Help Wanted: Personal Guards

Personal Guards

First Minister, Minister of Health, Agriculture and Sciences of the County of Cambria located within the Duchy of Ashira within the Kingdom of Valyria is seeking 10 skillfully trained warriors.

It is a full-time position that involves with protecting a member of a County Council, dealing with politics and fighting to keep the County, Duchy and Kingdom safe.

The job would be done in rotational shifts with two personal guarding the Minster at all times allowing the others to have days off to explore, train and just relax.

Job Requirements

  • Willing to train with the County Guardsmen
  • Having sharp eyes both in the game and real life
  • Willing to learn one weaponry skill along with unarmed skills
    • Weaponry skill is a personal choice
    • Unarmed skills at the moment are based on if game mechanicals allows for learning and teaching of unarmed martial arts.
  • Have access to discord
    • Having a mic is recommended but not required
  • Willing to help with testing of new medical drugs
    • The drug testing will only be done if you become ill

Job Benefits:

  • Travel across the different cities within the County seeing the vast lands
  • Health Insurance
    • Access to any new medicine when available
  • Vacation time
    • Four vacation days a month(Real life Days)
    • If vacation days are not all taken by the end of 6 months it is carried over
  • After 6 months of employment (Real Life) one spark of life would be gifted
    • This is under the assumption that we will be able to gift sparks of lives after launch
  • Competitive Wages
  • On the job training
  • After 8 years (Game years) Letter of recommendation will be written
    • This will be done if you wish to leave the employment to explore other jobs

Apply Now in Discord either via Cambria County (Nelanie Noir’Luna) or DM Neko Tenshi#2604


Q: Why I should work for the First Minister?
A: The First Minister is someone who has decided to spend her life dedicated to helping her kingdom but above all else ensuring that the people of her county are well taken care of along with ensuring that the ruling Count along with his cabinet does not allow anything that goes against the kingdom, harm the people or allow injustice to happen.

Q: What happens when the First Minister leaves her position?
A: When the First Minister leaves her position allowing another to take on the role she will be fully allowing herself into her primary role as Minister of Health, Agriculture and Sciences.

Q: What if I apply for the job but all positions are full?
A: If you do apply for the job and all positions are currently full, you will have the option to join the normal County army if you wish?

Q: What if I do not wish to join the army but still want to become part of the Minister's Guards?
A: If that is the case the Minister will have a second group of guards that will train with the army but will have a secondary responsibility that will be disclosed at a later time.

Q: What tribe does the First Minister wish to play?
A: The First Minister is interested in playing a kypiq for a few reasons. One of the reasons is because at the core of her character she is a crafter and the kypiq allows her to fully enjoy her first love for games. The other reason is because of their small size since she is aware that they will be times when she might get separated from her guards and have to keep herself hidden from sight.

Q: For the job is there any tribe requirements?
A: NO! None of all because the Minister understands that everyone has a tribe that they prefer and will not try to force anyone into playing a tribe they do not wish. The only requirements that she truly has is that the tribe has to be able to survive in the biome of the kingdom.

If there are any other questions, you may leave a message in the post, dm on the site or contact on discord.

5/24/2019 11:04:11 PM #1

Looking forward to my service. :>

Daardain, First Siren of Lady Nelanie Luna'de Sàng; First Minister, Minister of Health, Agriculture and Sciences of the County of Cambria.

                                                                                                           My Friend Code: D66788
8/15/2019 7:18:53 PM #2

Your souls shall wet the lips of the Lord of Bones, as your feeble attempts to protect your mortal friends will be halted by Myrkul. PRAISE MYRKUL!

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