Temple ot To'ran in Caprakan

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Temple of To'ran. Especially to all the Children of To'ran (To'resk). You have arrived in time for prayers. Please take your place in the Temple. (an acolyte will be round with the donation platter soon). With your donation may you profit from To'ran.

O Great & Mighty To'ran “Qin of the Wetlands”, “Lord of Balance & Harmony” “Father of all To'resk” “Son of Mydra & Ne'ran” “Grandson of Oceanus” “Singer of Colours”

Created from Land & Water, Created in Chaos & Havoc

Bringer of Balance, Bringer of Harmony

Giver of Knowledge, Giver of Understanding

Protect our Land, Protect our Waterways

Smile upon your Creatures of the Land

Smile upon your Creatures of the Waters

Smile upon your Creatures of the Air

Guide your People, Guide our King

Receive our Prayers Receive our Offerings

So where were we my child? You looked a little puzzled. Who am I? I am Coyotl Bedwenarian Patriarch of this Temple & Counselor of the County of Nehmachoya. Let me explain. This is the Temple of To'ran. Here in the holy city of Peridexia, capital of the County of Nehmachoya, (Nehmachoya is a theocracy) within the Duchy of Genera in the Kingdom of Caprakan, (Caprakan has a distinct Meso-american culture). Is one of the 4 Kingdoms of OCE.

Here we study & practice religion, in the form of To'ran. We are of the Qindred faith, but all are welcome, we have places set aside for those of other faiths. Especially our Janoan & Dras brethren.

The Temple is a centre of learning. We learn & teach. Study & produce books & scrolls. Writing & illustrating new ones, re-writing older ones, (nothing is permanent in this world). We teach & train citizens in various arts & skills, starting of course with reading & writing. We officiate over Weddings, Funerals & Birth rites. Officiate & oversee religious Festivals, advise Citizens on matters of Faith.

We are guided & lead by the The Curia.

Patriarch – advice & guidance of the soul (administration)

Oracle – guidance of the mind (arts, sciences, learning & teaching)

Grand Pochteca – guidance of the body (finances)

Tlenamacac/War Priest – defender of all of the above (military)

Land Priest - administers land & farming etc.

Water Priest - administers water rights & waterways.

All Mayeurs are welcome at the Curia.

Matter of fact we have positions vacant if you are interested?

Farmers –

Wetland farmers for the cultivation of taro & rice, specialising in chinampas (floating gardens). Dry land agriculture. Livestock farmers & trainers (water buffaloes).


Scribes Priests Learned Persons in - Alchemy, architecture, building, paper-making, weaving, basket-making, cooking etc Skilled Persons in - Hunting & trapping, animal training, wood-working, jewellers

Feather-workers - Persons interested in learning & teaching the art & skill of making items from feathers. (headdresses, cloaks, banners, ornaments, fans, pillows, doonas etc).

Pochteca (Merchants) - Trade is vital to the life of Caprakan.

Warriors & temple/town guards - Can lead to promotion to the elite “Teeth of To'resk”.

Priesthood – THE BLEEDERS: Dedicated to the Qin To'ran.

The Priesthood is known as “The Bleeders” which consists of two main branches.

One branch of the priesthood is dedicated to the Water aspect of To'ran. Blue robed priests The other branch is dedicated to the Land aspect of To'ran. Green robed priests

The “Qin To'ran” & the To'resk priesthood do not require or desire the amount of sacrifices & blood that our Janoan brothers Spirits require. (remember Caprakan is Meso-american in culture)

Hence most To'resk simply pay a fee to a priest & the priest will make a sacrifice of their own blood. (The fee for blood is a contract in holy law & is a private negotiation between the priest & the penitent).

But a simple “rule of thumb” is the more you pay – the more blood will flow – depending on the sin or prayer. Anything from one drop of blood to …..

Only non To'resk are eligible for human sacrifice, as To'ran does not wish the death of any of his own Children (To'resk).

Anyway enough rambling of an old man, on your way!

But if you are interested in settling here or anywhere in Caprakan, then contact Counselor Coyotl Bedwenarian or Duke Kov Generex .

To our neighbouring Duchies & especially to the To'resk of the Duchy of Direlands & the Kingdom of Lor Voskara (under the rule of Good King Xaks), we extend the hand of welcome. Come & train here with us, then return & establish Temples in your own homelands.

The Temple of To'ran seeks support from all To'resk. Fortunately the “Great Qin To'ran” understands the price of your sins & the price of his blessings. (excommunication would be a terrible stain on a To'resk soul)

The Temple of To'ran & the County of Nehmachoya would desire peace & harmony with all. But will defend itself if necessary. A Holy Vendetta would be declared on those that transgress. (May they be Cursed & their souls banished from the Astral Plane!)

May To'ran bring you profit, & may you bring profit to To'ran.

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Love your work with it, I look forward to working with you and seeing the kingdom develop.

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Very cool :)

3/30/2019 12:09:15 PM #3

Oh I don't know how I missed this. Great post.

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