Settlment Resoruces

So on the Maps, settlements show resources that they have in their parcels. Lets say a settlement shows it has stone, but none of the professions in said settlement are related to stone gathering or use. Do the AI know there is stone there? will it be guaranteed for players to find it? or is it possible that for years after launch we still wont get access to that resource because of tech etc?

8/21/2019 6:04:31 AM #1

A settlement for various reasons may not always be fully exploiting a resource, or might be exploiting another more abundant resource. The result is that jobs from certain fields might not be numerous enough to hit the top 5. They also might be common to the Duchy/biome, meaning they aren’t notable enough for the other top 5 list either. So the jobs/potential for jobs are there, but not visible.

8/21/2019 6:16:57 AM #2

I'm wondering if it just shows whats in abundance in and around the settlement. If it's greyed out does that mean there is nothing? I'm looking for one with some farmland. If it's greyed out, does that mean there is 0 usable farmland around? Or does it just mean that there is none right now but if I expand a little I'll could come across some? On the subject of farmland. Is it good for foods? Textiles? Trees? The maps, while answering lots of questions also open up new questions.

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