The Tribe of Bearhaven

Location: The city of Bearhaven is nestled into county of Newel, in the Duchy of Bloodoak, in the kingdom of Bordweall.

Leader: The Bear (DIscord: DaBear#3027)
Focus Primary: Animal taming/breeding/retention
Focus Secondary: Duelist based Combat


Simply put, Bearhaven is a forward-thinking town of like-minded individuals who have come together to realize their own dreams within Elyria, there is no overriding objective for the citizens of Bearhaven at the moment, and many will be free to conduct their business with minimal hassle and difficulty.

If you would like to join or have interesting offers to make in regards to Bearhaven, feel free to approach The Bear through either discord or the Elyria message system.

(This post is currently under development and will be edited as time goes on!)

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Excellent! Glad to have you with us Bear and look forward to seeing your settlement develop!