Evil guild Idea

Hello everyone! I have been lurking in the forums for a long time but never posted due to the release date being so far away.

Now that the release date is coming soon I've looked into the current guilds and I've found a distinct lack of Evil guilds.

My proposition would be to create a Guild (or church) from the faithless religion who practice a form of king worship. I'm pulling this idea from the Roman's emperor cult.

So the church would be dedicated to their Duke or King in a religious fashion.

Goals for the guild would include crusades for magical artifacts. Inquisitions for characters who have talents, persuading them to bend the knee to the king or risk death. Our knights would be black knights who are avid defenders of our king, and enemies of all other religions not approved by our God king.

Our place in the world would be to act as the left hand for a king when he needs something done that cannot fall to the public eye, such as assassinations, working with vampires or liches ( Perhaps even helping our king to become immortal).

Overall I think this would be quite a lot of fun to role play.

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4/10/2019 3:07:52 PM #1

Release date is not coming soon. Domain selection is soon if that what you mean?

I heard of people doing this as well. Not sure if it evil or not. It would depend on what people do with magic. If they are all gankers then you wouldn't be an evil guild. Outside of that with magic being rare you may not have much to do.

4/10/2019 9:50:42 PM #2

my mistake, i guess the date I read was just a rumor. While there might not seem like a lot there is plenty to role play and there isn't a rule against doing regular quests

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6/12/2019 9:42:19 PM #3

My plan for gameplay actually revolves a lot around this sort of thing. My character wants to study magic, and the undead are very useful from a tactical point of view. Imagine an army that could live in the harshest conditions, survive the most brutal injuries, and work and battle for days without rest or sustenance. Imagine something like that in service to the king.

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6/13/2019 3:31:31 AM #4

You can worship me as your goddess-queen. Entry level positions in the canisrabbit pit are open for enquirers.

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