Alesian Herald; Issue #1

Inaugural Issue of the Alesian Herald

The Royal Chronicler, Count Quintero, is pleased to bring to you the inaugural issue of the Alesian Herald. The Herald's mission is to help spread the lore of the Kingdom, and to highlight the creative endeavors of all Alesians. The first issue can be found here.

This issue contains an original story by yours truly giving a first person accounting of the days up to, and culminating in, the signing of the Grand Charter of Alesia; an interview with Crux, leader of the Shades of Alesia, as well as an original artwork by Chi Aegir.

Call for Submissions and Applications

The Herald is also seeking interested applicants to join our staff, creative Alesians who want their work showcased, and title holders and organization leaders who want their group spotlighted. Forms for all of those are linked at the end of the first issue.

5/15/2019 6:55:44 PM #1

It was my pleasure working with you on this first issue of the Alesian Herald! Great work!

5/15/2019 7:28:21 PM #2

neat :)

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