of men fighting, and the flames the people anticipated never came. A short time after, there was only silence, then the doors of the church creaked opened and in the doorway stood William Flanagan and his people. Flanagan had caught wind of what the Xeilian duke was planning, and swiftly gathered as many men as he could muster and rushed to help his neighbor. The people were very grateful and praises were given. Jameson Brisingr decided that the time for neutrality was over, it was time to bare fangs. Brisingr was tasked with rebuilding and fortifying his settlement, arming men and women alike and joining William Flanagan’s crusade to help the people of Aravier. Brisingr proved to be a bit zealous in the heat of battle, but a tactical mind in private. He rallied his county together with the help of the people of Keplr, became the de facto count and added a respectable force to the cause. However, Jameson Brisingr never forgot the debt owed to William Flanagan, and vowed one day, when the rebellion was over, when chaos was no more and peace and prosperity was brought to the land, he proposed offering a member of his family’s hand in marriage one day if the Flanagan’s would accept, in turn strengthening the region as a whole through like minded leadership, alliance and blood.

Count William Flanagan of the County of Keplr, knew there was a long road ahead to rebuild Keplr to its former glory, most of the settlements were in disarray still, but for the first time in over 25 years, the county was free, the flames in the people were rekindled, and the future no longer looked entirely bleak. So while Flanagan was young, he had garnered the people's trust and admiration, for he had a fire inside of him, he was kind and just, and most importantly he had patience, for his father taught him a valuable lesson “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”

more to come

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