As we now have Maps to look at, Now seems a good time to bump this.

I'm happy to say that, while Selection has not fully occurred, I feel I have a quite high likelihood of ending up with a coastal County, which should hopefully lead to a good trade focus for the county, which I had hoped for. However Trade isn't everything, as we will need all kinds of producers and transporters, really whatever you wish to do, I believe I can help you succeed in those endeavors and profit. Creating a major trade hub is a goal of mine, and having both creators, farmers, miners, merchants and anything else will be great. Diversity is welcomed here in Varros.

And as said before, I have plenty of packages, Both mayoral and Elyrian to share if anyone is interested in joining my county.

As always, My goal for Varros is the creation of a non-toxic, inclusive community that helps everyone achieve their goals and aspirations to succeed both as individuals and as a community.