[Event] (Yet Another Free Raffle Part.3)

Brought to you by the Free Mann Tavern (NA-E)

Bi-Weekly Event! (8/19/2019)-(9/02/2019) 23:59EST Time.

(Even Another Free Raffle Pray to RNG Pt.3!)

For this contest bring a rabbit's Foot!

(Ps. I heard if you include a picture of a cat in your post your luck level increases. ) *(Tottally not real)

May Fortune be with you yet again!

Hail Elyrians! Were back with another event ,and this time it's a long time favorite! The Free Raffles! Here to yet again get your hopes up with the promise of free riches! Perhaps this is the time you will win? So start wearing your lucky jersey. Or sleep with your lucky pillow! For here we go!

Looking to find your Fortune? Well you found the right post to reply too!

This Particular event is a Bi-weekly one which will allow people to participate for the next two weeks. The event is very simple. All you have to do is type something below in this forum ,and you will be put in for the raffle! You will have a number assigned based on when you post so if your the first post you have the raffle # 1 second post is #2 etc. etc.

We will be using as our RNG Generator ,and the numbers will start at 1- to the last post dated.

To keep things absolutely fair the RNG drawing will be screen recorded ,and posted on the Tavern discord. To prove that the RNG wasn't done multiple times a forum post will be submitted ,and recorded at the time of the drawing on this thread to show that the video wasn't edited.

Accepted Submissions will end (23:59 EST) September, 2nd, 2019.

To Enter

🍺Simply reply to this post ,and channel whatever good luck energy you have to win!

🍺All Kingdoms/ Servers can participate


First Drawing will be for (10$ Elyrian Gift Card)

Second Drawing will be for (10$ Elyrian Gift Card)

Third drawing will be for (10$ Elyrian Gift Card)

Fourth drawing will be for (10$ Elyrian Gift Card)

(If by some small chance you win Twice/Thrice/Four times you can get multiple prizes! ..Lucky you!)


⦁ One Entry per (Player/Account)

Failing to comply with these rules will make you DISQUALIFIED.

Click here for more information about the Tavern

Good luck All!

8/20/2019 4:23:13 AM #1


8/20/2019 4:28:08 AM #2


Edit: You read my mind, Huldric.

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8/20/2019 4:31:27 AM #3


8/20/2019 4:36:31 AM #4


Hïgh Græÿ: Service not Glory

8/20/2019 4:44:13 AM #5


8/20/2019 4:56:21 AM #6

Full of Wonder!

8/20/2019 5:09:20 AM #7


Check out the Village of Astyria! We are recruiting!

NA - East : Bordweall : Bloodoak : Novigrad - Shield Wall Strong! Friend Code: 3D90E8

8/20/2019 5:36:12 AM #8

I wonder why everyone seems to be thinking the same thing.

Corialli, Count of Louise

8/20/2019 5:40:47 AM #9

Great stuff! :)

8/20/2019 5:44:18 AM #10

I would love to win some freebies

8/20/2019 5:51:37 AM #11


8/20/2019 5:57:07 AM #12

Seven blessings!

8/20/2019 6:03:35 AM #13


8/20/2019 6:05:52 AM #14


Alt text - can be left blank

8/20/2019 6:27:31 AM #15

sign me up

Count of Toxai

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