The Order of Opus Mann


Tutem Monstrat Iter (He Shows the Safe Path)

Pathfinders, Seafarers, Fighters, Adventurers, Traders and Survivalists needed

Kingdom​: Unaffiliated

Duchy​: Unaffiliated

County: Unaffiliated

Settlement: Unaffiliated

Area of expertise: Exploration/Trade/Freelance

Membership: Open

The Order of Opus Mann, The Work of Mann, is open to affiliated and unaffiliated persons across Elyria. We will lead expeditions, train & protect members, develop lodges, perform a wide range of services, and promote stability. We’re open to players looking for a safe place where they can prosper; we’re also open to lone wanderers who would like minimal involvement/responsibility. We will never force participation! Additionally, we recognize members may belong to different kingdoms. You will never be asked to act against your liege-lord's interests.

Members of Influence: If you are a landowner, ruler, org-leader then you are encourage to join. One of the major benefits for you, personally, will be the information available to you.

Land contribution: If you have land title and do not plan on using the land for personal reasons or are unaffiliated – consider donation. You will receive equity ownership in return.

Information on funding, strategy, and goals is available to accepted members

Founding members will receive an equal vote in operating Opus Mann

Members will receive a broad education, survival training, military training, business training, legal training, long-range reconnaissance missions, a share of profits, protection, influence, etc.

One of our utmost values is that of loyalty. Within that value, exists the duty of secrecy. We expect all members to maintain the utmost secrecy when dealing with Order matters. This is done to promote a free and safe atmosphere of collaboration without fear of reprisal. The Order will never publish a membership list. Failure to maintain this code will result in excommunication (enforced by a perpetual bounty)


Indagator: Entry-level

Quaestor: Full-member

Praetor: Members chosen to be head of their lodge

Consul: Overseer


*Loose hierarchy that is not micro-managed; no power trips or need for control

*No drama, just fun; planning to be an active part in geopolitical events - participation is not required

*Teamwork: protection against baddies, pooling-of resources

*Welcoming of immersion and non-immersion players.

*Virtual wealth and fame

*Friendship: 'cuz everyone needs a friend, right?

*We just purchased our first Guild Hall which will be the central lodge. We’ll have free room and board for weary members who come in from the dusty trail!



to chat, or message me here!

Coriolanus Drusus

5/7/2019 4:51:56 AM #1

Very interesting, might be the first guild I might be looking to join :)

5/15/2019 5:41:02 PM #2

Come on over!

Coriolanus Drusus

5/27/2019 5:22:29 AM #3

I’m assuming that breeding pack mules will be possible - if anyone is interested in putting some mules together, let me know. I was thinking about breeding horses as well.

Coriolanus Drusus

9/28/2019 9:54:13 AM #4

Id be thrilled to work with you, its never too soon to have contacts in the information and trade business.

10/2/2019 4:34:05 PM #5

Your guild concept seems pretty interesting. Best of luck as you decide on a base of operations.

12/22/2019 10:34:45 AM #6

Our next phase of recruitment is underway! If anyone sees this, go to our recruitment channel and use type the phrase “In Vino Veritas” in the public chat - you’ll receive a special reward!

We are making great strides right now; our members will have a place to sleep, eat, and they will have great supplies as soon as the game starts!

Coriolanus Drusus

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