Legendary Gift from Vitalis!

Greetings all!

When I first heard that Duke Jon Warren and the citizens of Vitalis had sent us legendary donuts for our legendary team (their words, not mine), I had no idea they were being literal!

Last week (sorry for the delay in posting this), the studio received an amazing box from a company called "Legendary Donuts".

Take a look at the size and quality of these incredible treats!

The donuts before I arrived at the studio:

Donuts after I arrived:

To show off the epic size of these things, I placed a regular dinner fork next to this maple bar:

The team had a truly epic sugar overload when we consumed them!

Truly an epic gift, all of us here at the studio wanted to offer up a big THANK YOU to Duke Jon Warren and the entire duchy of Vitalis.

Stay awesome!

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7/30/2019 7:28:46 PM #1

Those where gargantuan donuts, thank you so much!

7/30/2019 7:30:42 PM #2

They were donuts of unusual size, no question! Thanks Vitalis! :)

  • Snipehunter
7/30/2019 7:34:46 PM #3

My mind was blown at the size of these doughnuts! And I got to sample multiple without worrying about leaving enough of the doughnut for someone else. ;)


7/30/2019 7:38:47 PM #4


7/30/2019 7:43:49 PM #5

Stop with the pictures!!! 🤤 I have not eaten a donut in almost 6 months 😩!!

7/30/2019 8:16:05 PM #6

You're all very welcome! Thanks for the hard work on the maps and the game in general!

7/30/2019 8:20:16 PM #7

Here Here!

Great work Jon. I am envious of your doughnut skills.

7/30/2019 8:23:07 PM #8

Looks Delish!

7/30/2019 8:35:03 PM #9

A well-deserved treat and a little sugar rush to get them through a long and arduous sprint ;)

7/31/2019 1:55:00 AM #10

Posted By Snipehunter at 9:30 PM - Tue Jul 30 2019

They were donuts of unusual size, no question! Thanks Vitalis! :)

You guys are either crazy or brave as f to eat the stuff you get in the mail. :D

Looks good tough!

8/1/2019 5:10:03 PM #11

My appetite for doughnuts is considered legendary in some counties and these definitely did not disappoint. Thanks for the doughnuts!!!