Surname Question

Heya, so my surname is Øgärrä but I was thinking of changing it to just Ogarra since the characters can be a pain sometimes. But when I checked the availability- it was taken! My name on the forums is Ogarra =[

How does that work? Can anyone have the same name but with different characters? I feel like that can get confusing since names are supposed to be unique? Or am I blocking myself?

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7/23/2019 10:48:35 PM #1

surname is the second name and any of your characters will have different main name, but need to be to same house to keep same surname

for example: Kelly Ogarra, Marry Ogarra

7/23/2019 11:24:23 PM #2

I know surnames are the family/second name, I'm wanting to change mine to Ogarra without the characters but it's taken.

So back to my question, is one person allowed to have Ogarra while another family name is Øgärrä. I just feel that having the same surname with or without characters takes away the uniqueness.

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7/24/2019 12:33:31 AM #3

You dont have to worry about that.

In CoE Øgärrä == Ogarra

Thats why it is taken. You can spell it one way or the other, and itll be the same thing either way. It'll just look different

7/24/2019 12:33:53 AM #4

I'm pretty sure you're blocking yourself. I just tried to reserve my name with different characters and it says it's taken too.

Might need a dev/mod to confirm though.

7/24/2019 12:41:05 AM #5

No need confirmation just go and look on the rules page/announcement post for surname reservations. Its right on there ^.^

7/24/2019 12:48:29 AM #6

Surname FAQ

Q7:Someone chose a surname with 1 letter or character off from mine, how do I ensure they aren’t mistaken for me or a member of my family?
A7: Each surname is unique on your server, and Counts and above can reserve surnames across all servers. Despite the similarity, there is nothing we can do to stop another player from choosing a similar surname. However, using extended ASCII characters to try to achieve this kind of difference will not work. Black, Bläck, Blâck, Blàck, Bláck, Blåck are effectively the same for the purposes of surname reservation.

7/24/2019 1:27:27 AM #7

Okay thank you all, I appreciate the positive feedback.

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