Tribal Armor Concept: Kypiq Heavy Variant

Rise and Shine Elyrians, it's time! "Time for what," you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked: It's time to take a look at this week's shiny of course!

And this week, we're wrapping up the Kypiq armor series with a peek at a concept for the heavy variant of the basic Kypiq armor platform we've shared so far. I kind of love this one - though in this particular case, it's not really about the armor's construction, or any of the deep mechanical stuff I usually geek out on. Honestly, this time it's all about those little horns. I kind of think they're adorable! ;)

In reality, this is a pretty hefty set of armor built to take a blow, and I can't imagine you're going to think, "Oh how cute!" when you look up into the forest canopy to see a squad of folks in gear like this looking down on you, weapons drawn. But, I mean, the Kypiq are already "cute" in my head, so what's a guy to do?

What do you think:

Stay shiny my friends!

  • Snipehunter
1/31/2019 10:16:02 PM #1

Not bad, but the horns need to go.

Doesn't fit thematically, doesn't seem very much like the Kypiq.

1/31/2019 10:16:19 PM #2

Definitely still cuties under there.

1/31/2019 10:17:20 PM #3

I like that their legs are pretty unprotected still. It's such a hard target sweeping a kypiqs legs it would be similar to harvesting wheat with a scythe.

Shoot, I just figured out the most effective weapon against kypiqs on flat ground, I mean aside from all of them.

1/31/2019 10:17:49 PM #4

Hmm, sorry, but the horns just look like they'd get in the way of shoulder movement, climbing trees and such.

1/31/2019 10:18:55 PM #5

I like it, but I'll have to agree with Damocles.

Horns grow from the skull, for them to use horns in their outfit means they killed the animal, and kypiq doesn't seem like the tribe that kills for sport and then display their "prowess" through killing.

Antlers on the other hand are shed, and fall off naturally, I would say use antlers instead, or some part of antlers, as it would be a lot more natural, and fit them thematically much better.

1/31/2019 10:20:00 PM #6

The horns would cause dangerous blows to thier arms or shoulders, makes no sense for them to be downwards., what animal or or anything has them facing themselves ?

You guys need to fix that concept before you screw it up and put it in the game.

1/31/2019 10:20:47 PM #7

Looks nice! :D


1/31/2019 10:22:34 PM #8

I like the horns. They look turned up over the shoulders enough to not be a hindrance. Of course, its hard to tell from the angles we've got, but overall, the armor looks awesome, and the horns fit with the theme in my humble opinion!

1/31/2019 10:23:55 PM #9

Gorgeous! Nothing wrong with horns, they can be harvested naturally - doh. They often are, and ethically. Which fits in AMAZINGLY with the kypiq - as a tribute to the beast that once grew them. ;) Open your minds.

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1/31/2019 10:28:18 PM #10

Alot of displeasure with the horns among the populace, but I am sure there are other options, like adding bunny ears instead, just ask the local armor/woodsmith

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1/31/2019 10:34:11 PM #11

Cool armor I just what to know if I can upgrade armor.

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1/31/2019 10:35:56 PM #12

Posted By maxpain2016 at 2:34 PM - Thu Jan 31 2019

Cool armor I just what to know if I can upgrade armor.

Yes. If you look closely you can notice that most of these armor shinies all have the same pattern for the armor, with varying materials.

The plan is that you can swap out parts for better/different materials or more well crafted pieces thus upgrading your armor.

1/31/2019 10:37:18 PM #13

Looks nice but what if those horns are actually thorns from a giant rose or something like that? That would fit Kypiqs quite well IMO ;)

1/31/2019 10:39:05 PM #14

Whats the deal with the horns though? Are they bird talons? Decorative? I can't think of any situation the Kypiqs would find themselves in that would necessitate the horns on the helm. But that could just be a lack of imagination on my part...

1/31/2019 10:44:34 PM #15

I like the design, just gotta make sure those horns are pointed at a safe angle, so you don't accidentally stab yourself in the shoulder!

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