Contact game creator?

How do I contact the game creator?

I get ideas of what I think would make the game fun, interesting, and marvelous.

Like what if People in Jail in real life could play this game?

Would that make the economy more revolutionary?

7/18/2019 6:50:03 PM #1

I believe the game is planned to be open to whoever purchases it. I don't think the company would know a player is in jail in real life. However, you can email support with your suggestions.

[email protected]

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7/18/2019 7:06:50 PM #2

Really? You don't think the company would know if a player was in jail or free in real life. Ok fine then... Does the company know that they are not in Jail?

7/18/2019 7:09:48 PM #3

What I am suggesting is should this game be accessible to real life prisoners? Since they are confined to a concrete box. It would keep them entertained and still connected with the world.

7/18/2019 7:24:07 PM #4

What prisons do you know of that have higher end PCs and decent enough internet speeds to do that?

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7/18/2019 7:43:46 PM #5

Look at our capitalistic economic nation. The prison system is a main factor.

I am just playing the game.

And ya imagine you are in jail... now wouldn't you play computer games if you could.

Well if "Chronicle's of Elyria" both players and game makers want to be good and expand to the world don't forget the players in Jail. This organization is making a name for it self CHRONICLE'S OF ELYRIA. If this name makes more and more money currency it could buy them better computers.

7/18/2019 8:32:39 PM #6

Honestly, SBS has no real say in the matter, it would be entirely up to each individual prison to decide if they wanted to allow their inmates to have online access and play games like this.

So what's your real point here?

7/18/2019 8:48:36 PM #7

Woah, this topic blew up fast.

Gotta agree with Ravenlute and Stelaphina.

SbS is someone you can contact regarding this idea, but ultimately it might not be up to them. They will treat everyone that logs into their game the same way, and whether they Could track if said person was in prison or not, what merit would it have to do so?

Ultimately this might not be the best place to pitch this idea, but on the off chance it is you should shoot an email to the address Stelaphina provided.

7/18/2019 9:09:40 PM #8

It's up to the penal institutions, not the game company, what freedoms of access an inmate has. Any game company wouldn't be exposed to whether or not the player is in prison and has absolutely no say in said inmates' internet privileges... Why would they?

Talk about in game prisoners instead. hah.

7/18/2019 10:12:25 PM #9

Sylvae knows a lot about prisons, apparently. :P

7/18/2019 10:23:26 PM #10

Alright, I'm just going to lock this, as it isn't really a new player question, and is pretty political.