Custom Coat of Arms

Do we know anything about what the dimensions of a Custom Coat of Arms, or if they have put any guidelines out there to help people create their Custom Coat of Arms?

Starting to get ideas for mine. I am a Proprietor and will have access to the Expanded Sigils and colors, but at this point I really do not know what those are. Are those details available anywhere?

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6/21/2019 2:37:27 PM #1

We don't know a whole lot about heraldry as of yet, here's some heraldry examples that were given to us a couple years ago when SbS had a jousting demo at PAX W.

As someone who does custom CoA - I think a lot of people get them made to show something off in their other media (forum posts, discord, personal websites) and keep is simpler & CoE oriented (ie. I see more realistic animals, medieval theme, than anything high fantasy)

6/21/2019 2:55:42 PM #2

Thanks for the info. Will hold off until they release more info for it.

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