The Simplied Physiology and Pharmacology Simulator

Although time has been limited and I am only an amateur programmer with mountains of coding style obstacles to try and resolve, I have been doing my best to use my current medical knowledge with what I have learned in my new Software Development and Robotics degree to develop a simplified, yet fun and really immersive physiology and pharmacology simulator program that would allow fun (the key word is fun) but realistic health, medical, treatment, disease and injury type reactions to a character.

This would enrich everything from medicine, diseases and healing to combat and injuries etc.

It's not much as I have been stuck on a few bugs I had difficulty resolving, but now I have managed to replicate a realistic cardiovascular response in heart rate to blood loss and bleeding, so that heart rate increases to compensate for lower blood volume.

No doubt it is junk compared to professional work, but it is a work in progress I really hope to complete...... soon (tm) :P

It's not much, but there is a tonne of code which can't be seen in the pic

edit Oh I should probably explain that at the moment it is only text based outputting info in to a command window which you see on the right and shows important physiology parameters for this scenario

3/22/2019 6:52:03 AM #1

This is great stuff Haji. I'd love to see you share more as it progresses. ^_^

3/31/2019 2:24:46 AM #2

1 problem solved, 10 problems created :P

and so the Dance of the IDE goes :P

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