Studio gifts from Hulsteria!

Dear Elyrians,

Today we had several boxes of goodies arrive at our offices, graciously sent by Countess Stela and the citizens of Hulsteria.

Let's take a look at what we got!!

First, there was a wonderful gift basket with all sorts of chocolates and and treats, it came in this box:

After unboxing, the delights were neatly displayed. Here's a pic before we tore into it:

Additionally, in a separate box were these wonderful snacks, also known as "cravings". Here's what arrived:

Inside there was a huge variety of items:

But that's not all!

Stela also attempted to gain favor with the Spider Queen with this lovely crown and message:

Let's see if it works!

Finally, showering her love and affection on her favorite Dev, Souzou received this gigantic stash of sunflower seeds with at least 10 different varieties!!!

Let's hope he shares!!

From everyone here at the studio, we thank you Countess Stela and the citizens of Hulsteria for these delicious gifts.


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7/15/2019 7:42:42 PM #1

Thank you for the snacks!

The voice of Orlando's FrontEnd

7/15/2019 7:54:34 PM #2

Thanks for the treats!

7/15/2019 8:03:17 PM #3

We were happy to do it, just a little thank you for all you are doing and for putting up with our sometimes less than cordial attitudes.

We (my county and I) are glad you enjoyed the gifts. I do hope Vye agrees to wear the crown for a photo ;)

7/15/2019 8:43:25 PM #4

I second this motion, Vye must wear the crown at all times now.

7/16/2019 2:32:42 PM #5

Wow those are fantastic gifts!

Wants to see Vye with her crown :-P