The Free Mann Tavern (Legendary)

---The Free Mann Tavern---

Liberate yourself at the Free Mann!

Don't shackle yourself to anything less than Legendary! When Urstan Thewes made his journey across Luna he came across a barren hill ,and fell into his fortune! Building up brick by brick with failure ,and success a tavern that lasted the test of time ,and one that serves the Legendary Neran Whiskey no less!

We hope to offer a place for everyone regardless of race or kingdom to enjoy a delicious brew ,and relax amongst countless flowers while their take a reprieve on there destined journey across the continent amongst the Pilgrims road! Where Rp and good drink can always be found! Whether it's during the Flower Festival or when the Long night comes ,and enjoy a pint with good friends, a few dice and great ale! The tavern is located in the grasslands of Borderweall ,but is open for everyone's use!

The Free Mann Tavern on (NA-E) goals are very simple!

As always the first and foremost goal is to provide the best brew in the land. Our love for alchohol runs as deep as elyrian theory crafting ,and as long as the desert runs!

To have Daily, Weekly ,and Monthly events held by tavern staff and offer the ability for people to hold their own events with no costs renting out the tavern! Think you have a good idea for a concert? Or a Great idea for a tournament? Or you want to do a cooking competition? All you have to do is provide the materials ,and the prizes ,and the people to run the event! Holding it at the tavern is absolutely, and will always be FREE!

Ever have that special someone in your life? Or picture yourself a Casanova of sorts? Why not propose or find that special one amongst the most beautiful area across the five kingdoms? We plan on running a chapel on top of the hill with the best view ,and will happily cater all weddings from Peasant to Noble!

Speaking of the poppies! We plan to hold a section of the land ,and reserve it for a graveyard with a groundskeeper to keep vigil over the area. The undying poppies will stand as an eternal memorial for the adventurers who were lost in game ,and in real life ,and with many who currently have gravestones in their inventory ,and are unsure what to do with it we offer you a reserved spot to place down your stone absolutely free to honor the ones you loved ,and have lost in life. Or if you just want to make a funny one you can do that too!

(Not to mention any Ne'er-do-wells might find themselves very familiar in our memorial section!)

Some of the future goals for the tavern will be

To establish a market in the road junction it sits on with merchants setting up stalls to sell their wares.

Setting up a Colosseum ,and jousting area for future dueling tournaments that will include Archery, Jousting Melee's ,and brawls with so much more in line. If it can be thought of we will do it!

To have future blacksmiths ,and tailors build near the tavern to work on repairing wagons ,carriages, and adventurers clothes, weapons ,and armour.

To establish many friendly relationships with people who plan on selling the best food! As well as the best drink!

The legendary tavern will accept adventurers ,and have many questlines that will be Rp based around the tavern ,and within the area.

Poppies can be used for a lot of things! The problem is we don't know every use for them! Could they be used for health recovery items? Or perhaps a better beer? We are always looking for fellow alchemists who wish to study this great flower ,and we have much research material you can use.

What is a Tavern without any Dice or Cards?! Gambling ,and Weekly card tournaments will always hold a home deep into our hearts ,and sometimes even deeper in our wallets!

There is quite a bit more to say ,but--------------

(Read below if your interested in working in a tavern lifestyle)

With all these tavern ideas they mean nothing.. without legendary people who are willing to make this place truly a legendary social hub on the map!

As the owner I'm looking for people from all kingdoms ,and all walks of life who loves the thought of running ,and playing within a tavern! Whether you want to be permanent party or a temporary worker. Alt or Main! Or if you can only play weekends or a few hours all are welcome to play at their own pace in life.

It will not be a guild fueled by political gain or purely by personal gain ,but to continue this great legend in CoE lore! As a tavern worker You can be a part of other associations or guilds. Part time workers are very much appreciated so if you ever feel like relaxing off your main a bit to do something different you are always free to come in grab a pint ,and enjoy some talk with good friends while working away. Permanent party members will have room ,and board, many amenities ,and will receive wages weekly not to mention as much beer as they want to drink! Part time workers will receive event benefits and payment based on the times they end up working as well as a place to bed down at night.

At the end of the day the big goal of the tavern mostly will be an RP social hub players can come in for events finding a place to relax ,and enjoy themselves. With that being said!

become apart of the legend!

Looking for work that's sure to bring fame?

Want to be part of a legendary party?
We're looking for qualified people in the following professions,
Come apply at for a position at The Free Mann Tavern!

Security Personel
Event Coordinators
Stable Master

Have a skillset not listed, that might still be useful in a tavern setting? Go ahead and propose it. No reasonable proposition will be refused!

In addition, contracts are being sought for providing food, alcohol, and general supplies to the tavern. Trade deals are negotiable, both for quality and quantity.

If your interested or want to know more click on the banner to join the Tavern Discord!

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For as long as anyone can remember and, indeed, far further back into Elyria's history than that, the Pilgrimage of Renewal has been a common fixture in the lives of nearly every mann from every tribe. Whether it is simply witnessing the spectacle of countless pilgrims making their way across the continent to mark the Cardinal Miracle, or donning the pilgrim's garb and setting off on the trek themselves, the event marks at least one milestone in everyone's life. However, as the passage of time marches on, those who hold the occasion dear have come to wonder if Elyrians have lost sight of the ritual's meaning. Despite commemorating a moment in their shared history that could have ended in the literal starvation and destruction of Mannkind, many have come to see the event as little more than marking a time when the weather is always good and the living is easier.

