[NA-W] Knights of Valor (KoV)

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Duchy: Thorne – Discord Link

County: Briar - will update

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Valor Household

During the longest night, a budding town saw itself dealing with a shortage crisis. Thanks to the bravery and odd nature of one family, they were able to hunt in the night with no fear. This family would be known for their Valor, and thus, the name Valor was used to commemorate them.

The valor family had always been known to be very fond of the birds known as owls. It’s unclear to the outside world why owls are so important to them, but it’s thanks to this obsession, they were the ones who had the necessary creatures to help people in the town hunt during the longest night.

It was with this event that spurred the next generation of Valor to create a knightly order to protect their town from not just the dangers of the longest night, but many other dangers as well. The Valor family works closely with the leadership of their town to keep its citizens safe and secure.

Knights of Valor (KoV)

The Knights of Valor, or KoV, is an organization working under the Valor family to protect the town and the surrounding villages they are housed within. They are also one of the sources of research and development in the area they reside.

All Knights of Valor will wear a piece of clothing with the Valor family emblem on it when on active duty.


Valor Knights

The knights in the Knights of Valor will be personally trained by members of the Valor family or someone of greater fighting skill so that they may be prepared for any conflict.

Joining will cost you nothing but your loyalty to the Valor’s and those the Valor family associate themselves with. They will be trusted to uphold the law. Knights will have no need to pine for a place to sleep, as there will be barracks specifically built for them.

(If things turn out well, we plan to add an entire underground location for the Knights to train, sleep, and eat without worry, giving each member a room of their own, instead of sharing a large room with multiple beds.)

Valor Knight Lieutenant

These are people chosen by a Valor Knight Captain and approved by the master of the Valor house. Their job is to work alongside their Captain and take charge when and if the Captain is unavailable. They would assist their Captain with whatever task they are assigned. They are even given access to the same rights as Captains if the Captain gives them explicit permission and a writ proving so.

In case of Captain’s death, the Lieutenant would take their place as Captain unless stated otherwise by a household member.

Valor Knight Captain

Knight Captains will be the members that prove to be good fighters as well as leaders. Every platoon of knights will have a Knight Captain that will issue any orders required. They will be the lifeline between the Knights and the Valor family. If the problem can be solved by a Knight Captain, then it’s not a problem that requires the Valor family’s more direct action.

Knight Captains will receive a larger room so that it can double as an office. They are the only one’s allowed to visit the Valor family when not on duty, as they will be required to do so during annual meetings.

Scholars of Valor

Scholars of Valor is a title given to any member of the Knights who, instead of fighting, want to join the more educational side of the coin. Scholars are experts in their field and are funded by the Valor family to continue doing so.

Scholars can be anything from agriculture to researching animals, all the way to archaeology, clothing designers, woodworkers, etc.

Depending on the rank you are given, you will have access to much cheaper lands, but in return you are to work for it. Scholars who farm must then share a percentage of their crops. Scholar Smiths living on Valor lands must offer either armor to our knights, or share a percentage of their proceedings to continue their work. These payments will always be less than whatever is requested normally within the surrounding towns and villages.

Scholars working the books, maps, and other excursions that have nothing to do with owning a shop, farm, or anything within those parameters will have to lease lands normally, but with a slight discount if under Valor lands.

(Keep in mind, these rules are subject to change, especially once we learn how currency will work in our respective kingdom.)

If you're interested in joining the KoV, simply join the discord, or message me on here!

Other Affiliated Organizations:

DireWolf Trading Company

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This looks wonderful.

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This looks wonderful.

Glad to see you as a part of Thorne :D

Yes, i can't wait to see what Thorne has in store for me :D

"Knowledge is all the power i need..." [Unaffiliated Kingdom] [Dutchy: Thorne] [County: Briar] [Hometown: Sancta Rose] Household: Valor

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Very interested my friend!

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