Sometimes all it takes to S H I N E is a little polish

Hail Elyrians!

This has been a hectic week! Earlier in the week we released the Domain & Settlement Selection site in read only mode for your review! It’s not a shiny, but it definitely is shiny, all the same. Check it out if you haven’t yet! With the D&SS maps finalized, this here Snipehunter has a little more time to review the game on this, the shiniest of days. I found a couple of things that… if you’ll pardon the pun… shone out from the rest. Let’s have a look!

I think my favorite cool thing from the week was probably seeing all the polish work going into combat. I’ve mentioned combat a few times in these here shiny posts, which I hope has hammered home how much of a focus it is for me, and for a big piece of the design team. We’re not building a game centered around combat, but the fantasy genre and sword & sorcery adventure go hand-in-hand. It would be hard to imagine the world of Elyria without the occasional buckled swash, you know? So, I constantly check in on the work being done to get combat up to snuff, just to make sure things are going where we expect them to. Lately our focus has been around applying things like VFX and audio cues to the combat experience both to “liven it up” and to make sure that folks have ways to know what to expect when they press the attack buttons.

VFX (Visual special FX for those that aren’t familiar with acronym VFX) are a funny thing; we have this tendency to think of them solely as eye candy, but in almost every 3D video game on the market today, I guarantee there is at least one instance of VFX being used explicitly in the service of game mechanics. CoE is no exception; while we want VFX to “punch up” the overall experience, they’re also often acting as hints and indicators. And, of course, for those who don’t pay much attention to the visuals, or who can’t, audio cues are just as important. Audio cues, input mechanics, combat animations, and VFX all work together in a complicated dance to make sure combat looks good and feeds your intuition so that it “Feels right” to use. We’re well on our way to orchestrating that dance now, and that makes me very happy.

You know what else makes me happy? Finding a basement entrance in a ruined church and clicking on it and expecting to transition into the dungeon generation test level, a stark white world of pure geometry, only to instead find myself in a dark hallway of the ruined basement of an actual church! Sure, there is still work to do, but from my perspective we went from nothing to playable in the blink of an eye. Talk about gratifying! Well, I think that’s it for this shiny day. I hope you enjoyed it everyone!

I’ll see you next week, but until then…

Stay Shiny my friends!

  • Snipehunter
8/23/2019 1:04:31 AM #1

This looks surprisingly good, especially for how early in development the project is.

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8/23/2019 1:05:05 AM #3

Keep 'em coming Snipe!

8/23/2019 1:05:32 AM #4

Looking good

8/23/2019 1:07:25 AM #5


8/23/2019 1:07:34 AM #6

Looking really good!

8/23/2019 1:07:38 AM #7

looking good SBS

8/23/2019 1:10:22 AM #8

Shiny indeed

8/23/2019 1:12:25 AM #9

Shiny indeed

8/23/2019 1:18:21 AM #10

If that ain't progress, IDK what is! That looks awesome!

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     -=[Ignis Bellator]=-      
8/23/2019 1:19:11 AM #11

loving the basement. the lighting. it has such an awesome, mysterious feel.

8/23/2019 1:21:22 AM #12

Looking good!

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8/23/2019 1:23:44 AM #13

That all looks so awesome but it does bring up a question for me. Will the be stagger or animations for when something gets hit in combat? I noticed a lack of stagger in this fight clip. Personally I can go either way with the whole stagger thing that most combat games do as it really a feel bad mechanic imo but its nice to have a hit animation on your target.

8/23/2019 1:23:59 AM #14


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8/23/2019 1:24:58 AM #15

I love the lighting and the shaky effect whenever you strike at something, though I think pulling back the shake amount would be better on the eyes.

Perhaps use harsher shakes for harder strikes or with bigger weapons, but a short sword shouldn't yield that much of a vibration on the screen.

This is just my opinion on it though.