This is perhaps most obvious when one witnesses the practice of the Flower Festival, most commonly observed in Neran territories, in the hopes of being associated with the Virtori faith's Festival of Virtue. The flower festival is most famously observed by the proprietors of the Free Mann tavern. Originally built by Urstan Thewes nearly two centuries ago, the Free Mann was the first standing structure of its settlement. The legend says that Urstan had given up the pilgrimage part way through, fed up with the tortuous plodding march across the landscape and injured from a fall that left him at the bottom a hill in a field of flowers, the seeds from his own bag of Cardinal Poppies now spilled into the dirt between them, he vowed he'd never march anywhere again and set to building. He had a plan to thrive and he wanted to use the pilgrimage to do it.

He built the Free Mann tavern as a trading post at first, including a stable able to house wagons and their teams. He expected that the pilgrimage and similar practices would bring travelers in need of rest and resupply but, to his dismay, pilgrims didn't ask for much and traders were interested in major hubs of commerce that could afford to buy more of their wares. His drinks went unsold and his foodstuffs moldered in storage, but behind the tavern the field of flowers, now streaked red with the Cardinal Poppies he himself had spilled, thrived as the spoiled goods he threw out enriched the soil. They say the sight of such colorful blooms inspired him and showed him a way to bring people to him, instead of breaking his vow and setting off somewhere new.

So he built a large outdoor stage, broke a trail that went around the hill instead of over it, and started posting signs along the route extolling travelers to see the wonder of the flowers. In a stroke of genius, his signs also offered free water to weary travelers and their animals. Whenever a traveler would come, Urstan Thewes (and later, his employees) would perform a jaunty dance and sing about the miraculous flowers. Over time, the silly tavern in the middle of nowhere became a curiosity.

When Urstan died, he left the tavern to his oldest employee, a pilgrim who, like Urstan, had quit the pilgrimage route and decided to stay. The new owner gave the tavern its name, finally giving the little stop off the name the Free Mann in reference to Urstan's defiant choice to "split from the herd." Likewise, it was the tavern's second proprietor who first commemorated the event of "their own Cardinal Miracle" by promoting a "flower festival" to be held at the tavern, beginning with the appearance of the spring after Longest Night and lasting for as long as the flowers bloomed. (which could be up to two years, in some cases!)

The flower festival itself was, and remains, nothing but a thinly veiled party; a revelry involving more wine and song than flowers or commemoration. When the next pilgrimage began, the pilgrims on the route found themselves walking through the festival and many more were attracted to spend from the meager collection of coin they brought with them on their supposedly austere journey. By the time of the following Pilgrimage of Renewal, the festival was infamous and the little curiosity on the plains became the reason many young "pilgrims" took it upon themselves to don the pilgrim's hat and gloves and make their way across the land.

Others would try to replicate this tactic on their own legs of the pilgrims' path, giving rise to the flower festivals Elyrians can find even today. It's largely agreed that none, as yet, have ever come to rival the fame or infamy of the flower festival at the Free Mann. Theologians, philosophers, and historians all lament this practice as "diluting the meaning of the Cardinal Miracle," but business is always good at the Free Mann, and the practice seems unlikely to end.

What the Tavern has to offer!

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Current Event List


(Another Free Raffle Pray to RNG Pt.2!)

Weekly Event (7/10/2019)-(7/17-/2019)

Click here for the Another Free Raffle Pray to RNG Pt.2 event page.


(Draw your Sword!)

Bi-Weekly Event (7/01/2019)-(7/15/2019)

Click here for the Draw your Sword! event page.


(Legendary Brew!)

Monthly Event (6/16/2019)-(7/15/2019)

Click here for the Legendary Brew event page.

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Reserved for the story

"Adventures of Glow-Tato"

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Reserved for History of past events, and winner list.

Weekly Event History

Quick Weapon Me! Winner: Happy Heretic (6/16/2019)-(6/23/2019)
Spudden Death! Winner: Abbi (6/23/2019)-(6/30/2019)
Free Raffle Pray to RNG Pt.1! Winner: Fredbob99705/Faustes (7/1/2019)-(7/8-/2019)
Another Free Raffle Pray to RNG Pt.2! Winner: RenyardDeParavon /Mistwalker/Abii (7/10/2019)-(7/17-/2019)

Bi-Weekly Event History

Drunken Tales Pt.1! Winners:ChaseW/Abbi (6/16/2019)-(7/01/2019)
[Event] Draw your Sword! Winners: Markof/TVI Christian (7/01/2019)-(7/15/2019)


(Legendary Brew!) Winners: Kajoreh/OddFella (6/16/2019)-(7/15/2019)

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Ok, it's me. King Henry here.

What's going on?

"The People's King"

King of the Kingdom of Darkhelm

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This post is WIP ,and will contain RULES ,and REGULATIONS on EVP points. in the near future.

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