The DireWolf Trading Company[NA-W]

DireWolf Trading Company

Server: Angelica NA-W
Kingdom: Tyria
Dutchy: Thorne – Discord / Forum Link

Trade, is the lifeblood of nations. Since time immemorial, when Mann first learned to walk the coast, we have prospered immensely from our trade partners and mercantile spirit. This fact of life is epitomized nowhere greater than within the DireWolf Trading Company. Even greater, we find the world of Elyria entering a new age and our Organization is bursting with new found ambition and is poised to take full advantage of the situation at hand. The invaluable service our Organization provides will allow us to have a presence in every corner of the continent. For where there is profit to be made and power to acquire, the Company will be present.

What We Do.

The DireWolf Trading Company is a an organization dedicated to improving the lives of the general population by providing a network of trade and conversation within the world of Elyria. We will be a thriving mercantile organization that specializes in commerce, trade, and production. We do this so players may better access any goods and services that may not be readily available close to home.

How Is This Accomplished?

Community members will run storefronts within participating cities so that players can sell their hard earned goods at a flat rate. From there our members will log items and resell them to whoever needs them. On top of that, if you yourself need an item, you may request it and it will be sent by trade caravan from the closest location that has it. Naturally we don't just ship items! Our partnership with "The Knights of Valor" and "Cerberus Contracting" allows us to safely send supplies, food, people, mail, and more through a closely guarded caravan.

Available Positions

Our organization is on the lookout for a myriad of employees and partners with different skills to help man and staff our many planned locations across our area of operation. Our goal is to find members of multiple professions, from carpenters, dockworkers, or even guards. A non exclusive list will be below with descriptions for multiple job opportunities.


  • Duchy Lead:Members who choose to undertake the responsibility of Duchy lead must exemplify the characteristics of not only a hard worker but also a true diplomat. You will be working with the Duke or Duchess in order to create new trade routs and insure a smooth operation for the workers who need you.
  • County Manager: As a County Manager you will work with the Count or Countess and mayors of your region in order to create and maintain the best trade routs possible.
  • City Hub Leader:We aim to create fully self sufficient trade hubs with housing, storage, and shops. To this end we need a City Hub Leader who can oversee the creation of new buildings and make sure that our workers are healthy and happy.


  • Cartographer:Members looking to explore and map the kingdom borders will be immensely useful to the guild as a whole. We rely on you to find the best and safest paths for our caravans to drive through.
  • Shipwright: Skilled workers who not only build ships but man them will be a great asset for getting supplies further and further.
  • Shopkeeper: Members who wish to be the face of the company by buying and selling goods. This can be done with OPC scripting as well, making it a good out of game job.
  • Artisans: We need people to create the parts our company will use and sell whether that be caravan parts, armor, or basic resources.
  • Diplomat: Members skilled in the art of diplomacy and negotiation. Your job is to secure trade deals and travel from location to location to ensure the quality of our business.
  • Caravaneer: We need brave players willing to travel between cities to transport people and goods.
  • Guardsmen: Members dedicated to the protection of both goods and the people of the company.

What are the benefits of joining us?

  • You have a stable job and therefore will always have something for your OPC to do while offline.
  • We offer low rent housing and storage for members that work our stores.
  • We offer cheaper transportation for moving between cities if you wish to start somewhere new.
  • Being part of a mercantile organization not only benefits you but the community as well through the opening of a wider market.
  • Having multiple people with similar goals allows us to ship supplies faster and more safely than individually operated shops.
  • And finally, being part of a wider organization with ties to multiple other organizations allows you to quickly make contacts with people you might not otherwise be able to.

Meet our organizations, Cities, and Player Partners!


Royal Duchy of Rothenburg

Royal County of Rothe

Noble Family: Rothe
Capitol: Whitehaven
The royal capital within the mighty kingdom of Tyria. Strong are it's walls and even stronger are its people. Here lies a grouping of outstanding individuals who when set upon a task seek after its completion with a fire inside worthy of any god.

Duchy of Thorne

Waderlands County - Discord

Noble Family: Morovig
Capitol: Seabreeze Harbor
Focuses: Fishing and Trading
Motto: Atwa ty Praya

Parthalan County - Forum / Discord

Noble Family: Westerly
Capitol: Parthanum
Focuses: Agriculture, Commerce, Exploration, Research, Land & River Trade , Naval Power
Motto: Atwa ty Praya
North of the capital lies the farming town of Ilnaflat, nestled comfortably in the foothills, and the scenic seaside hamlet of Greysage.

White Tower Reach County - Discord

Noble House: Wintersun
Capitol: Moonglow
Settlements: TBD
Focuses: Research, Exploration, Crafting, Trade, Western Border Protection
"The County of White Tower Reach exists to serve as a mecca for Traders, Crafters, Scholars and Artisans. We offer a center for learning as well as a bench on which to apply your trade. We pursue the mysteries that the world around us has to offer, and understand the future of our kind relies on tapping into the power that both nature and the cosmos hold."

Galatia County - Discord


Sancta Rose - Forum / Discord

Kingdom: Tyria
Duchy: Thorne
Mayor: Maxis Montagne


The Knights of valor - Forum / Discord

A knight group lead by the noble family Valor that upholds the belief in individual liberties and just law.

Labbe’s Alchemy Workshop

"We desire the exchange of both goods and recipes and wish to foster relations across Elyria."

AnglersFetch Fishing Guild - Forum

"Their purpose is to bring all Fishermen and women from across the world and unite them in fishing."

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Would you like to network with us?

  • Are you looking for a group that can safely transport goods and people?
  • Do you need people to fill a whole in your supply chain?
  • Do you need a way to create trade routs between cities or counties?
  • Are you looking for an organization to partner with?
  • Do you want to make contingency contacts in case you find yourself in need of these services?

Sancta Labbe

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I'd Like to set up shop in a city somewhere!

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Posted By SilentPeat at 7:33 PM - Wed Jan 23 2019

  • Do you need people to fill a whole in your supply chain?
  • Do you need a way to create trade routs between cities or counties?

Hole, and Routes.

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