[NA-East] The City of Delphia

The City of Delphia

Our Statement

Citizens of our city and republic maintain these unalienable rights made evident to us by the gods, to uphold the prosperity and welfare of our citizens, to ensure a democratic and fair process of election, and to establish justice and security for our people, establish this constitution in the name of the Council of Delphia for the people of Delphia.

Our History

As of yet the world is yet to be made and our paths remain unforged. Join us in this journey towards our communal success and prosperity!


Delphia is a city yet to be affiliated with any kingdoms looking for business-minded people who do not wish to be entrapped by politics and nobility. We offer a helping hand in the setup of any young and upcoming businesses looking to engage in naval based trade and production. Entrepreneurs looking to establish business here will be welcome to our many subsidies and services to help one get started and to ensure further expansion abroad. Furthermore, we will uphold the rights of the citizen and all landowners in the city will have the right to vote. Influential people in the city can also vouch for positions in the council, which will be subject to a vote in by other councilors. Their goal is to guide the city in the best way possible to ensure financial success and stability.


• Subsidies for businesses headquartered in the city.

• Naval focus for similarly-minded players. Expect a naval school to be established here.

• Official Engineer Corps to build/maintain infrastructure and defenses.

• A focus on commerce, craft, and trade. People from all walks of life welcome.

• Democratic process. As said above we will make it our goal to make sure a proper democracy is made evident for the people, by the people.

Governmental Roles

(subject to change under council jurisdiction)

Council Speaker – Authorizes council to take place and initiates it. Does not vote in normal proceedings but can be a tie breaker. They are subject to veto laws if a law does not have more than 2/3 vote.

Councilor – Local landowners have the option to be voted in to take part of law making and general governance of the city.

Patrician of Naval Affairs – Directs expansion of the navy and is also tasked with exploration and anti-piracy measures.

Patrician of Treasury – Plans the budget for the government to be able to run administrative duties of the city. Also responsible for the projects of the Engineer Corps.

Patrician of Education – Will oversee state universities and ensures that we maintain an educated populace. Controls and plans expansion of education facilities.

Patrician of Public Works - TBD

Diplomatic Corps – Agents of the state who are responsible for fostering good relations and healthy trade relationships with surrounding kingdoms and cities.

Guild master – Ensure that local laws are upheld in guilds that operate here and ensures that regulations are followed.

Captain of the Militia – Responsible for local defense and training of militiamen and guardsmen.

Government Focuses (Early years and more)

Anyone who is interested in the founding of this city will be part of a list I make below in a second post. As for what roles people will play in the development of the city I can explain in one simple sentence. There will be no roles for players to do other than what they want to do. Although that may be somewhat chaotic in the initial stages of settling a city or building one up. It allows the economy to be setup faster and ensures that our goal as a powerful economic force can be met faster. It also maintains healthy competition and spread into multiple fields for the populace which I believe is a good thing. It helps keep the economy vitalized as multiple people can transform to meet the local needs of the economy. As we develop more as a town and build up our defenses, we will take a more proactive response in defense of Delphia and ensure that we have many defenses to deter bandits and ruffians. It is at this point that we can consider taking a larger role in our navy which will be the lifeblood of this city. We will use our naval fortitude to open and more importantly, protect trade routes near and far as we ensure that our goods can get from one place to another. For companies willing to invest in the city we will offer subsidies and beneficial tariffs to maintain a flow of commodities.

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In Summary:

We are looking for anyone who endeavors to be a merchant, shipwright, craftsman, or anyone else who aspires to be in a naval field of expertise. If this doesn't fit you, don't worry, there is more than enough room for any other ideas you have in store! Adjustmants can and will be made to ensure that your business can succeed and flourish and we welcome all who wish to do so access to our port. Pledges of membership can be made below and members who join early can get a say in the future civil contract (constitution) of the city of Delphia!

Make sure to contact us through discord or through PMing me if you are interested!


Cakeboy | Beauvais

Lordfail | Mandijay2012

Seemoreth | Tallbird

5/2/2017 5:17:15 AM #2

Great post! Wishing you much success in the growth of your community and finding a kingdom that will allow the freedoms you're looking for!

5/2/2017 5:20:57 AM #3

Thanks noslim, I really appreciate the comment, especially considering I spent hours agonizing over this to make sure everything was perfect!

5/2/2017 9:12:45 PM #4

Looking forward to trying to become the equivalent of the Merchant Republic of Venice in Elyria!

5/3/2017 4:18:18 AM #5

Apologies to everyone who clicked the link to the discord. The link directed people to the wrong discord and is corrected now. Sorry to anyone who was surprised by it. See you soon!

5/3/2017 1:40:54 PM #6

I like the ideas laid out here, joining the discord.

5/3/2017 10:00:53 PM #7

Definitely excited for Venice Memery!

5/4/2017 6:27:48 AM #8


5/4/2017 12:21:26 PM #9

I would definitely be interested in participating in such endevour, patricians for Elyria!

5/4/2017 4:10:07 PM #10

Posted By Beauvais at 08:21 AM - Thu May 04 2017

I would definitely be interested in participating in such endevour, patricians for Elyria!

Join us on our Discord and we can talk!

5/5/2017 8:04:49 AM #11

Posted By Seemooreth at 5:00 PM - Wed May 03 2017

Definitely excited for Venice Memery!

Gotta get them trade ducats my dude

5/6/2017 7:29:26 AM #12


As we are getting more people we are starting to find certain positions in government filled, join now to have a say in the constitution of Delphia and to secure a place in government if you wish. Remember there is a place for everyone in the City of Delphia!

5/7/2017 12:14:21 PM #13

Just out of curiosity, have you begun narrowing down the your kingdom choice yet?

Mayor, Settlement of Otterbear Creek, County of Sagehaven, Duchy of Mytharbor, Kingdom of Alesia. Friend Code: C3A1F2

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5/7/2017 10:58:53 PM #14

Well stoutheart I won't know how the landgrab is going to turn out. The devs have stated that not all land will taken by local kingdoms and that even counties within kingdoms might not be densely populated. Right now I'm just waiting on information. Rest assured, If I have to choose a kingdom I will, but I'd prefer not to.

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