DS&S Map Question: What Does "Wealth" Actually Refer To?

I of course know in broad terms what wealth means, but in looking at county data from the DS&S maps, I'm confused by some of the things I'm seeing. The Swamp (Dras homeland) counties in my kingdom have very few "poor" counties and more "rich" ones than "poor" ones. The Grassland Steppe and Woodland Savannah biomes (Neran and To'resk homelands, respectively), on the other hand, show some odd mixtures where either the number of "rich" and "poor" counties are about equal or where there is 8 "poor" counties and 2 "rich" ones. Additionally, I'm seeing counties with many resources that are marked as "poor" while ones with not that many resources are marked as "average" or "rich".

Since resources alone clearly aren't the only factor and certainly not the determining one, can anyone tell me what determines why a given county is marked as "rich" or "poor"? I don't think I can know if there is an issue with too many "poor" counties until I understand what goes into this designation.

Thanks for any light you can shed!

Dras healer in service to Kingdom of Bordweall (NA-E) || Duchy of Bloodbole

8/21/2019 4:19:44 AM #1

"Wealth is an indication of the property's current economic strength, based on its use of resources found on its parcels and the perceived value of those resources in the region."

Basically, that the settlement has resources that region will need to trade for to flourish.

8/21/2019 5:36:39 AM #2

OK, thanks Barri!

Dras healer in service to Kingdom of Bordweall (NA-E) || Duchy of Bloodbole

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