[EU/Demalion/Lyon] [RP] The Gilded Rose

In any kind of life, no matter how wealthy or what family crest you carry, what age you are or where you live, reputation is key. Fame and fortune, is that not what we all aim to strive for?

The women of the court bring life and intrigue to the nobility since early recording of history. Words, fame and reputation carry meaning in a world such as Elyria, where character stories will be created and dynasties will settle, grow and diminish. The Gilded Rose is a place for the women of the world to find refuge, learn the skills they require and spend their lives to fulfill a greater purpose.

Lady Eleanor Wilvynne was once an orphan with very little hope for the future. She was however lucky enough to become an educated, legitimate child of the Wilvynne family. Now that she has grown up and possesses the right skills to survive, she has the ideals of giving other girls and women the same chances she once was given. Provide them with a steady income, family and home within the Rose. She wishes to expand her ideals further, in the form of orphanages, to continue to spread her dream for people across Elyria.

What is 'The Gilded Rose'?

The Gilded Rose is a community hub that interweaves with game mechanics to make it an interesting place for any kind of player in the Duchy of Lyon. The organization consists of a network of taverns with employee lodging providing escort services for nobility, including both high and low class establishments, bearing the same name across the Duchy. It aims to first settle in the main County of Lyon and spread out across the counties if the organization grows or if the appropriate funding and interest is gathered.

The women of the Gilded Rose find boarding at their establishment, they will be educated in skills such as reading and writing, etiquette, art such as music and poetry and are allowed to take up hobbies of any kind such as tailoring, cooking, farming, etc. The purpose of this is to provide the Gilded Rose a sense of professionalism and classiness. Of course men are not to be excluded from the business. They could serve as bouncers or bards or fulfill other roles if so desired by both parties and county standards. Each of the establishments will focus on their county or settlement’s desire to make it a varied organization with a place for -everyone-.

What positions can players fulfill in the Gilded Rose? (WIP)

I, playing Lady Eleanor Wilvynne, am the leader of the Gilded Rose. Though you can perceive that leadership as more a supervisor, making sure that each of the Roses run well and be the one for others to reach out to when needed. Each establishment of the Gilded Rose will have their own matron and leader figure. Together, the matrons make up the leadership of the Gilded Rose as a whole.


Funding & Business

The foundation and beginnings of the Gilded Rose will likely need funding from the state and local nobility. Land and buildings would be required as well as a network of employees.

Once the foundation has been set and the duchies/counties have settled, the fun can begin. There are many different ideas on how the business and employees shall be funded:

  • Sales of Food & Drink in the tavern side of business.
  • Donations towards performances.
  • The Gilded Rose is a place where gossip and rumor will spread grow and flow naturally as is. Services provided in the nature of these topics are under discretion.
  • Contracts on courtesans accompanying nobility to public function to increase their fame.
  • Non-explicit services natural to a escort services, offering a possibility to explore character development without going into explicit detail. (e.g. fade to black)
  • Patronage.
  • Ability for nobility to create bastards under contract. (e.g. create children anonymously).
  • Public/Private Festivities and functions.

Game Mechanics

The main goals of the business will work mostly with the mechanics for reputation, fame and the spread of gossip. You can read more about it on the CoE wiki.

The Gilded Rose is a mainly a roleplaying community hub where both RP and Gameplay will come together to form an interesting, friendly environment.


The Gilded Rose network, if it aims to work as provided by earlier information, will need to grow to multiple establishments across the Duchy of Lyon. As such, here is a list of all predetermined locations of their buildings:

  • County of Lyon: Establishment provided by the Count and Duke in the county/duchy capital.
  • County of Cil Chainnigh: Establishment provided by the Count in the county capital.
  • County of Gladal: Establishment provided by the Count in the county capital.

Future Plans

The future lies in the distance, but it is never too early to start exploring opportunities. If the business runs well, Lady Eleanor Wilvynne wishes to expand her business to not only offer refuge to women, but refuge to children too. The Gilded Rose will be no home for children, of course, but under the name of the ‘Rose Petal Home’ as orphanages, children might have an opportunity to grow out into blooming flowers of citizens in the Empire.


I aim for this project to be my baby in CoE. For the idea to succeed, I need the help of the community. Hopefully my ideas will have inspired you or sparked your interest. If so, feel free to contact me in PM’s or find me in the County/Duchy discords under the names Nyxeia or Eleanor Wilvynne. Contact me when:

  • You’re interested in having the Gilded Rose settle in your settlement/city/county.
  • You’re interested in running or working at an establishment. (e.g. to provide tutelage to the women, as a tavern hostess, a courtesan or orphanage matron.)
  • You have any ideas or questions regarding the concept of the Gilded Rose.
  • You would like to work together with the Gilded Rose.

The Gilded Rose

5/16/2019 7:31:16 PM #1

I can't wait to see the grand royal gala's we will have. Plus, I really admire your dedication to the woman and children of Elyria. You will have a fantastic future in CoE, I know it!!

5/16/2019 7:51:33 PM #2

Amazing Organization and Idea! I will have to come by to just enjoy the Roleplay, beautiful Woman and Arts of the Gilded Rose. Perhaps even in another Life, I might join as a Bard ... who knows :)

5/16/2019 8:23:45 PM #3

I can't wait either, to explore the opportunities of the organization and get together for an awesome time CoE!

And hah, who knows what the future might bring us. You're always welcome to come by <3

The Gilded Rose

5/16/2019 10:45:15 PM #4

sounds great. welcome to Lyon Nyxeia

5/16/2019 10:47:35 PM #5

Thank you so much!

The Gilded Rose

5/17/2019 1:04:01 PM #6

Update: Now added some graphics to the post wooo <3

The Gilded Rose

5/17/2019 1:07:55 PM #7

Congratulations on developing a market that will be so valuable to all of us for the continuity of our generations and kudos to you for such an ingenious idea. I would be proud and honored if you would, someday as our game-play develops, open one of your establishments in Hranfgaard! So happy to have you as one of our team.

5/17/2019 1:16:29 PM #8

Thank you so much! I definitely hope that it will all come to fruition. I would be more than happy to consider creating and making way for more establishments, as you said, when our gameplay develops and we have a better idea of how things will work. Thank you for your support!

The Gilded Rose

5/27/2019 11:43:26 PM #9

Edited the post with some extra information, the structure and positions are still a work in progress, though the ideas are all in my mind! Gladal County has been added to the list of establishments. We're incredibly happy about that <3

The Gilded Rose

5/28/2019 1:50:52 PM #10

Good luck with this project! I hope it works out nicely.

To truly understand victory, one must know defeat first.

6/4/2019 11:12:36 AM #11

Thank you so much!!

The Gilded Rose