Mail Box system?

Is there going to be a mailbox system or is this it?

7/19/2019 7:44:28 AM #1

This is the forums system which they will have an update to at a later date.

There will be a mail system in game if thats what you're asking

7/19/2019 7:50:02 PM #2

To help a little, there won't be mail in CoE like there is in other mmos. Where you pay a few coins and a message and attachments are automatically delivered to intended recipients to be picked up anywhere there is a kiosk.

Messages in CoE will have to be delivered either using the chat system, which you can learn more about here or by physically sending someone an actual letter in game. Either by doing it yourself or paying someone else to do it for you using the contract system :D

7/20/2019 11:51:03 PM #3

Time to bring back the Pony Express I think.

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