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So I have been trying to do my best of research and everything and I believe I have found that at Character Creation you are required or can choose your Family in which you will be apart of. Now my friends and I plan on creating a Family and being I guess brothers to start. As far as im aware when someone buys the surname reservation and coat of arms thing etc when they make there family will I be able to put in a code that they will give to me so I am automatically apart of their family without them having to have a child and have it grow to the age of 15? Is that correct or not?

7/22/2019 12:17:03 PM #1

Yes, once you have a family you can give out the code to specific characters for others to select. I'm not 100% on the process though.

7/22/2019 2:48:28 PM #2

You have to have either children or npc family available for you r friends to spawn into. You can lock your family down and give out the family code to those you want in your family, Here is a link to the family Design Journal.

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